Keep a High Value When a Guy Pulls Away

How Do You Keep a High Value When a Guy Pulls Away?

When a guy pulls away, chasing after him is the worst thing you can do. There are many things you can do to maintain your high value, such as setting boundaries, distancing yourself, or moving on altogether.

This will require some self-discipline and control over your emotions–often, when you don’t know why your man is pulling away, you’ll want to turn to him to find the answers you need. However, that’s the wrong approach, so continue reading to find out how to stay high-value when a guy pulls away.


Distance Yourself

I want to emphasize again that this isn’t about playing mind games–this is mirroring. If you don’t pull away, too, acting as though nothing has changed may work against you.

When a guy pulls away, he may no longer feel that draw towards you–he doesn’t feel like texting, calling, or reciprocating your actions and emotions. So, if you keep texting and calling him and he isn’t reciprocating, he could lose respect for you. However, if you pull away, as well, a guy won’t see you as someone whose emotions he has to manage because you can handle yourself. When you react calmly and distance yourself, you’re telling him you respect yourself and that your emotions don’t control you–this can be particularly effective if a man pulls away in the early stages of a relationship.


Move On With Your Life

Don’t wait for him to call or text–it’s crucial to maintain your independence even when you’re in a relationship. This way, if the relationship ends, you won’t feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean alone, struggling to swim back to shore. 

After he pulls away from you, try to refrain from getting nostalgic and don’t change the tone of your social media posts, making it obvious you miss and want him back. Just continue living the same best life you lived before dating him–you may intrigue him to come back, or draw in someone even better.


Spend Some Quality Time Alone

Get to know yourself again by spending time alone. So often, women lose themselves in relationships. Because they’re so focused on pleasing their man, they neglect doing what makes them who they are. Take advantage of this time and reconnect with yourself, and start doing what makes you happy.


Don’t Chase After Him

You might wonder how to get your man back when he pulls away or what shocking things to do when he pulls away, and your instincts may often tell you to chase after him and hold on to him for dear life. Unfortunately, doing this will likely cause him to run away even more quickly and slip away from you.

Chasing him is a big mistake as it’ll only push him further away–you can’t force a guy to be with you if that isn’t what he wants. He’s a grown man, and he can make his own decisions. Once he decides what he wants, he’ll end things or pick up where he left off. 


Final Thoughts

A high-value woman doesn’t play childish tricks and games to get her partner back. She may get lonely and sad, but she’s ready to accept the situation, knowing she’ll be fine and stronger on the other end. Because she knows he doesn’t have to have a man to feel complete and loved, she can let him go. A high-value woman respects herself as well as his decision to move on.

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