How to Get a Libra Man to Miss You

If you occasionally or regularly follow horoscopes, you might be intrigued by the idea of a Libra dating strategy. Much like personality tests, astrology sometimes gets various aspects of human nature right on the money. It’s worth trying, especially if you haven’t gotten much response from him by following your natural instincts.

Libra men are born between the dates of September 23 and October 22. By nature, they are charismatic and confident in their appearance and their symbol of a scale is fitting They are effective communicators, flirty by nature and have the ability to be friendly and guide their date through a conversation, without things becoming too awkward. All good qualities!

Their best qualities are diplomacy, fair-mindedness and their eagerness to get along with others. They are peaceful and desire harmony with other people – so much so that the worst possible scenario they can imagine is that they end up alone.

You can correctly assume that Libra men are all about balance, not just in their pursuit of justice and fairness, but also in their quest to find a partner and create a peaceful union. Conflict stresses a Libra man and much of the relationship will be defined by avoiding arguments and heated discussion.

This also ties in with a Libra’s weakness. He can be passive, indecisive or even quietly resentful because he avoids violence and intense confrontations with others, most of all, his partner. Keep in mind also that Libra men tend to be intelligent, well-read and have a great desire for knowledge.

If you’ve already dated a Libra man and perhaps even tried a relationship before it went to pieces, you’re probably confused at what went wrong. Most relationships end with great conflict and yet that’s not the type of guy that Libra is. There’s no telling how hard he will “resist” and withdraw if you come on too aggressively.

Therefore, if you want Libra back the best thing to do is get him to miss you and wait for him to start paying attention to you again, after giving him the space he needs. Here are four tips to remember when pursuing a Libra man for the second time.

1. Become more open-minded in your communications. Tone down your energy and encourage him to develop and stick to his own opinions.

One reason Libra men shut down in relationships is because of their fear of conflict. It’s not always about you…the problem is that they are afraid to formulate controversial opinions and afraid of making wrong choices when faced with complex moral and ethical decisions. Anyone dating a Libra should remember that they deserve to have their own opinions and should be encouraged to disagree with others if that’s how they really feel. What’s important is that he gets to speak his mind and formulate his thoughts and that you can both have an intelligent discussion on the matter.

Oftentimes Libra relationships end because the other partner is too aggressive and wants to change the Libra’s views in some way, or in some cases even their entire personality! He’s not much of a fighter…but that doesn’t mean he’s a pushover!

Your first reaction should be to either let him approach you first – which means you stop contacting him altogether – or approach him with a different attitude. When you speak again, introduce him to the new, “open-minded” you. He will love how much you’ve changed!

2. Don’t play the jealousy game with him. Understand his character first.

Sometimes conflict arises because women confuse the “outgoing public Libra” with the “at home” Libra. Libras tend to be flirty by nature which may cause jealousy issues if he pays attention to other women during a relationship or during a breakup period.

But trying to make him jealous is only creating conflict and driving him away. You can be independent and single on your own, if that’s what you want. But forcing him to watch will only provoke him. Libras can be insecure in relationships and so challenging them or coming off aggressively will make him react passive-aggressively. By completely eliminating you as a potential partner.

You CAN be assertive without being aggressive and communicate how you feel – provided you’re not trying to control him or change his opinions. Libra can handle the direct approach. Responding to his non-confrontational attitude in the same way, namely by allowing him freedom and claiming your own freedom at the same time, will work.

As a gauge to see how much he’s missing you, take notice of his anger or defensiveness, especially the kind that come out of nowhere. This is a sure sign that he’s missing you and is trying to figure out how he feels about you. Stay in control and stay aloof…in time, he will start to pursue you again.

3. Be direct about restarting a friendship. But always be peaceful.

Another common mistake is being TOO passive or avoiding Libras during the post-breakup period. Ordinarily I would say wait until he contacts you, but with Libras this strategy sometimes doesn’t work. He can be avoidant to a fault. In fact, Libras usually wait until their partners leave first rather than break up with them directly.

So yes, in the case of a Libra it is okay to contact him first, but only on the premise of being a friend. Open the lines of communication again and show him that you’re open minded to keep up with him, intellectually. Intrigue him and he will come back.

4. Be amazing and get his attention back.

Lastly, focus on being a “Better You” rather than a persistent hunter. Libra may require the direct approach but that does not mean you should badger him or “persuade” him to get back together.

Focus on projecting qualities of success, mystery, happiness and fun. Let him MISS YOU, by actually showing him how much progress you’ve made. Make him miss you by being an even better version of yourself that he never had the privilege of meeting. Be interesting and surprise him…but then stay his friend, not his lover.

Keep this attitude going and he will eventually want you back. This time, you’ll know how to handle him and will redefine the relationship on your terms!

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