Dirty Text Message Ideas (These Will Blow His Mind)

Are you trying to keep your man coming back to you after one night of bliss? The recipe for snagging a quality man is simple:

• Show him your confidence and intelligence.
• Show him your independence.
• Show him your charming and friendly personality.
• And show him WHY you’ll be the best lover he’s ever had.

Your mission is to get HIM to chase YOU. Being a great lover (much better than what the average woman does in bed) is going to keep him interested. Because once he finds out you’re an amazing “wildcat” in bed, he will not be satisfied with just one night. His curiosity will not be quenched. He will want you even more! And that’s when you break out the sexy, dirty text messages to keep that fire burning. Let’s review 10 great message ideas with some sample texts.

1. Coming Attractions

Previewing the sex you’re going to give him later on is a great way to build suspense! You’re not only titillating his mind, you’re describing exactly what you’re going to do to him later which only adds to the anticipation.

“I’m going to take you into that bedroom and ride you all night.”
“I’ll be waiting for you dressed in your favorite red lingerie.”
“The next time I see you, I’ll SHOW you the most taboo thing I’ve ever done.”

2. Commandment

Why not give him something specific that you want from him, since men are such great providers? Most men want you to take the initiative sexually. So once you start being intimate show him that you want more. Tell him your needs and let him fulfill it.

“Tell me what you think about in your worst, most depraved fantasy starring me.”
“I want you to be rough with me tonight…f__k me hard.”
“Come over here right now. I’m horny and need a spanking.”

3. Share a Fantasy

Sharing a fantasy is flirting with the taboo. You can share a fantasy involving him or maybe even something wild that you might never do in real life. Fantasies are a way to explore your partner’s mind in ways that go beyond the physical act.

“I’m getting so hot imagining you tying me up and then having your way with me…”
“I like to imagine having a threesome with you, me and another hot girl…”
“That sex scene in (Movie) was wild. Would you ever do that?”

4. Tempt Him

Men LOVE the slow tease. So one trick that works is to tease him by explicitly describing what you’re wearing or how you’re touching yourself. These visual cues force him to visualize a very sexy scene.

“I’m touching myself at work in the restroom…thinking about you.”
“I just got out of the shower…thinking about you…and already wet again.”
“I’m going shopping for bras and panties. What color do you like?”

5. Keep Going…

This dirty text is surprisingly simple but also a great one to use—and not just because it buys you extra time. When your man is on a roll and starts joining in the sexting fun, don’t feel the need to “top him” just because it’s your turn. If he is going into kinky detail and loving it, then challenge him to keep going. Let him know you want more explicit action and more intensity and watch him rise to the challenge.

“Oh God I am so turned on…keep going…”
“I love it when you talk like that…tell me what else you’d do to me…”
“I can’t even think straight, wondering what you’re going to say next.”

6. Great Sex Moments of the Past

Describing the sex you’ve already had is another way to instantly turn him on and make him yearn for more. Recall to mind what you thought, felt and experienced with him and share more detail.

“I can’t stop thinking about last night and what we did…”
“Remember the first thing you said after we had sex?”
“I can still feel you inside of me.”

7. Compliments to the King

Complimenting a guy works wonders and the neat thing is compliments can be in virtually any category and he will take it gladly. Guys may get a little nervous if you compliment them in regular daytime conversation. But if you compliment him during dirty texting, he will be flattered and reenergized. You could compliment him on his body, or certain body parts, his manly way of talking, his sexual charisma, scent, or his intelligence. Men love compliments…they just want them spoken at the right time.

“You have such a beautiful c__k…I love the way it feels.”
“I love the way you look at me…like you can’t wait to rip my clothes off.”
“You have such a sexy voice especially when it’s moaning my name.”

8. Show Vulnerability

You shouldn’t show weakness to a man but vulnerability isn’t weakness. Vulnerability symbolizes deep trust and the desire to become more intimate. When you show vulnerability you entice him to try harder and become your hero.

“I can’t control myself when I’m around you.”
“I want you so bad right now.”
“Whatever this feeling is, I don’t want it to stop!”

9. Threats

Guys are naturally competitive. If you can work a playful threat into your sext, he’s going to come home randy and ready for a showdown.

“I’m going to finger you under the table. If you make a sound, I’ll go even deeper.”
“I’m going to make you beg for my p___y.”
“I’m going to eat you all night until you come at least five times”.

10. Afterglow Text

Lastly, after you’re finishing sending hot texts in the present, past, future don’t forget to send a little “aftercare” text when you’re finished texting. Simple formula: if you started with slow, easy and sensual and then work your way up to sexual extremes, then you end it for the day by going back to sensual, soft, and slow. It comes full circle and gives him a more emotionally evocative experience.

“Breathing into your chest, inhaling your scent. I wish we could stay in bed all week like this.”
“You look so peaceful after you’ve been f___d like mad.”
“Want to take a nap? Fall asleep in my arms.”

These dirty texting strategies will blow his mind! You can customize your own texts and mold them according to your own personality. This way, sexting can feel more natural and unique to you what you’re actually feeling!

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