7 Different Types of Hugs

The lingering hug! What could it possibly mean?

We all want to assume that long, lingering hugs are a good thing. They surely mean that the cute guy hugging you is into you…right?

Not necessarily. There could be multiple reasons for an unusually long hug. Maybe that other person just feels comfortable around you. Maybe they’re feeling depressed or emotional and are clinging to you for support. Maybe they just want to reassure you, because you’ve been telling them a sad story.

Or maybe the person really likes you! And you notice I didn’t even say whether it’s a man or woman. Women can give long, lingering hugs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything romantic – just the same with men.

So let’s assume that a long hug is not that big of a deal. It’s time to pay attention to other factors. Here are a few types of hugs that you might experience, with varying lengths. What do they mean? What is the other person thinking?

1. The tight hug

The tight hug is usually a good sign, although it might actually be family-oriented, rather than exclusively romantic. If there’s been sexual tension between you before, then a tight hug is definitely a signal. It means there could be more to this attraction if you were willing to explore it. On the other hand, if he’s always been a big brother type towards you, it might be a misleading hug.

2. The Eyes Locked Hug

If there’s been some sexual tension between the two of you but it remains mysterious and unspoken, the close-eye-contact hug might reveal the truth. If you’re into each other then you you’ll want to touch and feel the intimacy of a hug. But the yearning you have to be sensual and intimate can be conveyed through eye contact. Most friends or family members will never lock eyes like this. It is a romantic type of hug that suggests something is there…if only one of you will take a chance!

3. The Reverse Hug

The reverse hug or back hug sees him put his arms around your front, perhaps at the sternum or tummy, his hands on yours, or over your neck. Either way, it’s an intimate hug that is usually only shared by lovers or very close friends that are okay with close contact. If a guy you like ever does this to you, it’s a bold move. Even a guy who touches their back or shoulders or approaches you from behind is a telling gesture.

4. The Waist Hug

The waist hug can be confusing because it feels intimate and yet doesn’t actually have to give a romantic or sexual feeling. What it does imply is comfort, intimacy and trust – this can be familial, or becoming of close friends. However, for a single man and woman, such closeness might imply a feeling of romance or flirting. It’s like enjoying a slow dance with a person.

5. The Half Hug

This hug might alternatively be known as a cold fish hug, torso hug or a half-hug. It feels empty and forced. Sometimes they hug with their chest or torso, but the lower bodies never come close. Or maybe he stays completely still while you try to hug him. All of these signs are negative…the other person doesn’t feel comfortable around you and doesn’t want to be close to you.

6. The Side Hug

This is a somewhat platonic kind of hug and it’s usually not great news if you like the guy hugging you. It’s a relaxed hug, a buddy hug, and yet seemingly something he gives to everyone…freely, not in a romantic context. Many people pose with this kind of hug or they do it to say hello – to show comfort and trust to a person they like. That’s a good sign, EXCEPT that it’s quite possible you’ve been friend-zoned. In other words, don’t be satisfied with this kind of hug. Go for a more romantic one.

7. The Sexy Hug

What is a sexy hug, anyway? What kind of message does a man give you if he wants to turn a platonic hug into an exciting moment of romance? Usually, it’s all about your bodies touching in an intimate way. He might pull you close to him, or whisper to you, or look into your eyes as he pulls away, or move his face closer to yours. He might even try to touch your neck or shoulder as he goes back to a standing posture.

The problem is, this type of hug is a little too smooth for a man that you just met. This type of over-familiarity could imply that he’s just looking for sex. He’s hugging you in an invasive way and isn’t waiting to see if you give him any warm signals. He presumes too much. On the other hand, if this is coming from a very special friend that you’ve been flirting with for a while, it means he’s very interested in you and feels a strong attraction. He might be ready to take the relationship one step further.

So how can you determine if a hug has romantic chemistry? In general, it’s best not to assume anything based on just one gesture or sign. Find multiple signs, or clusters of gestures, and see if they all point to the same feeling. Consider the context of the hug (what were you talking about?), as well as body language, posturing, facial expressions and eye contact.

Hugs can be deceiving. But sometimes you will know by the way he hugs you. If he seems to hug you and communicate to you during feelings of intimacy, (the desire to please you, provide for you, and devote his time to you) then it’s probably not all in your head.

Lastly, remember that you can always try to draw him out emotionally by looking into his eyes, pushing your body closer to him, holding on tight a few more seconds, and of course, touching him on the shoulder or arm after the hug ends.

Maybe it’s time to start talking to him and testing the waters!

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