7 Texts to Make Him Chase You.

7 Texts to Make Him Chase You

One of the biggest misconceptions about men out there that I still hear is that “men always chase.” You know, men are just animals and can’t wait to chase women, date women, and try their hardest just to get a kiss.

Well, wait a minute. Is that a myth? Don’t we all know some guy like this? Haven’t you seen the stereotypical horny guy on Twitter, Facebook, Match.com, Craigslist, etc.?

Well of course. But to say that every man out there is like “that dumb horny guy on Craigslist” is just absolutely wrong.

No most guys out there DO NOT chase women…unless they have a damned good reason. The average man will not make a great effort to woo a woman, just because she’s there, or even just because she’s attractive.

Men have a lot on their minds. Work, hobbies, art, science, you know, cat memes on Facebook…a lot of things. So you know that moment when you ask a man what he’s really thinking and you assume it must be about other women? Usually, he’s thinking about himself, his world, his daily schedule, and his own self-contained universe.

So most men (not all men, but most) are not just dying to chase a woman who’s beautiful and available. Sure, they will look.

But it takes more effort on your part. You don’t have to flirt with him directly, but you do have to entice him, challenge him, pique his interest.

In other words, you must inspire him to chase you. Becoming his muse, and arousing his masculinity and enthusiasm is what makes him chase you. You enjoy it, he enjoys it, and that’s the spark that starts the relationship.

In this discussion, we’re going to talk about ways on how to make a guy chase you through text, rather than doing nothing, and rather than coming on too strong. One easy way to do it is to start texting him. Even replying to the text messages he sends you can be a great way to increase attraction and make him chase you. Consider for example…

1. OMG I can’t believe what you did. I was at work and minding my own business and then you…

This line works pretty well, because (1) you alarm him into paying attention and actually tease a conflict, and then (2) you let him off the hook and then staaaaall and tease him as long as you want. You can let him know it’s a joke later, but guys always get a kick out of it.

2. Hey sexy boy. I’m here with my friends and think you could come say hi.

Wow, what a great line. So simple and yet amazingly teasing. Imagine being that guy. His crush has just admitted she thinks he’s cute. Now come and “chase her” on a non-date. It’s not even a date, but a gathering of friends. It just so happens you put the thought into his head and now he’s thinking it’s like a real date if only he can get you away from the group.

3. You’d love the dress I was looking at earlier today…

What a vicious line! Guys can’t help but visualize everything you tell them. So if he already feels an attraction to you, then torture him with a little sexy imagery. You’re not even overtly flirting with him, since you pretend like the comment is innocent. But you’re still looking for his reaction and guys are usually tickled by the suggestion. In fact, that’s when they start to flirt overtly and make all sorts of bold and romantic statements.

4. I kind of want to go to this (link).

Another tease! Guys are oftentimes nervous about asking you out directly but will sometimes jump at the chance to take you somewhere that you suggest. It feels like a non-date and just a hangout. Even if it’s impossible to attend (like in another city or something) just the visual image of you two going together will be enough to attract him to the idea of asking you out.

5. This reminded me of you, lol.

Sharing something specifically for him is a great way to let him know you’re thinking about him. It works when you share something funny, as if you’re saying, “I get your sense of humor.” But it’s even better if you can recall a conversation that the two of you had, and then find something – a meme, a story, an artwork – that encompasses what you were talking about previously. It shows him you’re paying attention and thinking about what he said.

6. Now you’re making me feel…

This is not only an honest and cutesy line, it’s actually very flirty and suggestive – even erotic.
Best of all, it’s so subtle he might not even realize what you’re doing. You’re basically telling him that his behavior (his humor, his good conversational skills, his art, etc.) is emotionally stirring you up. He is making you feel something strong – even without meaning to!

The emotion could be anything from “Happy” to “Laughing” or “Peaceful” or anything safe like that. But what this does is give him a tease, suggesting you are very susceptible to his charms, his suggestions, and yes, his romantic side that might come out. He will consider it a challenge worth exploring.

7. If you were here right now, I would ____ you in the ____

This doesn’t sound as kinky as you might think. You could say anything safe here, such as “If you were here I’d throw a pie in your face!” or “I’d slap you upside the head for that remark!”

The seductive part of the sentence is not the fill in the blanks – but rather the “If you were here right now…” which is suggesting to him that you could be together, like on a date, or at least a non-date where you keep each other company. It helps him visualize that. It reminds him that this conversation can always be continued in person and that’s definitely what he wants to hear.

As you can see, ideas around making a man chase you involves more than just waiting for him to approach you. Most men won’t chase unless they’re given a reason. Unless they feel something. Figuring out what makes him tick and what inspires him to take decisive action is half the fun of courting. By learning how to text him, not just to keep a conversation going, but how to impress and amaze him – that’s how you get him to fall for you!

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

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