How to Make a Guy Sexually Addicted to You (6 Steps That Always Work)

How to Make a Guy Sexually Addicted to You (6 Steps That Always Work)

So you finally relented and gave the guy you really like what he wants most—sex!

Great…now that it’s over and he got what he wanted, hopefully, he’ll stick around, fall in love, and you’ll both end up a perfect love story like Brangelina. Right?

Er…bad example.

Wait a minute! That didn’t happen…in fact, he seems weird and distant now. Almost disappointed. You handled the flirting, seduction and romance thing perfectly…but when it came time for sex, you just couldn’t give him his perfect fantasy.

Well let’s go back in time a little bit and see if we can’t fix this risky situation with some strategy and advance planning…


How to Make a Man Addicted to You Sexually

Okay so you know you’re ready to be intimate with him. What do you do to make sure he becomes “addicted” to your love?


Step 1: Do your kinky research.

Let’s be honest, most guys aren’t too shy about revealing their sexual quirks and even if he’s not inclined to confess right away, you can get a fantasy out of him in no time.

If he likes lingerie, indulge his eyes. If he likes dirty talking, shock him and turn his face red with some great “borrowed” lines from sexy movies or books.

Think a little bit more about what he fantasizes about, with you, and give him that fantasy. It’s a lot more enjoyable than just waiting for him to chow down.


Step 2: Be a little bit more aggressive.

Most women are too shy when it comes to the bedroom, which is why guys frequently confess their hottest fantasies involve women who take charge. The most common fantasies for men are always aggressive women; porn stars, out-of-control cougars, nymphos “seducing” him at work, and so on.

Instead of doing missionary and partying like it’s the year 1799, opt for a woman-on-top position and show him how mad your passion can be. Unpredictability and variety is what casinos use to create addiction in gambling…

It’s the same principle here except that you creating something new in sex.


Step 3: Always want more.

Very few men are going to complain if their wife/girlfriend “always wants sex.” In fact, most men complain that their partners seem to lose interest in sex after a few years pass. Maybe the guy likes indulging in steamy and forbidden fantasies…and yet his partner seems satisfied with the usual routine.

Here’s the ugly truth. A lot of your girlfriends today will tell you that it’s a man’s job to properly romance and arouse the woman, to get her interested in sex again. And sure, that’s a great feminist message and all.

But it’s not going to make him sexually addicted to you, is it?

If you want a man to become your sex slave, like putty in your hands, then you must butter up his ego and give him the red-hot sex life he craves. Find out what turns him on and give it to him, always seeking his pleasure. Give him the quantity and quality he yearns for, and do it better than anyone else he’s ever had.

If he’s a decent guy, trust me, he will reciprocate that attention and ensure you get your pleasure too.

What is not a good idea is to wait around, go days or weeks without sex, and figure everything’s okay because hubby / boyfriend hasn’t complained. Wrong…he’s already grumpy about it, I guarantee you.

Hey, I tell you this. Controlling a man is remarkably easy. Identify his needs. Fulfill those needs. Do it so well that he feels like he owes you one. In fact, study the “competition” (other women he likes) and give him what they “got” even better than they could. He will worship the ground you walk on!


Step 4: Torture him with longer…much longer…sessions.

Guys might never ask you to extend foreplay. In our culture, foreplay seems to be associated with men giving women their “due”, and slowing down the journey to orgasm. So because of ego, social constructs, weird guy issues and yada yada…they might never even think of this simple idea.

Make it longer.

Be aggressive and slow down the foreplay without asking for permission. Sexually torture him by teasing him longer and “edging” him towards orgasm…but then drop off in intensity. Now start again, doing something else that makes him melt with desire.

Men are usually very sensitive around their neck, ears, thighs and belly. Vary the tension and pressure of your touch or kiss. Watch his face and body to see how he reacts to you and then respond with more intense foreplay.

Just when he can’t take it anymore, that’s when you go for the genitals and give him a finish he will be raving about for days. In fact, he’ll be so eager to finish he may literally beg you. And that’s always a sign you’ve done it right!


Step 5: Don’t fall into the jealousy trap.

Lastly, don’t be intimidated by a man’s interest in other women. It’s bound to happen, and it may be a little unpleasant to think of your guy checking someone else out. But it’s human nature to look. What a truly amazing woman does is let her man feel the freedom to look and be himself. If you were always attracted to his sexual confidence and virility, then why would you suddenly try to limit or suppress it?

After all…just because he looks doesn’t mean he’s going to cheat.

And just because you listen to his kinkiest fantasies (and maybe roleplay occasionally) doesn’t mean he’s bored or doesn’t respect you. It simply means you want him to be more sexually adventurous and to pass some of that taboo erotic energy he feels onto you!

Have fun with each other and develop a relationship that has “no filter”. Great sex all starts with intimate communication, the kind where nothing is ever censored or held back because of embarrassment. Use your feelings and taboo fantasies to make your sex life twice as hot!


Step 6: Talk about everything…negotiate and find a menu of activities you can both enjoy.

Many couples today make the mistake of not talking about forbidden sexual practices and thus miss out on the fun of intimate conversation.

When you create a sexual bucket list with your guy, these are not “must try activities.” Rather they are just ideas…just fodder for some sexy conversation. Determining each other’s “hard limits” is just a part of the negotiating process. You both have the option of saying yes, no, or maybe. That’s the fun part, talking it over, laughing, blushing, and negotiating.

And who knows…maybe you’ll be surprised to find that you both answered “maybe” to one of your forbidden kinks!

This is the type of woman a man loves and can easily become sexually addicted to—a woman who matches him in the bedroom in terms of imagination and daring.

