How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You

How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You

Everyone said that dating “The Twins” was double the fun, but it also came with double the trouble. The Gemini man is ruled by Mercury—the planet of socializing, speed, and trickery—making him popular, witty, and hard to pin down. But you managed to earn his flighty attention once, can you do it again?

If you squeezed too hard on your Gemini man, you probably discovered he needs his freedom to roam and explore. He may have asked for space, which you gave him, but are now hurt and confused. You’re wondering, “Does he still think about me?” You want reassurance, but to guarantee he will come back, you may have to let him go. 

It’s not just the amount of time you give him, it’s also how you use it for yourself. If you want to know how to win a guy back or how to make him miss you after a fight, you need to feel confident that you are someone worth coming back to. While it may seem counterintuitive, you need to invest in yourself more than him. Utilize this break to reinvigorate your love for yourself.


Stay Kind and Give Space

After a fight, take him up on the suggestion for space or a break or whatever you want to call it. Your heart will want to talk to him, to know what he’s doing and work it out now, but let him take that space. Instead of picturing yourself in limbo, suspended in time waiting for him, imagine you’re the one that needs the break. Be kind, be the bigger person when he reaches out and agree that taking space is actually good for both of you. If mutual friends try to poke and prod, seeing if you’re really okay with this, say you are. 

This is your chance to practice self-love. Take that yoga class,or  get brunch with friends at that new restaurant he never seemed interested in. Be kind when speaking of him, but more importantly, be kind to yourself. Meditate, talk to your therapist, and re-establish your sense of self-worth and love.


Take a Break from Social Media

Studies show a strong link between excessive social media usage and its negative impacts on mental health. When you’re already feeling anxious and want to know who he’s with and where he is, social media is not the answer. Feel free to post a photo or two during your break that highlights the fun things you’re doing (social events, new experiences) but aside from that, stay away from the digital world. It’s easy to slip down the rabbithole and think you’re just going to watch his story once, then before you know it, you’ve been scrolling for three hours and looking at his ex-girlfriend-from-college’s page, and your mind is spinning. The next time you find yourself tempted, text your friend to go out. Go for a walk or sign up for a rock-climbing class. Busy hands mean a busy mind, and you’ll find these activities far more rewarding than worrying about him all night.


Prioritize Yourself

Now that you’re taking active steps to avoid smothering him, you may have found that while you miss him, you’re happier. Your life feels a little fuller again: you’re making an effort to try new things, eating better, becoming more active again. You’re rediscovering who you were before the relationship and maybe even seeing another side of you you haven’t met before.

This break isn’t about him. When you center yourself in your own life, you start attracting other independent, strong, and secure people. If you learn you don’t need him to feel whole and confident, that quality alone is attractive to the right people. Your Gemini man will see you are like him: social, curious, and independent. He will wonder what you’ve been up to this entire time, and maybe, by the time the break is over, you’ll find he’s either exactly what you want, or you’ll have found someone else who aligns with this higher version of yourself.

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