6 Phrases More Important Than “I Love You”

More important than “I love you”? How’s that possible, since “Love” is the most advanced word in a couple’s relationship? You work on a guy for months just to get him to say the forbidden word! Is there any word more important than Love?

Love is like oxygen, it’s a many splendored thing. Doesn’t love lift us up where we belong? Isn’t love all you need? Moulin Rouge knew the power of the word “love” and who can forget the way Ewan McGregor charmed Nicole Kidman in that very romantic and visually assaulting flick?

How can there be any phrase more important than love?

Well, think of it this way…

“I love you…but I cheated on you again.”
“I love you…but I just don’t care what happened to you today.”
“I love you…but I really hate your family.”
“I love you…but I don’t really want to buy you gifts anymore.”

Now after these sentiments doesn’t the word “love” kind of lose its luster? Of course! The man is all but draining “I love you” of all its worth by insulting his partner with the next statement.

This just proves that “I love you” is much more powerful when ACTION accompanies the words.

That’s why the following six phrases are even more important to say than “I love you” – because they all imply action in addition to sentiment. They are about feelings and about the motivation to DO, not just to say.

1. “I forgive you.”

The real test of love is in forgiveness. It’s relatively easy to love someone when things are going well. Somewhat challenging to love when things are going wrong. But difficult to love someone when they disappoint you. This is the real test of love. Saying “I forgive you” is a powerful statement. It says that he forgives you (or that you forgive him) for all the things that have happened or may happen in the future.

He is able to forgive you if you lash out and say something in the heat of emotion. He forgives you even for the times when you don’t know you hurt his feelings. He forgives mistakes, big and small because he knows your heart is in the right place. He forgives you just as he hopes you might forgive him.

2. “I will stand by your side.”

Vowing support for your partner means the world, particularly if you’re undertaking a major project. It’s hard for you to succeed in your goals if it feels like the world is against you…as well as your husband! Knowing that he supports you, that you can rely on him, and that he believes in your character, will always be great motivation for you to press on.

The same is true of you standing by him, even in his darkest hour, always loyal to him. You agree to back him physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. You’re not just hoping he succeeds or generally accepting of his aims. You help him in whatever way you can to make his dream a reality!

3. “Don’t worry, I won’t let that happen.”

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a man who vows to protect you against all odds. He’s not only capable of protecting but is determined to provide security. Whether he means physically or emotionally, he’s motivated to protect you from harm, from pain, from disappointment and hurt feelings. He’s as much protecting you from others as he is the worst aspects of himself. He treasures you, not as something he “owns” but as someone he’s vowed to protect. He will not only protect you from harm but will also make sure that everyone treats you with the same respect he does. This bond of trust means even more than a promise of love.

4. “Everything I have is yours.”

This is what you might call a loaded statement because it implies that your man loves you enough to sacrifice for you. Whatever he once “owned” is also now yours. Whatever his treasures are, he wants to share them with you. He’s not just offering you his surplus but is willing to sacrifice for you. His possessions, his time, his entire life. This spirit of self-sacrifice is what “weathers” a marriage to last a lifetime. In return, you sacrifice some of your comforts for him. Love isn’t always about getting what you deserve. Sometimes it really is about giving someone what they need to keep going.

5. “I respect you as a strong woman…my equal.”

He may just say “I respect you”, or hopefully he’ll go into even more detail as to why he respects you as a person. This is a wonderful thing to say and to hear.

We live in a time where “respect” has lost so much meaning. Men say they respect women because it seems like they have to, like they’re being pressured to do so. Or they just “respect” them enough to get them into bed. So when a man actually does respect you and enjoys telling you WHY he respects you, as an equal, as someone as strong-minded as he is, it really makes you kind of teary-eyed. You want to be respected, not just for your beauty but for your character, your achievements, your inner self. A man that gives you that respect is truly a man worth holding onto. Giving him back that respect and letting him know why will soothe his soul just the same way.

6. “I’ll never leave you.”

Of course, this is deep down what many of us would like to hear, even though we avoid saying anything implying desperate need. But a man that senses how you feel and can calm your fears by expressing his firm commitment to this relationship is a remarkable man. To him, you are his future and he can’t imagine living without you by his side. This is love…but a much more profound statement. He is telling you that you are the love of his life…that he wants no one else but you to spend the rest of his days.

Now that’s romantic! Love followed by action!

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