How To Make Him Want You

How To Make Him Want You

You can very quickly become overwhelmed by the different opinions on how to make a man want you. I take issue with a lot of these opinions as they either don’t work or force you to do pretty strange and stupid things. In reality, dating isn’t rocket science. It’s not that difficult to get someone to fall for you and do anything you want

Some men won’t like me saying this…but we’re pretty simple beings. I know it can seem like we’re strange enigmas that are hard to understand, but when you look beneath the surface it’s very easy to get our attention. 

So, when it comes to making him want you, there are some simple things to do. First, you have to consider why you haven’t had any success yet. If it’s that easy, why is nothing working for you? Most of the time, it’s because you’re doing either one of two things. You’re trying too hard and coming across as desperate, or you’re playing it too cool as you try to get them to chase you

Neither tactic works as guys don’t want a desperate girl – it makes them think you’re not really interested in them but rather you just want someone, anyone. Likewise, if you play it too cool and expect them to chase you, they’ll get bored of the mind games and give up. 

Instead, here are some easy things you can do to make him want you: 

Make An Effort

Men hate it when they’re the only ones making an effort. 

They’re texting you all the time, trying to flirt, but you’re not giving anything back in return. Relationships should always be a two-way street: you get what you give. If one person is doing all the heavy lifting and putting in most of the effort, they’re likely to become disinterested if the same doesn’t come back at them. 

So, swallow your pride and make an effort. If you’re not dating, but you want to start dating, you should text him regularly and make genuine attempts to start meaningful conversations. Show your interest in what he has to say – don’t send short replies or make every message about you. 

Very quickly, you’ll see him start to change and show more of an interest in you. This is because a little voice in their mind has seen the effort you’re putting in and has gone “holy crap, I think they’re into me.” It then makes them put in more effort and they start wanting you more and more. 

Play To His Ego

I mentioned earlier that men are very simple beings. This is true, and the best example of this is when we receive compliments. If you stroke a man’s ego, he will pretty much fall for you

Compliment him, tell him he’s attractive, and focus on areas of his life or appearance that you know he’s proud about. For example, if he goes to the gym, make sure you tell him how good he looks. Talk about his progress, say he looks incredible, and he will absolutely want you. 

There’s probably a deep psychological reason behind why this works. I think in society, men don’t tend to get complimented as much as women. You will have a group of friends who always say how pretty you look or how nice your outfits are. Male friend groups don’t typically do this. So, when a guy gets his ego fueled by a woman, it makes him lose his mind – in a good way. 

Ultimately, you’re making him feel wanted and attractive, which is going to change his perception of you. Maybe he’s always seen you as a friend? This is bound to change if you flatter him and feed his ego. 

Utilize Body Language

Did you know that 55% of communication is nonverbal? This is often why people struggle to attract someone when they text one another. The texting is going well, but only up to a point. If you want to make him want you, you should focus on nonverbal communication. 

More specifically, body language. 

The next time you’re around him, do your best to express how you feel through your body. Simple things, like touching his arm or brushing his hair will immediately get his attention. Even a deep stare into his eyes will work wonders – it says way more than most conversations ever will. 

Doing subtle things like this in public will enhance the effects on the man. He’ll start desperately wanting you because it’s one of the sexiest and most thrilling things that’s ever happened to him. Obviously, if you’re in private, you can use even more provocative body language to get his attention. 

Tell Him!

It’s amazing how many times I hear the same story from women trying to get a man to want him. They talk about how badly they want this man, but nothing they do seems to get his attention. When I ask them if they’ve told him how they feel, they go quiet and shake their heads. 

Communication is absolutely everything in relationships! Whether you’re in a committed relationship and want things to spice up, or you’re trying to get into one, you’ll go nowhere without good communication. 

Often, it’s as simple as uttering what you want out loud for him to hear. To be honest you don’t even need to speak it – texting will suffice. Say to him I want you. There is no easier way to get a man to want you than by telling him this. Again, as I’ve said before, we’re not complicated humans. We are, perhaps, guilty of not reading into things that much. We ignore certain signs that women may see as obvious. This is why telling us what you want will always lead to a high success rate. 

There’s no secret formula for getting him to want you. It’s all extremely simple. Work on your communication, flatter him, make an effort, and show some genuine interest. This will ensure that the man in your life wants you more than anyone else.

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