Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking About You

Now that you’ve researched a bit on twin flames (and if not, please read the article on Twin Flame Symptoms) then it’s time to jump to the more exciting question…

How do I know that this guy is my “twin flame”?

Whether or not he’s your true reflection in the astral sense, or is just someone you feel intense chemistry with whenever you interact, the result is the same. You feel alive. You want to interact, you’re drawn toward them and you’re ready to learn something and find your “better self.”

But not just any attractive guy you meet is going to be a twin flame type of relationship. Remember there are also soul mates and kindred spirits…and in less exciting terms, sometimes there are just cute guys who are fun to date, but whom you will have no special connection with – that’s just life!

The twin flame belief, however, says that there are sure signs that you will observe when a twin flame relationship is going to start – or start up again after a long break.

Some Notable Signs of a Twin Flame Relationship

Energy: His mysterious energy draws you in. He has a powerful energy that seems to draw you to him but you can’t explain why. You might feel as if you’ve known him in a past life. One thing’s for sure: your energies are mixing very well. You have the same frequency, but you also feel complete when you’re together.

Feelings of trust: Whereas you immediately mistrust most strangers, this fellow gives you a sense of peace and calmness in his presence. It’s not necessarily anything he does but a familiarity with his presence. You feel warm and protected when you’re with him.

Free Spirits: You feel free to say anything when you’re together. Even though you just met, you feel as if your spirit is free. You can speak with him honestly, without fear or restraint. You know he will understand and may even comprehend your thoughts and feelings before you say them aloud. This is because you’re connected once again and you are, at last, one being.

A Discovery: The connection grows more intense over time. Don’t be surprised if you resist the idea of your reunion initially. The connection becomes more obvious when an event happens that challenges you – particularly in the way you view life. You’re already learning from him. At first, you feel confident in your viewpoint until a disconcerting feeling of doubt comes over you. You have to change your perspective and this is alarming. In fact, after this change, or revelation, it might be difficult for you to go back to a “normal relationship”. You are being directed towards your twin flame.

What Predicts Twin Flame Reunions?

But if you haven’t been united with your twin flame yet (and that person might be your ex or even someone you haven’t met) then it’s time to consider a few signs that PRECEDE the beginning of a reunion.

For example:

1: You may get “signs” from other people.

It’s not all about your connection with this guy…sometimes the universe gives you a message or a “sign”. This relationship exists outside of time and space and is eternal, so it’s no surprise that the message will reach you one way or the other, even if it’s a small miracle. It may be a statement someone makes, an odd coincidence that occurs, or even a repetition of something that catches your attention. Your twin flame is sending that energy towards you and you feel it. You get the message.

2: You feel powerful and out-of-nowhere emotions.

These emotions tend to be unexplained jubilance or loving feelings. It’s almost as if he’s caressing you, letting you know that a reconciliation is on his mind. You feel comfortable with him and want to seek him out. Perhaps you have both grown significantly while apart and it’s time to give the relationship another try.

3: Your aura changes.

When he thinks about you, your aura starts to change. It’s not merely a warm feeling, but a bit of a tingling sensation. It’s a little jarring, maybe even a “goosebumps” type of feeling. You sense something beyond the material world is taking place.

What Twin Flame Conflict Means

Now whether you believe in the astral world or not, some of these points remain true even in a strictly material world. For instance, when you feel an intense connection with somebody, you do tend to be magnetically drawn to them. That person is on your mind. You may even notice other people talking about him, and you, and your relationship together.

What truly defines a twin flame relationship is the conflict it brings – and understanding why you fight, breakup and reconcile, will reveal the true purpose.

You break up or separate initially because you’re not ready to handle the changes forthcoming. You are bad for each other and reflect back negative qualities about each other.

You have to separate so that you can work on individual growth and self-improvement. This is a so-called “purifying process” where you learn about yourself, refine the essence of yourself, and then rekindle the love as more integrated, harmonious beings.

You now reflect each other’s positive qualities. Your paths always cross again, once you learn that important lesson. Your souls are one and it is destiny…or so they say!

Here’s what you can take home for sure. When you meet someone who is so intensely connected with you in chemistry, it’s not going to be easy to contain yourself.

Intensity sometimes means extreme hot and then extreme cold. It takes some getting used to, and then it takes some learning and patience. You must grow as a person, and you must allow your partner to grow, if you ever hope to reconcile.

Be patient and humble in the sense that you are always willing to listen, learn, and keep an open mind. These relationships are very special and truly once in a lifetime!

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