6 Cute Good Morning Messages

What ARE you supposed to say – after that one special night when you and your crush (your future boyfriend!) finally decide to spend the night together? It’s definitely a conversation that can be awkward…unless, of course, you put some thought into it beforehand.

Elsewhere on this blog, I’ve discussed good morning romantic messages – messages for lovers who are already emotionally invested in each other. And generally speaking, you both SHOULD be emotionally invested before sex happens. As we’ve often discussed, sleeping with a man too soon sends him mixed signals and very often pushes him away.

That’s why we’re going to discuss some “cute” or “low-key” ways to respond via text message or email after you take the relationship to the next level. You DO want to impart feeling, passion and some emotion into the message. Sex changes things. Sex is usually a positive thing and he is MORE inclined to honestly communicate after sex.

At the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm him with clingy or needy behavior and that can happen sometimes, because sex is such an intense experience. When emotions run high sometimes we say things that we feel, but don’t actually think out logically.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to just “take it back” after you say something emotive that you really didn’t mean. That’s why for this blog, we’re going to discuss some cute “good morning” messages that are in between casual friendly and sweepingly romantic. As in, you both feel an attraction and maybe you’ve already slept together, but you still want to take things slow.

More to the point, you want HIM to take the lead in romance rather than you pushing him to do it. Here’s the secret in one sentence: “stay the same, don’t change.” You know what’s worked for you already, in dating him and getting his attention. So when it’s time to compose a cute good morning post after a night of romance / intimacy, carry the same casual-cool feeling but with just a hint of romance. Here are six ideas on how to write that all important message.

1. “Good morning, sexy. Boy, am I tired this morning! I was working on an all night intensive project. (Smile)”

Teasing him in a playful manner might be a better idea, at least in the beginning. He may not be sure what to think of the relationship right now. So the last thing you want to do is push him or try to force him feel something. Focus on simple emotion: you both liked what happened last night and it’s a positive thing. Keep things fun.

2. “Good morning. It’s time to open your darling eyes and smile at the world. Opportunity awaits you. If you can face the world with the same charm and exuberance as you’ve shown me, you’re sure to find peace and joy in your life.”

Nice quote, because it wakes him up with a positive and supportive message, making him feel good. Doubly effective because it’s not locking him into a commitment. He’s sure to find happiness wherever he wants to find it. You’re letting him feel free while also letting him associate positive feelings with your company.

3. “Good morning. Remember: You’re great at what you do. Focus and achieve. You’re going to go to work today and kick some butt. I know it!”

Avoid too much talk of feelings and instead show him that you believe in him, as a friend, and as an equal. Men love to know that a woman really sees their good qualities and has faith that he can accomplish his goals. Very cheerful way of saying it too, which will allow the guy to relax.

4. “Do you believe in fairy tales? Maybe we’re not prince and princess though. Maybe I’m the Evil Queen and you’re the adorable funny sidekick. Have a good morning, ___.”

Alleviate his anxiety with a little good humor, letting him know that he’s not required to do anything. It’s much better that he direct the relationship, namely, he decides when he’s seriously interested. (But by now of course you know that he is!) I personally like this approach because you’re still developing your friendship and intimacy, but without making the post-sex conversation too heady. Remember, there’s nothing for you both to figure out…it’s up to him to figure out that he’s in love with you.

5. “Most girls will like you for your looks and charm. A few will like you for who you are. But you know what I like about you? You bring the best out in others. I like who I am with you. I like how you make the world a better place. Have a great morning.”

This is a strong statement and yet one that doesn’t commit to anything – except making him feel good about himself. And he’s quickly learning to associate you with only positive memories and good feelings. You’re also “qualifying” yourself as someone a step above the others, since you can see his best qualities that other women may neglect. A very persuasive technique and yet one that only encourages him to chase you, for his own pleasure.

6. “Morning! You asked me the other day, why do I always seem so confident? The answer is….because I learned a long time ago to love myself. I sleep with myself every night. I wake up with myself every morning. And I work hard to make a better life for myself. So the least I can do is love myself. Why are we even live, if not to be good to ourselves and the people we love?”

What I like about this message is not only how positive it is and how it paints you as a very high-value woman, but also the conversation starter. You focused on a previous conversation you had. Before, you didn’t have an answer for him. Now you do. Why? Because being intimate with him helped you figure things out. It built more trust. Now, you feel motivated to share deeper thoughts. Basically, he EARNED more honesty and emotion from you. He will soon realize, the harder he works to please you, the more you come to life and become his ideal partner.

Customize these messages and get a good conversation started after the fact. No need to make things “weird”…just continue on, making things fun and taking in the positives in your lives.

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