Texts That Create Tension With A Man

Texting is a great way to keep a guy on his toes, and eager to keep talking to you. Here are some great texts that create tension with a man in no time at all.

Texting is at the center of all modern relationships. These days, you’re likely to spend most of the time texting someone that you’re eager to date or hook up with. Hours and hours can be spent in your bedroom staring at your phone, wondering what to text back. You started off playing it a bit cool, but now you’re eager to ramp things up a notch. 

Let’s be honest, it’s fairly easy to turn a guy on over text without being too obvious. With just a few texts, you can have him in the palm of your hands ready to do absolutely anything you ask. But, before you reach this point, you need to create tension. 

Tension means you gradually build things up and make it clearer what your intentions are. Instead of going from 0-100 real quick, you slowly up the tension until the man is virtually begging you to meet up and will do anything for your attention. 

So, how do you send texts that create tension with a man? It’s way easier than you think, and here are a few ideas you can try right away: 

Drop a mysterious text about your dreams

If you’ve been texting a guy for a while, one great way to build tension is by talking about your dreams. Specifically, mention that you had a dream about them. This doesn’t technically have to be true – they’ll never know, and quite frankly, they will be too excited to care if it’s true or not. 

Send them something like “You were in my dream last night…” and leave it at that. 

The beauty of this text is that it’s mysterious but draped in sexual connotations. You’re clearly hinting that it was a naughty dream, sending their mind into overdrive. Avoid embellishing on your story when they inevitably ask – be really coy and mysterious, let them figure out what was happening, or create their own narrative in their heads. 

Ask him if he wants to play a game

Initially, this doesn’t seem like a text that creates tension with a man. However, it’s all about the game you’re playing. Text them asking if they want to play a game with you, when they ask what game, hit them with “would you rather?” or “never have I ever.”

Both games are instant classics when you’re flirting with someone over text. Right away, you open the floor for naughtier conversations. Use this as an excuse to ask questions about their sexual history and preferences. 

Tension builds very quickly as they ask you the same questions. Your man will be all riled up seeing your texts about your sexual preferences or things you’ve done in the past. The fact that it’s a game makes it less full-on, and much cheekier. Especially if you act like it’s just an innocent little game that you want to play because you’re bored at home on a Saturday night. 

Be flirtatious and tease them

Clearly, the best way to create tension with a man over text is by flirting with them. You have to let your flirty side out now and then, especially as the tension already starts to bubble below the surface. 

The trick is not being too blatantly obvious or desperate. You want him to want you, but this doesn’t mean you should throw yourself at him via text right away. Start with a few flirty or teasing texts now and then in response to things he says to you. Try to set yourself up by dictating the conversation. 

For example, let’s say it’s cold outside – you should text them saying you feel really cold. This sets you up for a couple of potential follow-up messages to show your flirty side and build tension. You could send another message saying something along the lines of “If only I had someone here to keep me warm”. Or, if they reply saying they’re cold, you could reply with “that’s a shame, I bet I know how to warm you up”. Maybe drop an emoji after this like insinuating something cheeky, and when they send a cheeky response back, you quickly say something like “by getting you a hot water bottle of course!” to make it seem like you’re being innocent. 

Little flirtatious messages and conversations like this go a very long way to building sexual tension. The more you talk, the more flirty you can be, until the guy is positively desperate for you. 

Send some cheeky selfies

Don’t just rely on text messages when you’re talking to a guy. Picture messages can work wonders when your aim is to create tension. Again, you have to find the right balance. Don’t send anything too outrageous, but also ensure there’s a level of flirtation there. 

Selfies are a brilliant way to do this. Send selfies when you’re about to go out under the guise of showing off your outfit or your hair. Immediately, the selfies themselves build tension as it brings you closer together. It’s a sign of trust when a woman sends selfies to a man – you’ll put all kinds of thoughts inside his head. 

Then, the secret is making them flirty and a bit cheeky. This can be done by your pose – make it slightly seductive or act as though you’re blowing a kiss. Another idea is to slightly reveal more of yourself. We’re not talking about sending nudes, but a selfie where there’s a bit of cleavage showing will definitely get any guy’s attention. 

Cheeky selfies create so much sexual tension as the man can now visually see you. They start wishing they could see you in real life, meaning the moment you meet will be extremely spicy. 

So, if you’re trying to send texts that create tension with a man, try the ideas above. Remember, tension is all part of the chase. You need to build it so the guy gradually becomes obsessed with you. It’s tempting to jump right in and lay all of your cards on the table immediately, but this will lead to worse outcomes. Spend time creating sexual tension – you’ll be extremely glad you did!

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