Conversation Starters With Guys

Conversation Starters With Guys

One thing that can ruin a date and give a guy a wrong impression about you is a boring conversation. Instead, you need open-ended questions and ice breakers that provoke laughter, banter, and thought. Also, you need to ask questions beyond the superficial to dig a little deeper. To save you from awkward silences, I’ve put together a list of six conversation starters that can help you keep a discussion going with a guy you like. 


1. What Do You Enjoy Doing in Your Free Time?

It’s okay to get motivation from a ‘20 best conversation starters’ blog post, but don’t assume you know his interests and hobbies. For example, just because someone says guys are cars and sports freaks, it’s not true for all men. He may hate anything to do with cars for all you know, and talking relentlessly about sports cars will lead nowhere. So before you start a carefully planned conversation, ask him what his favorite topics are.

You can ask him about his interests and hobbies. If he loves movies, that’s a perfect place to start the conversation. If he’s passionate about social work and art, that can make for a great discourse, too. These same tips can apply when it comes to how to start talking to a guy over text


2. Where Did You Grow Up?

Are you still wondering how to keep the conversation going with a guy? Even if he has limited interests or hobbies, there are other things that you can talk about. His childhood, for instance. Ask him about his family, how he grew up, his childhood friends, and whether he’s still in contact with any of them. Nostalgia has a way of keeping the conversation going. This conversion starter offers a perfect way to strike a long conversation without too much effort. And if he’s a foreigner, you’ll learn cool things about him this way.


3. What Makes You Laugh Out Loud?

If things become too serious or awkward, dive into a more carefree topic. We all love to laugh, and talking about things that make us fall into a fit of belly laughter like dad jokes, cheesy pickup lines, or a particular YouTube creator can be a great icebreaker to get the conversation going. Likewise, lots of laughter on a date is a sign of great chemistry and compatibility. 


4. What Do You Like About Living Here?

This conversation starter rocks whether you’re new to a town or you’ve lived there for many years. You get to chat about the local places he likes, determine what you have in common, and bond over the culture, people, and why you moved to that area in the first place. This question will also give you ideas for the next date as you can both suggest new places and restaurants to each other. There are always ways to find good conversation starters with your crush


5. What’s Been the Best or Most Significant Year of Your Life?

Many of us want the conversation with a guy we like to be meaningful, thoughtful, and reflective. So if that’s what you want, this conversation starter is a perfect fallback. Asking this question allows us to hear about the most memorable moments of his life, and it also gives us snippets about what is most meaningful to him.


6. How Do You Spend Your Day?

While waiting for the server to arrive, break the ice with a straightforward question like this. It’ll give you a glimpse into his day, how he deals with stress and his job responsibilities, energy level, tone, and how he spends his day. These minor details and what he focuses on—whether good or bad—give you a hint of his personality.


Find the Courage to Start a Conversation With a Guy You Like

If you’re not a chatty person, you may dread the simple thought of striking a conversation with a guy, but take a deep breath and make a leap. You never know, he could turn out to be the guy of your dreams.

The six conversation starters I’ve mentioned above will give you a place to start and let the conversation flow from there. 


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