How to Ask a Guy to Meet Up.

How to Ask a Guy to Meet Up

What do you do when you like a man and want to get to know him better? Ask him out, of course. Doing this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. From a young age, society has conditioned men to approach women and not the other way round. Sometimes it’s easier if you know how to start a conversation with your crush over text. It also helps if you know how to ask a guy to meet up somewhere.


Send Him Shy and Incomplete Messages

Don’t reveal everything about yourself or your intentions in your texts. Give him the leeway to think about what you’re trying to convey by being subtle.


Send Him a Handwritten Note

Handwritten notes may seem old fashioned, but sending him one can help you stand out. Write him a note that says something like “I like you,” and put a drop of your favorite perfume on the card.


Ask Him for Help

You might not actually need his help, but you can look for something he can do for you. For example, if he’s a techie, you can ask for help with an issue with your laptop. Asking for help provides an opportunity to meet up and can be a segway into spending more time together.


Let Him Know You’re Hungry

If you’re already texting, try telling him one evening that you’re hungry. He may pick up on your cue and offer to take you out, or you can plan to meet another day.


Ask Him for a Gift

When having a conversation, mention that you want something from him. He may be apprehensive at first, but when he asks what you want, tell him you want to go on a date with him.


Offer Him an Extra Ticket

Consider purchasing tickets for something he’s passionate about. For example, if he likes baseball, search for tickets to a game and find out if he’s available.


Go Out as Friends, Come Back as Boyfriend-Girlfriend

If you’re nervous, you can casually ask him to get together as friends. Let him know you like him when the time is right.



There are many ways to ask out a guy you’re crushing on. Some are subtle, and some require that you get out of your comfort zone. Whatever the case, when done properly, you’ll end up on a date or two with your crush. Use trial and error until you find the strategy that works best.

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