Get a Country Guy to Like You

How to Get a Country Guy to Like You

There’s a reason every Hallmark rom-com has a big-city girl falling for the small-town country boy. It’s the perfect formula—a woman who knows how to take initiative finally meets her match in a wholesome, yet assertive country boy. Maybe you’re tired of the hustle mentality of men in the city, or maybe you’re also a girl-next-door looking for a country sweetheart. 

When you have it all (like those Hallmark protagonists), it seems like love always comes last. How do you get a boyfriend when you’ve invested all your time in your career and friends? It’s tiring to figure out how to get the artist to notice you, how to get a Cancer guy to like you, or how to dress to get a boyfriend. You want something wholesome and down to earth. You crave authenticity. To get a country guy to like you, you need to get back in touch with your roots and who you are. 


How to Capture His Heart

Find Your Authentic Self

Authenticity is arguably the most endearing quality we think of when we think “country.” We imagine people who aren’t afraid to care about one another—people who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

When talking to your small-town boy, you don’t need to impress him with your alma mater or your philanthropy. Talk from your heart. Why do you do the things you do? What motivates you? Do some soul-searching–was it your second grade teacher who inspired you to write? Was it being told, “No, you can’t play with us,” by the boys on the schoolyard? Was it a moving children’s book you read?

Find out who you are and what drives you. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share your tender side.


Lighten Up

An open heart comes with a belly full of laughs. No one, especially a country boy, likes being around someone who takes themselves too seriously. When we feel embarrassed and our knee-jerk reaction is self-deprecation, it’s a sign of insecurity.

When you spill something on your top during a date, do you wish you could crawl in a hole, or do you laugh it off? If it’s harder for you to laugh off the small stuff, you need to build up your confidence. It’s okay to not be perfect; when we fall in love, it’s usually someone’s imperfections we fall for.


Enjoy the Ride

Let your cowboy take the reins! If you want a stand-up man with respectful values, you need to allow him space to take the lead. You don’t need to be a doormat or a submissive wallflower, but your love life isn’t the boardroom. You don’t always need to push and plan to make things happen.

A country man who sees your worth will want the opportunity to step up and show you his, but if you are always pushing or initiating, it doesn’t give him room to show you his efforts or intentions. Sit back and relax, boss. Your relationship isn’t something you should micromanage. Enjoy life with a partner who takes the lead so you can truly enjoy his company.


Final Thoughts

When falling for a man with country vibes, you have to fall in love with both the heart and the heartland. Someone who is authentic and genuine is seeking a connection with the same. Love yourself, laugh off the small stuff, and give yourself a break to live like a true rom-com protagonist.

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