How to French Kiss Like a Pro

The French kiss is one of the most vigorous challenges of the makeout session—not because it’s difficult to do, but because it’s difficult to do well. Or shall we say, “like a pro”. Deep down, every man fantasizes about being with an experienced woman who can show him new things and tantalize his mind in a way an “innocent” lover can’t.

Now that doesn’t mean he’s only looking for a sexy vixen. In most cases, men are aware that women who push boundaries, play mind games and are generally “psychosexual” are bad news in a real relationship.

But do they wish their more innocent and sweet girlfriends could be demons in the sack? Of course he does! And that is what you can learn.

Let’s discuss the French kiss and six tips for French kissing like a pro. We’ll also discuss the most common mistakes women make trying to French kiss a man the way she thinks he likes it, but doesn’t!

1. A good French kiss is all about setup. Create the right moment and THEN French kiss.

Don’t think that a French kiss is all about tongue action. The best French kisses work because of a combination of factors including: the right romantic moment, a series of really good regular kisses before the French kiss happens, the right attitude which should be “slow and lingering.”

The main problem with bad French kisses is that the poor kisser thinks that it’s all about the tongue. The tongue may be the climax, but it’s not the whole show!

The best way to French kiss is to build up to it, such as by kissing without tongue for a good ten seconds. Kissing for ten seconds without interruption is said to create a stronger bond between people. That along, with your eyes closed and controlled breathing will make the kiss intense. THAT’s when the French kiss should start.

2. Your tongues should play together. One tongue is not attacking the other!

After continuing that passionate kiss, it’s time to start exploring each other’s mouths. The first step is to open your mouth wide enough so that your partner can insert his tongue inside. Gently touch your tongue against his and limit your French kiss to “tips” of tongues only. Let him lead at first and explore your tongue or mouth. Then, you can lead and explore. It is important to sense the rhythm and not “fight against” his French kiss. You should be complementing his movements, until he signals that it’s your turn to put your tongue inside.

Do not make the mistake of trying to stick your tongue down your partner’s throat. That’s not how French kissing works. “Little” and “slowly” is always the right idea.

3. When things get hot, give him a little more tongue.

After working the tips of your tongue, you can explore a little bit more and taste more tongue together. The key is not to stick to a game plan, but rather, learn to vary the action. Don’t leave your lips or your tongue in the same exact position for more than a few seconds. Keep exploring. Let your tongue explore your lover’s mouth, and vice versa. If you’re worried about drooling too much, try not to keep your mouth too widely open but about at a medium-open level.

4. The secret to longer and more passionate kisses is learning to control breathing.

If you’re new to kissing you may discover that it’s hard to keep a long kiss because you seem to “run out of hair.” Part of the solution is to learn how to take deeper breaths through your nose. However, you can also stop the kiss, as needed, but use that time to recover your breathing in a creative way: look at him. Make intense eye contact as you break away. Breathe. And then smile, right before kissing him again.

There’s no reason to avoid slowing a kiss down after French kissing. There’s no rule anywhere that says a good kiss should progress to a French kiss and straight into making out, necking and intercourse. It’s perfectly fine to slow things down and it may actually tease your partner more so, which is a good thing.

5. Learn the art of tongue-massage.

As you experiment with different tongue movements, you may be confused about what to do specifically, especially if he seems out of ideas. Think of a good French kiss as a tongue massage.

When it’s your turn to pleasure him, extend your tongue slightly longer so you can touch his tongue. NOT too far or down his throat. Rather, just beyond the tip towards the middle is fine. Now, with your tongue massage his tongue; wave your tongue over his and create a steady rhythm, just as if you were kissing or making love. Then, remember as always, to vary the rhythm! Switch things up and keep him guessing.

6. Be just a little aggressive, not with your tongue, but with your teeth.

If you really want to end the French kiss on an intense and intimate note, then toy with just a tiny bit of sensual aggression. After you’ve been kissing for several minutes, VERY GENTLY, bite your partner’s lower or upper lip. Let them feel your teeth graze against your lips as you pull back. You can even suck on their lips to build more intensity.

The secret is to keep things unpredictable, as it were, keeping your man on his feet. He never knows what to expect from you, sexually speaking, and that’s how he likes it. That’s what he secretly envies about all these “wild girls” who are sexually experienced.

It’s all about technique and unpredictability. Nothing else. It has nothing to do with how many other guys you’ve been with or anything like that. Anyone can learn how to be a great kisser.

Rest assured even if you’re a “sweet and innocent” type, you can still learn how to blow his mind with a great French kiss!

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