How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You

Leo is the “king” of all the zodiac signs, not by creation, but by his lion-sized ambition and…well, just a hint of an ego. Leo is a natural born leader and “hunter” when it comes to finding women. Leo has no problem attracting beautiful partners or impressing someone new with his talents and affections. The problem is that Leo’s ambition, his “bite” so to speak, is so so big that love oftentimes takes a second place.

Leo is not the type of guy to meet someone and rearrange his life for her. He is self-motivated and self-assured. He chases fame, his career, and his life mission.

But does he want companionship along the way? Of course he does. And this is why it’s important to study Leo a little bit before pursuing a serious relationship with him. Maybe the real issue here is that you won’t have any problem attracting Leo, but you may need some extra help getting him to chase you. Leo, by his own nature, doesn’t chase a woman – he simply flirts with whoever he meets, and whoever also meets his high standards. By understanding Leo’s motivations you can reverse the process and get the lionhearted lover to chase you, rather than waste time trying to get his attention. Here are three ways that work.

1. Leave any insecurity at the door. Don’t bluff a Leo. Show him your best, honest self.

Some say that Leo has an innate ability to “pick up on a scent” and identify who you are, even without talking to you at length. Leo can pick up on your insecurity. He can pick up on doubt and any other sign that says you’re out of his league. The best defense is no defense…don’t fake it. And don’t show him any weakness. Instead, focus on being the best version of yourself with nothing to prove.

The more he senses your high value – yes, even that you have a life and other interests and hobbies outside of him – the more he will want to chase you. Leo is turned off by weakness and the idea of a woman bending over backwards to please him will not fly. Leo may have his own goals and his own plans…but he wants you to be the same way. He wants you to be as strong as he is. Ambitious, confident and independent.

Leo needs to see that you’re going to be just fine doing your own thing, while he does his own thing…but as long as you’re both going for the ride, why not enjoy each other’s company? You can be compatible with each other without being imbalanced.

2. Don’t expect Leo to be your savior.

While some men don’t mind being a hero, a big daddy, or a man who “fixes projects”, this is definitely opposite of Leo’s thinking. Ideally, Leo is the man you fall in love with, AFTER you learn, after you experience heartache and after you figure out what kind of relationship you don’t want.

Simply put, Leo is not looking to take on a project or help you to realize your true destiny. Frankly, he’s too self-involved for that kind of heroism. Leo will end the relationship, or grow distant quickly, once he senses that you’re depending on him.

Some even say Leo’s ego and self-absorption is a flaw. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But this just proves that if you want a Leo to chase you, YOU have to be the strong one and you have to be the one on his side. Self-sufficiency is a must. Focus on building natural attraction – your great qualities – and not trying so hard with mind games. Leo knows what he’s worth and needs to sense your great worth as well.

This may be the most difficult aspect about Leo to understand. But if you love Leo, you have to be willing to let him go. You have to have a solid footing in your own life so that if Leo decides he needs to be free, you won’t lose all your confidence or surrender that power. Leo may never leave you and may soon discover that he admires your stability, your maturity and self-confidence. But if you fall to pieces because he leaves, or threatens to leave, or tests you in some way, he will see that you’re not strong enough to handle him.

I’m not denying this makes Leo a “difficult personality” but it’s simply the reality, the identity, of his soul. Leo wants women, he wants freedom. Yet he will settle down if you can “keep up with him” and not let his self-absorption be your downfall.
3. You have to be patient and play by Leo’s rules, even while maintaining your own self-respect.

You may have to date, break up (or at least see other people), and get back together over time, since Leo doesn’t like to be chained down. The real question though is, do you do it in strength? Do you let him chase you, let him EARN your respect and interest before you accept him back?

Or do you always go running back to him, begging for a second chance? He won’t respect that and you won’t respect yourself for it.

To date Leo, you must be a lioness. Strong. Maybe a little cynical. Most importantly, you both have to understand your own nature. He’s a wanderer, a dreamer and a leader. But so are you. You’re not going to wait around for Leo to change. You’re going to take him as he is, without investing too much of yourself, expecting him to change for you.

At the same time, if he’s going to date you, he must learn to respect your boundaries just as you will respect his. This may never be a conventional relationship. But can Leo fall in love? Absolutely. Leo will love on his own terms but once he falls in love it is an intense love that endures over time. If you both have mutual attraction for each other (and have compatible lifestyles and careers) you will experience the love of a lifetime.

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