How a Man Falls in Love.

How a Man Falls in Love

Sometimes, it’s meeting the gaze of that magnetic stranger from across the room. Sometimes, it’s a moment when you’re laughing with a longtime friend, and something just feels different. Sometimes, it’s someone you have only been seeing for a few months. Falling in love can happen at some of the most unexpected moments. That said, studies have also shown that men and women fall in love at different rates and for different reasons.

This raises a few questions, especially if you find yourself falling for a man. How long does it take a man to fall in love with you? According to a study conducted in partnership with eHarmony, men do fall in love faster than women. This study concluded that men typically fall in love and feel devoted to their partners between two to three months. Women, however, develop the same intensity of those feelings about four to five months into a relationship.

The study noted how long it typically takes for both genders to experience the same intensity of love—not how this happens. You might be surprised to learn that how a man falls in love is actually very similar to how a woman falls in love.

If you already have someone who has captured your attention, you might be wondering what you can do to ensure he will love you; many women wonder if there are questions to make a guy fall in love with you. How should you dress? What can you do? 

Signs That a Man Is Interested

Because men and women are very similar neurologically, there’s more to knowing if someone is seriously interested than sending the right texts. There are patterns you can keep an eye out for to see if he is falling for you, and perhaps a few things you can do to speed the process along.

Initial Attraction

You’ve likely heard the expression, “men are visual creatures.” With social media, it’s hard not to compare yourself to social media supermodels. The good news is that attraction is not always based on photoshopped ideologies.

A woman who feels good about herself exudes confidence, and people are attracted to confidence. Multiple studies suggest that confidence is highly attractive to potential partners. Bottom line: don’t fixate on your hair or your makeup–if you feel good in your skin, you’re more likely to spark interest from a man.

Expressing Intention

When you want something off a menu at a restaurant, do you stare at the waiter and hope he can read your mind when asked what you want? Of course not! When men see someone they are interested in, they make an effort. The more effort they put in, the more interested they are. It can start with buying a drink at a bar, or it can start with some small talk. Every step of the way, he will make an effort to be near you and find out when he can see you next.

I know a man who would make plans for the next date with a woman he was seeing before their date was over. He would pencil in a date and time that worked for her and plan the date to make sure he could see her again. Within a month, he told her he was no longer dating other women or making any attempts to meet other women and asked for exclusivity. A man falling for you will make his timeline and intentions known.

Happily Ever After

Relationships are a lot of work, but the beginning shouldn’t be, as this is when two people get to enjoy each other’s company and fall in love. This time should be more carefree with nothing that needs to be negotiated; there should not be a lot of work in the early stages of dating. This is the time to enjoy the bond you share—wear his hoodie to make him smile, snuggle together on his couch, craft the perfect inside jokes, and laugh all night.

Falling in love is the easy part. Your job is to enjoy the attention he gives you and reaffirm that you feel the same way. It is surrendering the need for control and letting yourself be happy.  You don’t need to know everything he is thinking, why he is thinking it, etc. It’s incredible how many of us don’t give ourselves permission to be happy.

Are you getting in your own way when it comes to finding true love? Do you sometimes push so hard in an attempt to “fix” your partners, that you push them away? Love experts from Commitment Connection have worked with women for years and helped empower them in the world of dating. Let us help you fall in love with you, so you can easily fall in love with The One.

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