What is the Meaning of 444?

Now don’t freak out. But if you’ve been noticing the number 444 lately then it might not be a coincidence. I think it’s safe to say you HAVE been seeing it lately, since you came to this page looking for an explanation.

Usually when people report seeing 444, they’ve been seeing it everywhere, a repetition of the sequence of numbers that almost seems intentional. Maybe you’ve seen it in signs around town. Maybe in messages through email or social media. Maybe you’ve seen it in advertising or even in random strange places that otherwise make no sense.

The significance is that you shouldn’t be seeing so many recurrences of the same number. It’s almost as if someone is trying to communicate with you or perhaps convey some important information.

Before we discuss what that message might be, let’s consider some of the possible scenarios as to who the sender is and why you’re receiving the message.

1. God or the Universe

Your “source” is sending you the message for a purpose, perhaps to avoid certain danger or perhaps for your betterment. It could relate to your astrological sign or be related to numerology. Whatever the case, this is an opportunity to reach out for something new and change your life.

2. Bad Luck!

Some believe the number 444 might be a curse or an omen of doom.

3. Viral Nonsense

Some people believe that 444 means nothing and is either a strange “viral” thing going around that has obscure origins on the Internet, or perhaps might even be a generated ad campaign.

4. Something Else Entirely

It could be anything, right? Maybe a glitch in the matrix or proof of time traveling, ala Outlander or Back to the Future.

Whatever the case, let’s suppose for a moment that someone is sending a message with 444. Don’t worry so much about who it’s from…let’s instead consider, what does it mean?

What Does 444 Mean for My Life?

The number 444 is usually associated with a positive or even angelic message. Some believe it symbolizes passion and ambition as well as the four elements of life, earth, water, air and fire. Literally speaking, 444 refers to energy and the magnification of energy. They say this is a tremendous opportunity.

On the other hand, some people, supposedly in eastern cultures, believe that 444 might be bad luck or a sign of negative energy. One thing’s for sure: 444 means change!

How do you respond to change? Positively or negatively? If you always see change as a negative thing, that might well be what happens. You anticipate negativity, you react negatively and you look for a negative outcome.

However, change is a fairly objective thing. It can be positive or negative, depending on how you view opportunity and approach it. View it as a positive thing happening in your life, look at the opportunity for growth, and you won’t be disappointed.

Awakening and Intuition

Some believe 444 is all about your awakening, your path onto a higher state of spiritual thinking. Maybe you’re on the verge of learning something profound. Maybe you’re going to discover more about who you truly are and who you’re destined to become, so to speak. The number 444 is also a sign of protection, or so the gurus suggest, saying that as you go through this spiritual awakening, your guardian angel will be guiding you.

Intuition is going to bring you to the place you need to be. The number 444 is actually an encouraging number in that you’re already on the right path, so as long as you follow your intuition. You do need to TRUST in yourself, however. Doubting your path is a sure way to abandon any opportunity for change.

Some also believe that 444 might be a all about harmony and balance, as in you’re balancing your energy and finding true contentment in life. You’re becoming one with the universe, or in other words, finding out who you’re supposed to be and making peace with that.

What most spiritual gurus agree on is that 444 means you are about to go beyond your personal limitations. Consider it a window, more than a life-changing event. If you are meant to become your “True Self” but your personal limitation inhibits that from happening, then the best thing to do is overstep your boundaries just a little bit. Get outside of your comfort zone and find that window of opportunity.

What Should You Do Now?

I know that might seem confusing, especially if you haven’t dabbled into psychic or astrological reading lately. But in simple words, all it means is that life is constantly evolving and your life is always changing in small ways. Once in a while something big happens and it’s a life changing, monumental event.

But even day to day, our lives constantly change. As we often hear in self-improvement and philosophy, your “thoughts become things.” You change a little bit every day by the thoughts you allow yourself to have, the feelings it creates, and the action you take because of those thoughts and feelings.

If you wish to change your life and reach out for greater happiness and fulfillment, then you do need to change your thoughts. It starts small, it starts on the things you meditate on and the vision you create for yourself. Eventually, if you program your subconscious mind to focus on these new thoughts, new opportunities WILL open up to you, because you will be more inclined to see them.

What do the psychics tell you to do about 444, whenever you do start to notice it everywhere? They tell you to feel confident. They tell you to repeat a mantra like “All is well” and to keep heading in the positive direction you’re going.

If you’re experiencing negativity lately, such as in family life or at work, maybe that number represents a source of power for you – something that can inspire you to get through this challenging task.

There’s no need to view 444 as an omen or a sign of bad luck. Bad luck only happens when you anticipate the worst. View ANY life change as your opportunity to grow, to learn, and to make changes that will improve your quality of life. If you anticipate a happy future, you’re going to get one. You decide to be happy and you make preparations to experience those positive emotions. Life is what you make it and what you imagine it can be. Remember that the next time 444 pops up…it’s just a reminder letting you know you’re in control!

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