Can a Guy Like You and Not Talk to You?

Can a Guy Like You and Not Talk to You?

Whether it’s the cute new guy in the office or the mysterious regular at your favorite coffee shop, it can be intimidating to approach someone you’re attracted to. Does that feeling go both ways? Is it possible the guy who has caught your eye is also waiting for the right moment to approach you? 

It can be difficult to know how to attract a boyfriend, and it can be even harder to know how to get a long-distance guy to like you. That said, a guy who may not be in your regular social circle can still like you. So, how do you get him to feel a little closer?

Even if the apple of your eye is hard to approach, there are ways to break that tension. Maybe he’s closed off, a bit guarded, maybe he’s a Cancer—it’s not easy to figure out how to get a Cancer guy to like you. Men are people just like the rest of us, but if you want to really attract a man, you need to put the ball in his court without taking the lead.


How to Break the Ice With Your Crush

Open Invitation

When there’s already a sense of distance between you two, you won’t really know what he’s thinking without some contact. Whether he’s shy or you’re intimidatingly gorgeous, he needs to know you are open to being approached.

Luckily, more and more men are aware of the dangers women face every day. More men are making sure their actions are respectful and desired, but not all men know when their contact is wanted. Catching his eye, smiling, and initiating a little small talk is a good way to open the door.

You don’t need to ask him out. You can make a little joke about the copier being from the prehistoric era, or recommend a pain au chocolat with his cup of joe. Open the door, but don’t feel the pressure to drag him in. Let him initiate further contact if he’s interested. Once you’ve opened the channels of communication, he’ll know you don’t see him as a creep and that if he wants to get to know you better, he can continue the conversation.


Let Him Take the Lead

If he’s interested, you will know. He will make an effort to speak with you again or get your number. Now, the ball is in his court.

When you push and pursue, you don’t give him a chance to express his interest or, unfortunately, sometimes the lack thereof. This can be a blessing in disguise—it allows you to save face and conserve your energy for the right man who is eager to step up when given the chance. When a man who knows what he wants is given an opportunity, he makes his intentions very clear.


Embrace Your Confidence

Remember, you are a catch. You work hard, you’re interesting, you’re successful, and you’re beautiful. You make it through your worst days, and you deserve a love that matches your energy and embraces you wholly. When you carry yourself with confidence, others can feel that energy.

What is more attractive to a determined, high-value man than a woman who exudes confidence? He will recognize you as a complementary equal and if he’s interested, once he sees you’re open to it, he’ll take the initiative.



The best way to start a spark between you and a potential flame is to trust yourself and let him lead, but it can take time to feel secure in your dating approach. Luckily, Commitment Connection is focused on empowering women so they can recognize their worth and feel confident in finding their perfect match. Isn’t it time you embraced loving yourself and found true love?

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