How to Be a High Value Woman (And Make Him Want to Love You Forever)

Sometimes I hear this from women who are trying to improve their social life: “I understand what high value and feminine means…but I can’t seem to do that.”

Worse yet, some people think that being feminine or very attractive is some genetic gift, or as the French used to call it “je ne sais quoi”. They used to call it the It Factor in early Hollywood.

Well here’s the big secret. No one is born with it. Babies are not born feminine, attractive and successful. They’re babies! We all learn social attitudes and skills that round out our personalities and shape us into individuals.

So can you “learn” how to be a high value woman, the kind of feminine beauty who dates millionaires, young hot cubs, or practically any kind of man you want?

Absolutely. And I’m going to show you five proven ways how to be a high value woman and cultivate those essential qualities of:

• Femininity
• Success
• Empathy
• Intelligence
• Maturity and “maternal qualities” that he likes

Here we go…

1. Don’t try to be “feminine.” Work on becoming gentle, energetic and happy.

These are the qualities that femininity “looks like.” Femininity is not about wearing certain clothes or keeping a perfect posture. Sure, that helps. But ultimately a guy will be more interested in how you come across. Are you “Feminine” in the sense that you are interested in HIM and want to get to know him? Are you a naturally sweet and expressive person?

Do you bring a sense of positive energy to a conversation and can he tell you are happy in life? These are the true qualities of femininity and they are only enhanced when you make an effort to add good posture, good fashion choices and of course, that flirty giggle.

2. Don’t try to be “strong”. Be self-confident instead.

Too many women make the mistake of presenting themselves as so “strong”, they actually come across as overly masculine, which a lot of guys don’t like. The answer is to not alienate men by trying to challenge them, intimidate them or become sexually aggressive. The best thing to do is to BE self-confident.

Learn self-confidence through self-improvement. If your dietary habits and exercise regiment are lacking or nonexistent, start your new lifestyle today. Build a better body, one that you love.

Pamper yourself and create inspiration boards (even on social media if you prefer) that focus on the positive things in life, the stuff that personally inspires you. Visualize a “new you”, in career and life goals. Do those things, even if it’s just one day at a time. Challenge yourself and question NOT your success but the “inner critic” inside you.

The best way to learn self-confidence is not to fake it but to change your lifestyle and get busy doing the things you LOVE doing.

3. Don’t try to be “nice”…work on becoming empathetic and uncompromisingly compassionate.

Hey, I’m with you. “Nice” women don’t get very far. But that doesn’t mean you have to work on being rude, pretentious or difficult. Instead, become the “evolved” version of nice and get in touch with your empathetic side.

You care about people. And because you care about people you care about issues. You care about helping others and being interested in other people’s stories. It’s no coincidence that millionaire guys and terrific men all have a “type.”

And no, it’s not the trophy wife, it’s actually the activist type. The woman who volunteers, who supports causes and who campaigns for the poor and needy. That’s the type of high value woman successful men just love. They don’t want to marry a woman who worships them. They want to impress a woman who does good for the world.

And hey, taking an interest in other people sure makes you a wonderful human being apart from all this dating stuff, so it’s a “nothing to lose” scenario.

4. Don’t try to wow him with your smarts…be a smart conversationalist.

Some women make the mistake of coming across too strong during the first impression. They bombard the guy with hard intelligence, trivia and even argument. But that’s pushing the guy away, even before he can start to feel attracted.

Instead, let your intelligence show in the way you communicate. Let him talk. In fact, let him impress you with his knowledge. Use your intelligence to ask him smart questions. Talk about current events in the world that directly relate to your unique conversation.

The key thing about intelligence is that it’s of no value to anyone unless you can converse about it and start a two-sided conversation with your knowledge. This may require some extra reading but it will always benefit you.

Sometimes emotional intelligence (which is the art of using what you know to make a really interesting and exciting conversation) is even more highly valued than book smarts.

5. Don’t worry too much about being “classy”…project yourself as emotionally stable.

A lot of men might tell you that they like a down-to-earth woman, not a super model or celebrity. That simply means that being classy and perfect is not the priority. Rather, they value emotional maturity and stability in life.

Boys may like mind games and wild and crazy behavior. But honestly, as men we grow up and look for stability. We look for someone we can trust. Some men look for a woman who would make a good mother, if they’re interested in raising a family. The average man usually marries a woman who resembles his mother at least in terms of what we call “core values” (or fundamental beliefs about life).

He wants his future wife to work hard for what SHE wants, love him completely and live an active and full life with him but also apart from him. He also supports her independent goals just as he hopes she will support his. This is a truly equal relationship and it starts with the union of two stable and emotionally mature partners.

These are the five activities to focus on as you get serious about long-term relationships and finding a high-value man that lives up to your expectations. Before you can attract that man you must project high value yourself. Remember these fundamentals will improve your dating odds and lead you into the arms of a man you can really trust and love.

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