Keep the Conversation Going With a Guy.

How to Keep the Conversation Going With a Guy

Getting to know a guy better isn’t as daunting of a process as many fear. The key is to keep the conversation going, stay interesting, and show you’re interested in what they have to say. After all, we like to talk about ourselves, especially if the other person is paying attention to what we have to say.

However, how do you keep the conversation going with a guy you like without appearing desperate? I have six suggestions and tips that will breathe new life into your daily conversations. Some of these can also be used as a great way to start a text conversation with a guy.

1. Breathe and Stay Calm

Even though this man seems perfect and dreamy, he’s only a guy. He is a normal human being like you, and he is not better than you. So, don’t put him on a pedestal.

The best thing you should do to keep the conversation flowing is to relax. Because the more nervous and anxious you are when talking with him, the more you’ll worry. And that’s not the impression you want to give, right? 

2. Be Yourself

Sometimes, we feel like we should change ourselves to impress others. But, unfortunately, that never works. Be yourself. You want him to know the real you, not the person you’re masquerading as. It’s draining to pretend to be another person, so why put in so much unnecessary effort? Regardless of how perfect he may seem, he’s not worth putting on an act.

3. Flaunt Your Personality

This is the ideal time to show off our personality when figuring out how to keep a conversation flowing with someone you like. If you’re in a one-on-one conversation that’s great, it’s easier for him to see who you are. This is your opportunity to flaunt the beauty of your personality and your sense of humor. 

How incredible your personality is will keep a guy interested in talking with you, so don’t mask it. If you’re looking for the best conversation starters with guys online, don’t shy away from cracking jokes and using GIFs and memes to show off your personality. Use that to your advantage to keep someone you like hooked on the conversation. 

4. Ask Questions

To know him better and keep the conversation flowing, you’ll have to chat about meaningful things. While general topics are great, you may need to have in-depth conversations. Guys don’t like small talk and superficial questions because they will get bored quickly. 

They don’t like talking about how the weather is today or the latest entertainment gossip. Open-ended questions that don’t require yes or no responses can help you keep the conversation flowing. Also, ensure that he asks questions so the conversation isn’t one sided. 

If he doesn’t ask you any questions, ask yourself, “Does he really want to know who I am?”

5. Share Personal Confessions

To have a deep conversation, you need to build trust between each other. Sharing personal experiences can help you build a bond with someone you like. It can also help you keep the conversation going without it boring him.

Share personal experiences you feel he’ll be interested to hear. This will assure him that he can also share his personal experiences with you. Sharing personal experiences makes talking to someone you like more exciting. Being open lets your crush know that you trust him.

6. Find Common Ground

Do you know how you and your best friend can go on for hours about how much you love your favorite Netflix show? The same applies to keeping a conversation going with a man. 

Finding what you have in common can keep you chatting about it for hours and exchanging ideas and opinions. This common ground can also help you test your chemistry and compatibility before you go on an actual date.

By following these six tips, you can interest a guy enough to keep him hooked on a conversation with you. Remember to be yourself because once he sees the beauty of your personality, he won’t be able to resist talking to you every day.

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