How to Kiss Him So That He Obsessively Thinks About You

A few years ago, the word “psychosexual” was a taboo. It lost some of its edge through the years, as our own culture grew up and began experimenting sexually. But years ago, the term meant “dangerous, sexy” and even “animal magnetism. A touch of the femme fatal as it were. As in Psychotic meets Sexuality.

Sure, the idea of a dangerous woman—who still happened to be very sexy—was the fantasy of every man. There was even a slew of “femme fatale” movies in the 1990s that reenacted these fantasies and fears of men. Men thought, “Wow…it would be scary to meet a truly psychotic woman who wanted to ruin your life…but hey, at least the sex would be amazing!”

Well here’s the secret. Men do want the femme fatale fantasy but they also want the
best of the “real world” too—as in a normal, sane and caring woman. They like edgy, they like unpredictable. They even like a little danger.

But you don’t have to be unhinged just to be their fantasy woman. All it takes is a little knowledge of seduction. Anyone, even the most innocent girl, can learn some of these seductive moves and kiss him in a way that makes his OBSESS over you.

Not just like you, but obsess over you. The animal magnetism, the irresistible quality of the femme fatale. That’s what we’re going to discuss – “eight ways to kiss him so that he obsessively thinks about you!” Just be absolutely sure you want him…because try a few of these moves and he’ll be texting you nonstop!

1. Don’t just fake being into it. It’s all about the way you breathe.

By now you know that you have to be “into a kiss” to let him feel it. But the best way to give him that femme fatale experience with just your lips is to breathe in a way that shows intense passion. Inhale through your mouth rather than your nose. While it’s a good idea to breathe through your nose for longer kisses, some men actually really like the “breathless experience.” It makes your voice higher, your heart rate increase, and makes you involuntarily “hum” in between kisses. Even better, when you inhale through your mouth as your lips are sealed together, you actually take in his breath into your body. You feel breathe along with him. It’s a Tantra-inspired practice designed to increase intimacy.

2. Learn the art of the hickey.

Most men will be driven wild by neck kisses. But if you really want to give him a “dangerous feeling” then learn to gently bite / suck his neck so that you leave a hickey. Increase the necking pressure and try to hold his neck skin between your teeth. You’ll know it’s working as you hear him breathing harder and faster. Mark your territory and make him feel lucky to leave in one piece. It’s strange but true…many men love that feeling of dealing with a sexually liberated woman they can’t control.

3. Kiss each other against a wall.

Preferably with him leading. This is a kiss that feels more intense, because of the resistance of the wall. Push him against it or let him push you against it as you share a hot and greedy kiss. It’s a dominant move either way and it’s a more dramatic kiss pose that’s not tried very often. It also recalls erotic feelings of sexual foreplay, even though you haven’t even gone that far yet. And all because of the physical barrier!

4. Make deep eye contact before and after the kiss.

Nervousness and blushing is charming in its own right. But men will always be attracted to the confidence of dangerous women. The best way to show confidence? Make deep, hungry and strong eye contact before and after the kiss. Don’t show weakness or embarrassment. Show lust. Show him how much he turns you on and how much you know he wants you. Let that stare linger for a few long moments. Just remember, less is more. Use the “look” sparingly at key moments in the conversation—such as an awkward silence or some shocking innuendo.

5. Learn the art of the aggressive-but-submissive kiss.

Femme fatales are sexually aggressive, but they still follow the man’s lead. This allows him feel masculine. It makes him feel as if this lust is beyond all control. He feels more attracted to you because the chemistry brings out the animal in him—you make him do the sexy things he didn’t even know he was capable of!

That’s why you learn the art of the aggressive-but-submissive kiss. For example, turning your back to a man and letting him come up behind you is submissive…but kissing him while you lean back to meet his neck or face is even better.

Just like scratching his scalp is a similar move. He’s leading with the kiss. But instead of simply touching him or hugging him, you’re going to massage and softly scratch his scalp with your hands. He will then follow suit and do the same for you.

Here’s the thing—the confident woman doesn’t ask permission or bashfully wait while the man directs the kiss. She takes charge. She does what pleases her. She knows he wants the kiss and so she escalates the sexual tension.

6. Touch him all over his body.

If you really want to be more aggressive, but without coming off as domineering, then let him direct the kiss but let your hands roam free. While it’s usually thought of as a man’s job to caress the woman while he kisses, most men prefer that a woman be a little more adventurous in touching him. In addition to face caressing, you can also run your hands (or your lips) over his chest, his back, his arms, shoulders and even down to his butt.

One very bold move that no man can resist is when a woman takes his pointer finger into her mouth and sucks on it while keeping eye contact. Move your mouth upwards and downwards, simulating more intimate activities. This is just one example of how kissing and stroking other body parts can leave him craving more.

7. Exercise your vocal chords for instant feedback.

Give him instant feedback on how well he’s doing by using soft moans and groans to direct the action. More moaning means keep it up! Don’t overdo it too soon…keep the little sounds softer and lighter until you reach the heavy petting stage. But there’s nothing wrong with making little swooning noises to show just how much you want him.

8. Take your kissing out for PDAs.

Finally, flirt with danger by insisting that he kiss you in a crowded place. Most guys are naturally shy about being “caught” out in public. But hey, no one’s going to arrest you for a kiss! Kiss him passionately in plain view of other people (like a crowded mall or shopping center) and make him feel turned on but still outside of his comfort zone. Men do enjoy the fantasy of a woman pushing their boundaries. Try this one out and let him flirt with danger…just a little bit.

Most women haven’t mastered the art of seduction. You don’t have to be “dangerous” just to have a more explosive sex life. You can use these techniques while also remaining the “good girl” in more important outings like family venues. He’ll love you and lust you…and that’s where you want to be!

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