Discover if he really misses you during no contact! How to Make Him Miss You

How to Know He Misses You During No Contact

Ladies, I hear you. Following the no-contact rule is challenging. On one end, you are balancing the weight of the breakup, your heartbreak, and the immense love you still carry for your ex. On the other end, you’re facing the agony of cutting your ex off completely in hopes he will come back to you.

It’s stressful, I know–I’ve had women reach out to me in a panicked frenzy, asking what he must be thinking after two weeks of no contact. I always respond in the same way: it is subjective. As much as I would like to tell you that the no-contact rule makes every man come back, I can’t. Like relationships, people are unique. 

While there are signs no contact is not working, it’s worth keeping in mind that there are no fixed responses men share when it comes to the no-contact rule. Some crack immediately, others take time to come back, and some move on. I want you to remember that there’s more to the no-contact rule than getting your ex back–by cutting your ex off, you give yourself a chance to heal and grow on your own. 

While absence can make the heart grow fonder for both parties, most women come to realize that they will be okay, whether or not their ex comes back. Treat the silence as an opportunity to focus on yourself outside of your relationship and explore new hobbies. This is a time to find confidence in who you are and recognize the value you bring to the table.

Of course, it’s hard to not wonder what your partner is thinking and feeling during this period. So, let’s look at how you can tell if your man is missing you during no contact:

He’s Asking About you

While he might not be reaching out to you directly, if the word is going around that he’s asking about you, chances are that he can’t stop thinking about you.


He Isn’t Dating 

If you’re getting the inside scoop that he’s not dating anyone new, chances are that he’s not quite ready to move on from you. This is not a complete guarantee that he misses you, but it’s a good sign! 


He Puts on a Show Around You

This is a very specific instance, but let’s say you’re at the same bar as him. If he’s putting on a flirtatious show with women around him, he’s likely doing it to catch your attention. 

Why wouldn’t he just come up and talk to you? Like I said, people are unique–some will speak to you, while others will choose to take the old jealousy route. 


He’s Leaving Hints on Your Social Platforms

He doesn’t have to reach out to you directly to show he’s missing you. Sometimes, the subtle hint of a like, comment, or story reaction on your social media posts can mean he’s thinking about you. 


He Reaches Out

The biggest telltale sign a man misses you during no contact is if he breaks the ice by reaching out to you directly. He might come out and say he misses you, or he might look for any excuse to start a conversation. 

Of course, if you’re ready to learn more about yourself and how you can feel more empowered in the world of dating, the professionals at Commitment Connection are ready to help. It’s time to step into the power of who you really are and what you bring to the table!

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