Five Shocking Things to Do When a Man Pulls Away.

Five Shocking Things to Do When a Man Pulls Away

One of the most challenging things in a relationship is figuring out what to do when your partner pulls away. He might have ended your relationship, or you may just feel things have changed. Either way, I know how frustrating it feels when a partner pulls away and you feel you’ve lost them forever.

The worst thing is that if you aren’t broken up, the emotions around what’s going on can sabotage your relationship–these emotions can be so intense that they cloud your judgment. Feeling weak, afraid, and even angry at someone who has pulled away suddenly is normal, because when a guy pulls away, he usually makes you feel insecure about your relationship. 

The great news is that if you can properly handle your guy distancing himself, your actions can strengthen your relationship. Here are five surprising things to do when your partner pulls away:

1. Give Him Some Space

One reason a guy may pull away is that he’s stressed, so it’s great to give him space after you ask him about it. That will allow him to think about what’s going on without feeling pressured. Take a step back if you’re worried your partner is distant because he is stressed out–for example, he might feel overwhelmed or struggling with work obligations or health issues, or he might be unsure about his needs and require some distance to process his feelings.

Because he might be dealing with matters unrelated to the relationship, don’t assume he is emotionally unstable–giving him space is an excellent way to keep your relationship strong and healthy. 

2. Avoid Blowing Up His Phone

Don’t punish a guy for being distant–whether your relationship is new or several years old, lashing out when he withdraws from you will only break trust and hurt comfortability around communication. Instead, I recommend you focus on your goals, friendships, and things that make you happy and let him communicate with you when he is ready.

3. Listen to Him

Listen fully when he tells his story about his emotions and ending the relationship. Then, ask questions to understand why he’s pulling away. In long-distance relationships, this can be tricky because often, we only get one opportunity to talk on the phone. So, ensure he feels safe enough to share his feelings and thoughts with you by being an active listener–he may be shocked at how open and receptive you are.

4. Avoid Yelling at Him

Men often pull away for different reasons, and while you may want to chase him and scream, this may only push him further away, creating a self-destructive cycle. Instead, give him time and space to process how he feels. If you’re frustrated or angry because he has pulled away, don’t make things worse by yelling at him. Tell him respectfully how you feel about what’s going on, without pressuring him to give a certain response.

Yelling at a guy when he pulls away will only push him away further. Acknowledging your relationship as a two-way street is vital, as how you respond to a guy who’s pulling away can make or break your relationship. 

5. Be Calm and Understanding

A man may pull away because of family problems, financial issues, health problems, or emotional reasons, so it’s best to calmly ask him his reasons for pulling away. By remaining calm and understanding during all this, you can avoid emotional trauma and portray your true emotional intelligence.

It’s not anyone’s fault if feelings change–unfortunately, that’s how life sometimes goes. Although it’s difficult when a relationship is no longer working, remember that it’s not always about the other person. You don’t have to yell or lash out at your partner for pulling away–surprise him with your ability to understand and listen, your emotional intelligence, and your comfortability with time apart when that is what’s needed.

Wondering what to say when he pulls away, or even how to keep a high value when a guy pulls away? Take a look at my latest posts.

Embrace Self-Care When a Man Pulls Away: Know Your Worth

When you find yourself in the situation where a man pulls away, it’s a critical moment to refocus on self-care. You might feel like your worth is being questioned, but remember, his actions are not a reflection of your value. Indulge in activities that make you happy and fulfilled.

This time apart can offer a golden opportunity to rediscover what makes you unique and deserving of love. By reinforcing your own self-esteem independently, you make a powerful statement about your worth, whether he comes back or not.

Seeking Professional Guidance is a Game-Changer When a Man Pulls Away

The dynamics of why a man pulls away can often be intricate and confusing. Consulting with a relationship coach or a psychologist can offer you insights that you may not have considered. These professionals can provide strategies that are specially tailored for your situation, helping you navigate this emotionally complex phase.

Investing in expert advice not only emphasizes how much you value the relationship but also shows you’re a woman who knows when it’s essential to bring in the professionals.

Crafting the Perfect Message: High-Value Reconnection When a Man Pulls Away

If he shows signs of returning, the way you reconnect can set the tone for future interactions. Prepare your words carefully; consider scripting your thoughts or even practicing them out loud.

A well-crafted message can articulate your feelings and concerns without letting raw emotions take control. This approach not only shows emotional intelligence but also ensures you maintain a high-value status in his eyes.

Know the Red Flags: When to Move On if a Man Pulls Away

A crucial yet often overlooked aspect is knowing when to walk away. Not every man who pulls away is worth waiting for. If his withdrawal is part of a larger pattern of neglect, emotional manipulation, or dishonesty, these are red flags that shouldn’t be ignored.

Remember, a high-value woman recognizes her worth and knows when to make the difficult but necessary decision to move on.

Keeping the Mystery Alive: The Balance of Transparency When a Man Pulls Away

Transparency and communication are essential in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you should reveal everything all at once.

Keeping some level of mystery makes you an intriguing partner and adds a dynamic element to the relationship. It’s this balance that can make all the difference in whether he comes back more committed than before or drifts away for good.

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