25 Flirty Texts to Make a Sagittarius Man Want You.

25 Flirty Texts to Make a Sagittarius Man Want You

Sagittarius is the astrological sign governing the period of November 22 to December 21. You may recognize the sign from the prominent centaur shooting a bow and arrow, or in some cases, just the bow and arrow.

Interestingly, according to Britannica, Sagittarius has been associated with arrows for as far back as the 11th century Babylonians.

But not every Sagittarius is the same in personality. In fact, male and female Sagittarius have slightly different characteristics.

For that matter, if you’re dating a Sagittarius, you may be making a series of mistakes and all because you don’t understand how the Sagittarius brain works.

That’s why, in this discussion, we’re going to talk about how to get a Sagittarius man to want you and desire you, and how texting can be a great way to do this. We’ll even list 20 flirty morning texts for him that are sure to get a good reaction!

Let’s first talk about who Sagittarius is, behind the bow and arrow.

Who Is Sagittarius?

Your first thought upon seeing a centaur is probably, “That fella has some attitude!” Yes, Sagittarius is brazen, passionate, intense, and naturally curious. Curious means outgoing at times, meaning lots of questions, and just a general sense of adventure in finding the answers to life.

Sagittarius is a hippie who loves learning. Flexible, adaptable, and characterized by wanderlust. The most important quality of Sagittarius is the desire for CHANGE and FREEDOM. These are the spiritual qualities of someone who naturally loves adventure and has a curiosity about life. They seek both spiritual knowledge and physical adventure.

They will use this knowledge to eventually become storytellers and “wise ones” on their own.

When You Anger the Centaur

But no sign is perfect and Sagittarius comes with his own unique problems. Sagittarius is never known for being tactful. In fact, he can be brutally honest sometimes and that can be interpreted as unkind. This can lead to many arguments, misunderstandings, and even the loss of a good friendship.

Sagittarius can also be obsessive about something that’s tickling their curiosity. We’ll get back to that a little bit later.

Just try to remember that Sagittarius is a sharp-tongued guy sometimes, and not only does that suggest rude (or at least the perception of him being rude even if that was not his intention), but occasionally arrogant and or shameless in the stuff he does say.

Commitment can also be a problem. We’ll get back to this later too.

What Do Sagittarius Men Like in Women?

Understanding the motivations of Sagittarians is fairly easy. They want to learn, travel, go on adventures, and they want you to come along with them. Think of your role as their teammate or partner in crime so to speak. (Er, but don’t actually commit any crimes!)

The main thing is a woman dating a man like this should know never to inhibit him. Trying to control him, or preventing him from reaching his full potential is a huge mistake – and contrary to everything cool about Sagittarius in the first place!

How to Tell if a Sagittarius Man Likes You

It’s actually fairly easy to know if a Sagittarius “likes” you. He will be friendly, occasionally flirty, mischievous, and sometimes a little difficult, you know, in a playful way.

The problem is, it’s much more difficult to tell if a Sagittarius is attracted to you, in a romantic or even sexual way. He’s not the easiest person to read, beyond superficial friendliness.

But for starters, go through the checklist of positive behavior. Make sure he still likes you and hasn’t lost respect or had his feelings hurt.

  • Does he still seek you out in conversation?
  • He always finds a reason to talk to you or text you
  • He tells you funny anecdotes about his life
  • He shows proper respect for your talents
  • He admits to admiring your intellect

Now that’s how you tell a Sagittarius man likes you. But what about going deeper? Many women would tell you that Mr. Sagittarius likes to flirt and have fun but isn’t necessarily “serious.”

That’s because there’s a whole different set of relationship (or pre-relationship) behavior with a Sagittarius man. If he’s falling for you, which might be a SLOW process, he will start to:

  • Ask questions about your personal life
  • Make time for you, even at the expense of other things
  • Show more romantic gestures gradually, once you earn his trust
  • He pays closer attention to everything you say
  • He always stays in touch – even if it’s inconvenient
  • He loses interest in other people and becomes attached to you!

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man

The real question then is how do you get a Sagittarius man’s attention and keep it, so that he starts to have eyes for you and forgets all the other women in his life?

Sagittarius’ “weakness” is definitely his curiosity. When he is intrigued by something then his mind is going to be mulling over the mystery for a while. Now mind you, this curiosity doesn’t last forever. As a constant adventurer, he eventually will move on to another subject.

But that tells you the best time to pique his curiosity is when he shows a lot of signs that he’s attracted to you.

Now you can go into phase two on how do you make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you. That is, to text him, and appeal to his sense of adventure and curiosity.

How to Text a Sagittarius Man

The key to texting a Centaur type of guy is to keep piquing his curiosity. This may require that you use your imagination. And yes, a little of mystery goes a long way. Projecting mystery provokes a person’s curiosity.

Now here’s the thing. You have to resist taking any cheap shots. Negative associations, manipulation, or anything else that makes the centaur/archer feel awkward, threatened, or dejected is the wrong way to do it.

Sagittarius gets his strength from being positive and staying in that frame of mind. So if your desire is to dwell on the negative or even “brutally honest” you might well chase him away.

