How to Capture a Man's Heart Forever

How to Capture a Man’s Heart Forever

How to capture a man’s heart forever?

If you want a man to fall in love with you, you need to understand WHY he falls in love in the first place.

If you want a man to commit to you, stay with you, and be yours forever, he has to feel a deep emotional connection with you called love.

Attraction isn’t enough. Desire isn’t enough. Infatuation isn’t enough.

He has to fall in love.


How to Capture a Man’s Heart Forever

When I talk to most women (or men) about love, they seem to have very little idea about how any of this happens.

Some women think men fall in love because of sex. Others think you have to be the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen…

Many women think that if they’re generous, kind, and loving enough to him, maybe he’ll fall in love that way.

Yet if you’ve done any or all of these things for a man and still had the experience where he “wasn’t sure” about you… then you know from experience that these strategies don’t work.

And you’re not alone. Thousands of women in our community have similar experiences of “giving all” to a man and getting very little in return.

In fact, if you use these strategies too much or too often, you may even push a man away from you.


Because these strategies don’t connect with him in a deep emotional way… these strategies don’t connect with his heart.

A man won’t fall in love because of the way you look.

He won’t fall in love because you like all the same things he likes.

And he won’t fall in love because you should be a perfect match on paper.

A man will ONLY fall in love with you if you connect with his heart.

He has to feel a longing for you. He has to feel the desire to touch you, be with you, and have you in his arms.

He has to FEEL these things for you.

You can’t talk him into loving you. You can’t convince him to love you by showing him how perfect you two are for each other.

And you’ll never get him to love you by professing YOUR love and showing him how much he means to you.

It simply doesn’t work.

You have to appeal to a man’s emotional side. Believe it or not, even a man who seems like he has no emotions is looking for a woman who can touch his heart.

If you don’t connect with a man’s heart, at best, he’ll see you as a friend or something casual.

There are three ways you can connect with a man that will make him feel like you’re someone he can be with in a committed, long term relationship.

Here they are:


1. Connect with YOUR Heart

By far, the fastest way to push a man’s emotional love button is to connect with your heart first.

You may have heard that men don’t like emotional women. That’s only true when it comes to women who place expectations around their emotions…

That’s what we call “drama.”

The truth is that men LOVE the emotions of women.

Emotions create mystery and allow us to connect to our hearts, which connects us to the woman we’re with in a deeper way than looks, sex, or convincing a man you’re perfect for each other will ever do.


2. Accept Him for Who He is

If you’re like most of my clients, then you want to find a man who accepts you for who you are.

Men are no different. They want to be accepted for who they are too.

In fact, lots of men feel like society and feminism condemn and shame them for being men.

Men are used to women trying to “fix” or change them.

Men are used to women telling them that they should be more like women.

If you can show a man that you accept him for who he is, he’ll begin to trust you.

If he starts to trust you, he’ll open himself up around you in a way that he doesn’t with most people.

And it’s that vulnerability that creates a deep emotional connection that makes him fall in love.


3. Make Him Feel Safe to Open Up Around You

We touched on this a little bit in the previous one but it’s definitely in a category of it’s own.

If you want a man to feel like you’re different than all the other women he’s ever met in his life, you need to make him feel safe around you.

While this may sound weird… I mean… a guy needs to feel safe around a woman?

Shouldn’t it be the opposite way around?

Men may actually be a lot more sensitive than you might realize…

The thing is that we walk around the world constantly guarded. So if you can make him feel safe, that’s the best chance you have of getting him to open up around you.

He’ll express his inner most, private feelings with you. And that’s what creates real intimacy.

And when he starts sharing himself in this way, he’ll begin to feel like he wants to be with and around you all the time.

He’ll want to touch you and hold you in his arms.

He’ll fall in love.


Men Fall in Love With Women Who Have This “Secret Ingredient”

Have you ever done everything you could to make a man feel like you’re the right woman for him only to still have him leave you?

That’s because being “everything a man wants” isn’t what makes him FEEL like you’re the right one for him.

In fact, the actual attempts of “being everything” for a man is exactly what he doesn’t want from a woman…

Because “being everything” is exactly what he wants to be for a woman…

It’s a masculine way to act and will always result in a man pulling away, losing interest, and disappearing on you…

Instead, he’s looking for almost exactly the opposite.

I explain everything in this video I made for you…

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If you want a man to feel like you’re “the one” for him, you need to understand and show him this one thing…

Otherwise, he’ll feel like he should continue looking for a woman who has it.

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