Sex isn’t something you tolerate or “give him” as a reward. It’s something you both enjoy because you NEED that intimacy with each other. You have needs just like he does. And the more great sex you have, the more you discover you need a regular supply of this lovely natural drug.

Fortunately, there’s no need for rehab with this kind of addiction. Keep those love chemicals flowing and make some more love instead of war.


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20 thoughts on “How to Make a Guy Sexually Addicted to You (6 Steps That Always Work)”

  1. I’m the one that wants it all the time. I’m the one who wants to know and give him his wildest fantasies, yet he says he has none. I even offered, as a last ditch effort to try to arouse him into wanting more, or At the very least being able to get somewhere near his “crotchal region,” I made a standing offer of no strings, no reciprocation BJ’s any time he wants, any place, any amount. In 2 years since that offer has been on the table, He’s taken me up on it MAYBE 5 times. Not to sound like Im bragging, but it’s not because I don’t know what I’m doing either, I’ve been told by at least 3 men & my husband also that I gave them the best head of their lives, and that was BEFORE I mastered my gag reflex! Sometimes he makes me feel like the guy, I HATE even saying that, I love and prefer to stay solely in feminine energy. I believe wholeheartedly in old school relationship dynamics, I know that isn’t a popular opinion these days, but it’s what works the best! The proof is in the divorce rates between days gone by and now! I just don’t know what else to do…..

    1. I completely understand where you are coming from. I’ve been told my bj’s are magical, can’t get it enough, etc but this guy I can’t seem to keep him interested. I am a pleaser so this is driving me nuts. I asked what he wants different – his reply was just not ready to do that. ☹

    2. Whoa. I feel how hard it must be for you. I think he needs to find his raw masculine energy and take charge… but it can’t be because you ask him. You need to find a way to make him own you lol.

    3. Kimberleigh Williams

      “I even offered, as a last ditch effort to try to arouse him into wanting more, or At the very least being able to get somewhere near his “crotchal region,” I made a standing offer of no strings, no reciprocation BJ’s any time he wants, any place, any amount. In 2 years since that offer has been on the table, He’s taken me up on it MAYBE 5 times.”

      Oh sweetheart, that’s exactly where you went wrong. When you come across as desperate and low value, men lose interest in you because they think if they can get you to be that desperate, maybe you’re not the one for them and they can find even better. Had you been less easy to get and exhibiting no value or self-esteem, he would have been pursuing you like a hunter, and masculine men need that in order to sustain sexual attraction.

      I know it’s been 2 years since you posted this. I can only hope that you learned a better way of approaching your relationship since then and things have turned around for you.

      With love… ❤️

    4. I wore those shoes for 20 years and tried everything to make things better. Then I found out he had been cheating the entire time. Made sense.

  2. What actually does it mean when a guy you are living with lashes out and tells you to fuck off? We were laughing and joking around before he said that. And when I went to give him a hug and kiss is when he told me that.

  3. Anita and Tia,
    I know how you feel. I’ve known him for two years now and we had an “afternoon delight” when he came over late in the afternoon and it was great! Then months went by and I went to his work with lunch and we talked for hours before he said,”are we going to do this?” Again, I thought things were good, but he confessed he’d taken pulls to help and they were wearing off, do there was a bit of a slow start. Then months went by again. He was in a bad situation, so I let him move into my basement and he asked if we could still have sex. But, once living here… nothing was happening! Once I gave him a BJ while he was watching tv. Then months later, he was in my room helping me with something and laid on my bed. Suddenly we were having amazing sex and he said he thinks he came several times. Then nothing again. One night he got frisky on the couch, carried me to my room, and I thought it was going great until he said he couldn’t cum. I tried to help, but he gave up. Then much later during a fight he said having sex was a mistake. I said at our age things happen and it wasn’t a big deal for me. Now, three months later he can move out and he texted that maybe we should “celebrate” his move with sex. After that I got two texts saying “oops!” I asked if he had sent the text to the wrong person, or what, and he said he didn’t know what I was talking about. I am always in the mood now, and after being a widow for five years, don’t want to be on hold all the time. I don’t know how to talk to him about what happened. I know his smoking and bad eating habits affect his ability, but can’t bring that up.

  4. You really don’t get feminism. No, thinking it’s a man’s job to sexually arouse a woman is not a feminist message at all. It would be far more professional to study feminist literature a bit and come from an informed position rather than bash feminism based on what a few women say they think it is.

  5. I have a friend I work with. We have been flirting for months, since we have both came out of long term relationship s. After a few weeks of flirting, he confessed, he wasn’t ready to get back into a relationship and was just looking for FWB. I told him I was looking for more. The flirting has continued and gotten VERY sexual, but nothing has happened over 4 months but ideeper friendship and increased sexual tension. I finally asked him to stop teasing me and he asked me to come over. I told him I don’t do casual sex and he said he’s just looking for sex right now. We are already friends, and we talk every day, about more than sex but we don’t hang out. I have since stopped flirting with him, but I can’t stop thinking about him. I really want him, but I’m afraid I will just want more from him than he can give or because we already are friends, can this turn into a thing?

  6. I think the guy Im seeing is bisexual…i don’t know how to keep it interesting if all he thinks of is penises..I’m at a loss

  7. Does this work with males who are older and isn’t open about there sexuality? How do you get him comfortable with me and open?

  8. My man is just not interested in sex or me , he’s great around the house and a good provider but nothing else . It’s like he treats me as his sister ? Loves me and I love him ? We have only been together for a year and he wasn’t like that in the beginning

  9. Try something new and exciting together like taking naked photos together. My husband got rock hard taking thos photos of me, I felt like there was a spark. We have been married for 23 years.

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