But don’t worry. Even if you’ve temporarily pushed him back, you can still appeal to his curiosity and rekindle that attraction.

Remember to be:

  • Funny
  • Intriguing
  • Entertaining/Fun
  • ..even mindlessly flirty
  • Go on adventures and share with him
  • Go deep and challenge his intellect in fun ways

How to Seduce a Sagittarius Man Through Text

Here are some flirty texts to make a Sagittarius man want you:

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose? (Adventure!)
  2. What would be better/worse: living the life of Albert Einstein or Hugh Hefner? (Intellect)
  3. Could I get your opinion on my new outfit? I want to settle a bet. (Flirting)
  4. Here’s a picture of my trip to ____! Do you notice anything funny in the background? (Adventure!)
  5. I need an expert opinion on something. Do you have a second? (Intellect)
  6. What do guys do that turns you off instantly? (Flirting)
  7. Who’s the most attractive man in the world? (Flirting)
  8. Did you see that movie/book about _____? We ought to discuss it sometime. (Intellect)
  9. What do guys notice about girls that most girls are unaware of? (Intellect, Flirting)
  10. Truth/dare question? Come on, I just really want to ask one specific question! (Curiosity)
  11. That local thing ______ is in town. I was thinking of going if I have nothing else to do. Want to check it out? (Adventure!)
  12. Wow, you looked pretty hot in that selfie! I mean your ego is big enough so I shouldn’t give you a big head. But wow! (Flirting)
  13. What’s the weirdest kiss you’ve ever had? (Flirting)
  14. I like you. Yo, what’s up with that? Come at me, bro! What you going to do about it? (Funny)
  15. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen? (Funny)
  16. I saw this today and it reminded me of you. (Something funny)
  17. I want to draw you. I may or may not show you the final picture, lol (Funny)
  18. It’s kind of last-minute but do you want to go sightseeing in the mountains? (Adventure!)
  19. I have a lot of stuff on my bucket list but Tantric sex is at least top 3. (Flirting)
  20. I really want to learn how to cook something unique that you can’t get in a restaurant. Ooh I know, _____! (Curiosity)
  21. How are you doing at work? Made CEO yet? (Intellect)
  22. I don’t know if we’re compatible because I’ve read Sagittarius eats Leos and Aries for lunch. (Funny)
  23. I am currently ______ as you can see from the pic. Is this Instagram-worthy? (Flirting)
  24. I am officially releasing my cover album of Gregorian Monk Chants. Want a sample? (Funny, Unpredictable)
  25. Skepticism is survivalism. But pessimism is self-sabatoge. (Intellect, Philosophy)

If you can’t think of anything creative to say, don’t fret. Send him funny memes, or Tik Toks, or videos that will make him laugh or shriek in disbelief.

The point is, you never chase a Sagittarius man. Challenge him before you get too comfortable and push him into a relationship.

How Often Should I Text a Sagittarius Man

Obviously, sending too many texts in a day or not waiting for a reply before sending more texts is a mistake. But there’s nothing wrong with sending a few texts a day, as long as he seems interested in the chat and has fun and enthusiastic replies.

If he seems distant or busy, give him some space. Remember also that Sagittarius may take a step back if the conversation gets negative, or too deep into what you feel for each other. In other words, don’t talk too much about feelings or the seriousness of what you’re doing together.

In fact, it’s safe to say Sagittarius just doesn’t talk emotionally over text. He is a much more in-person kind of guy when it comes to strong emotion.

In this sense, you could say Bow and Arrow Centaur is a commitment-phobic man, but only at first. He is flirty by nature. It won’t be easy to steal his heart, because he always seems to be flirting with somebody. But if you appeal to his personality, his love of mystery and adventure, you can keep his attention.

When a Sagittarius Man Stops Texting

If things are going well and then you notice him backing away or growing more distant, don’t panic. Try to figure out what went wrong.

Were you getting too emotionally attached? Did things stop being fun and was there a spark of negative emotion?

Remember that Sagittarians are “hunters”, archers, and so they do enjoy the “thrill of the hunt.” This doesn’t mean that they’re players necessarily. It’s just that of all the signs, you might find that Sagittarius does test you a few times. He sometimes plays hard to get. He wants to push you and see what you’ll do to get his attention.

Don’t get psyched out. Remember, mystery and playing with his curiosity is always the best defense against his annoying habit of getting bored and zoning out.

If you’re naturally creative, you’ll have no problem keeping him interested in you. Just remember not to give up if he becomes a bit of a challenge. It’s worth it, when he falls in love with you!

Flirty Texts to Make a Sagittarius Man Want You Forever

It may be difficult to make a Sagittarius commit, but not if you are flexible and adaptable like he tends to be. Don’t stand in the way of his dreams. Be his partner and go on adventures together. In time, he will consider you his best friend and then the escalation will come from him. It’s always better to let the man lead in a relationship. That way he confirms to himself that this is what he wants.

Now that you’ve learned how do you text a Sagittarius man, don’t stop learning! Next, please read my article on “Learn how to turn a guy on over text!”
Here are a batch of flirty questions to send a guy over text he’s sure to love!

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