How Do You Tell if a Guy Has a Crush on You?

How Do You Tell if a Guy Has a Crush on You?

He’s flirty, acts more clingy, and is more attentive and caring toward you. He must like you right? It seems like it, but how do you tell if a guy has a crush on you for sure? Fortunately, it’s not rocket science, and men are predictable enough that when they exhibit certain behaviors, you can immediately tell that they’re falling for you. Couple that initial attraction with your knowledge of what guys find attractive in a girl and texts to make him chase you, and you’re on your way to a relationship of adoration—one that you truly deserve!

Here are some tell-tale signs that a guy has a crush on you:

He Keeps the Conversation Going

A man who has a crush on you will always want to talk to you. So, if he keeps the conversation going, then you’re right to assume that he’s attracted. You can also see that he likes you when he always initiates your chats.

He Tries to Impress You

A guy who’s attracted to you will want to show you the best he has to offer. He’ll want to impress you by showing off his talents, skills, and any other characteristics that he thinks you’ll like in him, too.

He Treats You Differently From Other People

Guys will treat their crushes differently from other people. If you see the way he treats you better than the rest, especially other girls, then he probably has a crush on you.

He Compliments You

A guy who has a crush on you will more likely recognize your positives, and he will show you that he notices your good traits by pointing them out and making sure that you feel good about them, too.

He Laughs More Around You

If a guy’s smitten with you, he’ll feel better and more comfortable around you, and that might come off as him just generally laughing more when he’s in your presence.

He Asks if You Like Someone

A guy who asks if you like someone isn’t always doing it for his bros. He might be checking his prospects for himself; by making sure you’re single, he knows that he has a chance.

His Body Language

Some guys aren’t able to control themselves when they’re attracted to you, and the way that their body naturally reacts to you is an obvious sign of how much they like you. Here are some ways his body language can prove that he has a crush on you:

He’s Physically Drawn to You

When a guy is attracted to someone, his body is naturally drawn to them, which means that he’ll find any opportunity to be near you or to touch you. He’ll also always turn his body towards you when you’re speaking to him.

He Preens Around You

A guy who touches his hair, fixes himself, or does anything self-conscious to better his looks or posture while you’re with him likely has a crush on you. This is his way of putting his best self forward to impress you.

He Stares at You

Staring isn’t always a creepy action–it may also be an unconscious way for a guy to express his attraction to you. He just can’t keep his eyes off you!

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