How to Tell if a First Date Went Well

How to Tell if a First Date Went Well

One of the telltale signs that a first date went well is when both of you want to have a second date. A date may go as far as kissing, but that’s not always the case. In some instances, it can be challenging to know whether you’re going to see the other person again. If you’re in such a dilemma, you’re not alone. First dates can be tricky, so we’ve put together some tips to help you identify whether yours went smoothly.

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The Date Lasted Longer Than Anticipated

Usually, first dates last a few hours, especially when you’ve chosen the classic route of going to a movie or out to dinner. If you end up staying longer than you expected, it can be an indication that your date enjoys your company.

The opposite is also true. If a date is boring, there won’t be a reason for your date to last any longer than it needs to. You may go as far as making an excuse to leave early.

You Both Contributed to the Conversation

Conversation isn’t all about what to talk about on a date with a guy. A one-sided conversation can be draining and usually lasts a short time. It isn’t polite to talk the entire time without giving the other party a chance to speak or ask them follow-up questions. However, when you are conversing equally, it makes for an exciting date and time flies.

If you feel that you both had equal time to speak during a date, it’s a strong indication that he is interested in you and you have a lot in common.

You Laughed at the Same Things

Humor can wash away awkwardness during a date. Shared laughter is one of the signs that you have connected emotionally. Moreover, psychologists believe that people who laugh at your jokes are interested in dating you.

You Agreed Despite Your Differences

Sometimes, you can go on a date with someone who is the complete opposite of you. He may be in a different profession and shares none of your interests, but you still have a fantastic time together.

Sometimes differences between people are a challenge, and other times they make the conversation more interesting. Figuring out which is which is key to assessing dates.

You Maintained Eye Contact Throughout the Date

It’s considered rude not to look at someone when you’re speaking with them. When your date is interested in you, they will maintain eye contact throughout the date.

They Touch You

One of the most effective ways of showing someone you’re interested in them is through appropriate physical touch. For example, holding his hand lightly in a platonic way when you’re both laughing. Likewise, if someone is receptive to your physical touch, it indicates they’re interested in you emotionally, physically, or both.

Many cues can help you identify whether your first date went well or not. One of the surest ways to know if your date enjoyed your company is by thinking back about how the conversation went. If both of you equally contributed and exchanged ideas despite your differences, you’ll most likely get a second date. You can also always push things along by asking your date how he thinks the date went and asking whether they want to go out again. 

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