How Do You Spice up a Boring Chat?

How Do You Spice up a Boring Chat?

Connecting with someone on a deeper level is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s like time stands still, and you wish it could last forever. On the other hand, there can be an uncomfortable awkwardness that arises if a conversation suddenly ends. The silence can leave you wishing the world could open up and swallow you whole.

Once you know how to start a flirty conversation over text with a guy, you’ll want to keep it going. Most people aren’t good at small talk though. Below are some tips to help you out of those uncomfortable silences.


Avoid Conversation Killers

We are all guilty of ending a conversation abruptly, especially when you don’t want to speak to the other person anymore. Giving short, monosyllabic replies is one good way to kill a conversation.


Increase Engagement by Asking Questions

Questions are one of the most effective mediums to improve engagement. Try posing a question to the person at the other end of the conversation when you’re done talking. It works best to focus the question on him instead of you.

It’s equally important to listen carefully to his replies and use nonverbal gestures such as smiling and nodding your head to convey that you’re actively listening.


Use Humor

Humor not only works as a good ice breaker but also helps to spice up a boring conversation. You can bring up a story about your childhood or something funny that happened to you as an adult. There are limitless opportunities to use humor if you can see the comedy in your own life.


Short Breaks Work Miracles

If you’ve been chatting with your crush for a while and it’s going well, it can help to take short breaks to focus on other things. Short breaks give you the time to miss each other, and that absence can make the conversation all that more magnetic the next time you meet in person or have an online chat.


Don’t Focus Only On Text

If you both chat regularly over text, why not switch it up now and then? Consider a video call because it’s more intimate even when you’re miles apart, or you can venture into the world together. Is there an upcoming movie that you’d love to watch? Ask your crush to go with you. There are also apps that allow you to watch movies together even when you’re apart.

If you’re ready for that step, check out my post on how to ask a guy to meet up.


Talk About Interesting Topics

This applies regardless of whether you speak in person or over the phone. Asking a person about his hobbies can help you understand what kind of person he is. Further, if you can find topics that are different, but related to his interests, you can keep his interest and cover new ground together.



Having exciting conversations is one of the most effective ways of nurturing a relationship into something beautiful. Don’t focus solely on conversations over the phone. It would help if you considered switching it up by going out on dates to explore your hobbies.

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