How to Win a Guy Back.

How to Win a Guy Back

No one ever enters into a relationship with the intention of breaking up. This is why I can fully empathize with women who have unfortunately lost a good guy for one reason or another. The first question most women ask is, “How do I make him miss me and want me back?”

It could be that you ended the relationship, only to realize later that it wasn’t the right decision. On the other hand, it could be that he was the one who called it off, and now all you want is for him to realize that his decision was a big mistake. It’s probably no surprise that a woman may have some sleepless nights trying to figure out how to make a Gemini man miss her. These things do indeed happen. 

Regardless of what led to the breakup, the point remains that you want your man back and are willing to put your issues on the back burner to make things right again. If you are in this position, there are some effective methods regarding what makes a man miss a woman after a breakup. However, this advice is not based on games or tricks that will help you achieve your desired outcome–these are proven strategies that you can use to restore their relationship. 


Ideas for Winning Him Back

Before we get into these strategies, it’s fair to ask if he left the relationship for another woman. If so, I would strongly suggest that you sit down and evaluate whether it is worth even trying to get a man back who cheated on you. It might be better to let him go and find someone else. You deserve a partner who will value you, appreciate you, and not breach your trust by cheating with someone else; this is certainly something you should think long and hard about before trying to win back this man.


Reevaluate the Kind of Relationship You Had With Him

Losing a guy you loved can be incredibly painful. However, when such a traumatic event happens in your life, you need to take a step back and reflect on your relationship. Look at the flaws, the kind of arguments you had, his behaviors you didn’t like, and what role you might have played in the break up. 

If you want to get him back, you need to have a realistic perspective on some of these issues. This is the only way you can determine whether or not you want to salvage your relationship—if there is even a chance of this happening.


Take Some Time Apart

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If it happens that he was the one who initiated the breakup, then it could be that he just needed some time away to come to his senses and realize how great you are. No matter how hard it may be, keep some distance and adhere to the no-contact rule. Once he starts missing you, he will reach out. From there, you can begin to work things out.


Compromise Is the Name Of The Game

Just as happens in life in general, there has to be some level of compromise when it comes to relationships—especially when trying to get a guy back. You have to look at the situation from the perspective of the breakup and what ruined your relationship, so you know what needs to be fixed and what issues require some form of compromise. 

The key is knowing your limits. For instance, if he says you were smothering him, you could tell him that you are willing to give him more space. These types of issues can be resolved and should not be an excuse for him to go seek solace with other women.


Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Trying To Make Him Jealous

Instead of focusing on making him jealous, use that energy to evaluate yourself. If he sees that you can be happy alone, he will become nervous that he may lose you forever or want to share in your happiness. Trying to make him jealous could have the opposite effect and push him away even further.

Getting a guy back is never easy, but it’s not impossible. It is something that women have been doing since the beginning of time, so don’t lose hope–you just need to be realistic and know exactly how to go about it.

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