The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Becoming a Man Magnet: 4 Can’t Miss Moves

The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Becoming a Man Magnet: 4 Can’t Miss Moves

Are you like my friend Vera?  She admits to being a little bit lazy.  Well, more than a little.  So lazy in fact that her favorite thing to say is, “I don’t want to do that…it takes too much effort!”

Vera is the type of woman who would rather not go out on Fridays, if the club is too far away or there’s too many people.  She doesn’t even want to join Instagram because she says, “It’s too much trouble (or “effort”) to sign up and post pictures.

“Vera!” I always tease her.  “What is it going to take to get you to come to this party?  Hey, there’ll be cake and vodka.  Now will you come?  All you have to do is sit there and drink.”

“Do I have to sit on a barstool?  I don’t feel like sitting.”

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit, but the point is, a lot of people DO avoid dating these days because they think it takes a lot of effort.  In order for you to be attractive, you have to dress up like it’s the Academy Awards.  You have to rehearse all these great lines so you can have a good conversation.  You have to read up on etiquette and practice pronouncing all those exotic French dish names (if he’s taking you to a nice French restaurant).  Sure, dating sounds like a lot of pressure and hassle.

I can understand why people lose interest in dating, if they feel that it’s this impossible game that they have to win…and they have to play their cards just right or they get their heart broken.

But now I’m going to blow your mind.  Okay?  You DO NOT have to try so hard.  You don’t have to be this hard working, high-pressured, type A-personality, social butterfly just to be a good date.  And no, you don’t have to change your whole lifestyle just to be an attractive woman and to be seen as highly date-able and very sexy by a lot of successful single guys out there.

All you need is the right attitude.  Because as the title indicates, even a lazy woman (God bless you, Vera) can be a man-magnet by learning just these five easy moves.  Because what we’re talking about here when we say a “man-magnet” is a woman who has high confidence and amazing communication skills.  Men are drawn to these qualities.

So much so that even if you put this energy out there, and only give say, 25 percent effort in your looks and in memorizing all these funny things to say…

You’re still going to be noticed by guys and probably even more so than the woman giving 75 percent effort and being outgoing and perky and lovable and so on.

Let’s get started.

1. Be the girl that tempts the lone wolf.

I got news for you—guys are even lazier than girls!  Chances are, if the guy is checking you out, he’s probably hesitating because he doesn’t want to come up to you and all ten of your friends and be charming, talkative and entertaining to a group.  He’s probably going after the cutest woman he sees, who is also going to be the easiest woman to approach.  Think “sitting alone” or maybe limited to one or two friends.  He wants to talk to you one on one so he can let his personality shine.  He wants to play the part of the “lone wolf”, corner you away from the crowd, so he has your full attention.

Now I’m not saying to trust a guy you just meet and go “alone” with him.  But alone at a table in a public place, sure.  You’re going to be approached.

Trust me, just being approachable is going to get a lot of guys to notice you.  Women in groups are naturally more intimidating to men who aren’t natural born lady killers.  If you want to attract more men, ditch the dozen extra girlfriends.

2. Smile and be excited by his presence.

A lot of women make the mistake of putting up a shield as soon as they go out in public.  You may think you’re being strong, confident and “weeding out the weaker guys” so to speak, but the more you scowl and scoff before the guy even introduces himself, the more antagonizing relationship you’re building with him.

Smiling genuinely (not smiling to yourself or laughing at him) immediately tells him it’s safe to approach you and that you can be friends first, so no heavy pressure.  Men are naturally attracted to happy women who make them feel welcomed to the conversation.  No shields are up…you’re just having fun.  Positivity is magnetic!

3. Look him in the eye and be fearless.

Eye contact is probably the best aphrodisiac for a person that doesn’t involve, you know, ingesting blowfish or something.  We are hardwired to respond to people who look us in the eye, creating a strong intimate connection.  A lot of women will make the mistake of nervously looking away as soon as she notices a guy checking her out.  Maybe she expects the man to come find her and maybe he will.  But a magnetic woman who attracts men to her will enjoy making eye contact, and enjoy the feeling of intimacy she creates with a man with just one look.  This makes men want her—lots of men—and it’s a feeling the empowered woman loves.

For the best results, “look up” at the man (chin down, eyes upward) and give him a feeling of power, of towering over you.  This subtle psychological trick works wonders.  If you get to feeling too nervous avoid his eyes and but look into the space in between his eyes and it will still look like you’re making intense eye contact.

4. Be positive, fun and STOP making this a job interview.

When it comes to conversation, the most popular women are always the ones that stay positive.  They’re funny, fun, and talk about generally upbeat things.  Think of how many women immediately turn men off by talking about dreary things, stressful topics, or even by criticizing others.  Men may “stick around” but they are already forming impressions of a woman who focuses on the negative.

Another negative in dating conversation is asking what the man does.  Unless you’re dating a billionaire who loves boring people with daily business details (you should hear Warren Buffet drone on about economy!), the man is probably not going to love talking about his career.  He’s especially allergic to a woman asking him what he “does” or where he works, etc.  It immediately tells him you’re sizing him up, you’re giving him the old job interview, where he has to prove how worthy he is of your attention.

Again, starting the relationship out competively…stressfully.

Instead, focus on having a good conversation.  Listen to what he’s saying and respond to that.  Let him SHOW you who he is, by his wit, his resonating mind and his knowledge.

Just trying these four steps will get you more attention.  You know the basics: look good always, be confident and poised…but if you want to be a magnet, just adopt these four behavior adjustments.  Let him feel like a man by being a welcoming and friendly feminine presence.

Look him in the eyes, smile, and welcome him to a conversation subliminally.  Guys love it when a woman waves them in…remember, they are responding to the magnetic force.  And that’s you.

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