When Will I Get a Boyfriend Quiz

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the question of, “Should I be single?” Many people seem to think being in a relationship is a magic cure-all for the stress and anxiety we face in life. It’s actually very much the opposite! If you’re always stressed out when you’re single, you’re going to be stressed out when you have a boyfriend too. Maybe even more than if you’re single!

The key is to find happiness within yourself first and then think about whether you want a boyfriend that will appreciate you and that you can share love with. But no wise person has ever said, “Just get married and you’ll live happily ever after!” Happiness is a state of mind.

This is important to consider when considering a timeframe for getting a boyfriend. It’s easy to hook up, it’s easy to talk to a person. But connecting is NOT easy and more has to happen before you make a love connection.

The real question is, would you be happier with an exclusive boyfriend than just playing the field and dating a variety of guys? There are advantages to being single, for sure. But there are many blessings that come from a committed relationship, including intimacy, physical and emotional, trust, conversation and sharing life together.

If you’re stumped on whether or not you’re ready to commit, then answer this quiz before making your next life-changing decision. At the end, we’ll tell you “when” your time to have a new boyfriend (a serious boyfriend!) will come.

1. How do you feel when you think about seriously dating someone?
A: I know in my heart I’m ready because I want to experience love and passion!
B: I dread it, honestly. It’s too much damned trouble!
C: I am open to the idea of caring about someone and trying again.
D: I am very interested in finding the Right One. So much that I’m asking the advice of my parents, family and people who know me well.

2. How ready do you think you are for emotional intimacy with a person?
A: I know I’m ready because I’m always miserable when I’m alone!
B: As long as they make me laugh, it’s all good.
C: I have been hurt before. But I’m not going to let that old relationship affect my new friendships.
D: I can’t be emotionally intimate with anyone unless I respect him.

3. When do you usually want to have sex with a guy?
A: You know as soon as you meet him and as soon as the timing is right.
B: When he spends a lot of money on me, no cheap dates!
C: You’ll know when that moment comes.
D: NEVER…until he falls for you first.

4. What is the most important part of a committed relationship?
A: Finding a man that has great potential, not just good potential.
B: Full disclosure, he should be there for you 24-7 and no keeping secrets!
C: Choosing the BEST man, not just the hottest boy.
D: Maintaining your independence and let him have his.

5. What lessons have you learned from your past relationships?
A: This will be my first!
B: That some men are pigs and sneaks!
C: All my previous relationships were just sexual. This time I want something real.
D: I learned a lot about myself…what I want and don’t want. I’ll make better choices this time.

Point System:

Assign the value of 1 to A, 2 to B, 3 to C, and 4 to D. If you have a low score (approximately five to ten), read Answer 1. If you have an answer closer to twenty, read Answer 2.

Answer 1: You certainly have love to give and have passion for life. Those are good qualities to have, but be careful about trusting men too early on. Remember that a relationship will never complete you. You must be independent and happy first, before seeking a boyfriend, as if he’s going to save you. He can’t save you and you can’t save him. All you can do is love each other, forgive each other and learn to live with each other. If you’re young, don’t rush into love too soon…that’s how hearts get broken. Take the time to develop your own identity and wait for someone truly special who deserves you.

It may take several months or even years for you to meet the right one. While it’s always easy to meet a man and start a friendship, (or sexual relationship) these affairs tend to fizzle out within a few weeks. Just remember, someone who loves you for the person you are is always worth waiting for. Plan to date someone for a longer period of time, not rushing things, and making it clear to him that you’re just after sex. Dating you requires a lot of attention from only the best caliber of man!

Answer 2: You were careful not to let your emotions run wild with you, which is unfortunately what does happen a lot in relationships. You are more interested in learning to love someone the right way and making sure you avoid making the same mistakes you’ve made before, or maybe that other friends of yours have made. You also realize that intimacy, especially emotional intimacy, is not something you can rush. It takes time getting to know the person. You understand that sex is not a bargaining chip. He will never respect you unless he gets to know you before sex happens. Finally, you understand that independence is one of the most important qualities in a successful relationship. You will make better choices in choosing a boyfriend once you realize what you want and don’t want from a man. Let your wisdom guide you, not just your heart!

You will be ready to find a serious boyfriend by the end of the year if you’re reaching out to singles in your community.

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