Cute Names for Your Boyfriend

According to an article in Yahoo UK Style, people actually DO care about cute nicknames – and they’ve voted on nicknames that they hate! Well, to be specific they were British and it’s possible there are some cultural differences in linguistics.

Suffice it to say though, if many British people despise certain names, it’s likely many Americans do as well. Surprisingly, the number one most hated nickname was “Babe.” Other runners up included Baby Doll, Baby Girl and Baby Cakes.

It’s quite possible that the British simply don’t like the Americanized use of “babe” to refer to a spouse. In contrast, many subjects said they preferred old fashioned nicknames like Lovely, Beautiful and Gorgeous. Also not surprisingly, one in five Brits just preferred to use actual names when referring to each other.

How about Americans? Are there certain nicknames we use against our partner’s wishes? Chances are, if you’re with a nice boy, he won’t even complain about it…even though it’s possible the nickname makes him cringe.

Some of the worst nicknames in history were also reviewed over at Mental Floss and you have to feel sorry for these guys. Fatty Arbuckle! Vanilla Ice! And my favorite (worst) name ever…Caligula! Sure, why not refer to your darling little Roman Emperor?

It’s fairly easy to deduce what’s makes a terrible nickname. Affectionately naming someone something negative, or embarrassing, or patronizing, is a bad idea. I’ve also discussed the potential problem with naming guys Mr. Big (or derivatives of it). If he’s a big muscular guy, or has a huge man tool in his pants, sure, it’s a great name. But the average guy probably won’t care for Big Names.

So…What’s in a Nickname?

It might help to develop a strategy for coming up with nicknames, rather than just using a recycled one. It’s also better to avoid being overly honest and

Here are some tips for coming up with something unique, complimentary and original.

1. Think about his body, the one you love, the one that gives you comfort and solace.

Rather than thinking about “big”, think about other qualities he has. Is he strong? Is he cuddly at night? Is he gentle despite being a giant?

2. How about his likable personality?

This is the part of him that you truly love. Does he have a brilliant sense of humor? Do you love his way with words? Are you always in awe of his kindness and maturity? Whatever his personality traits, they are very easy to adapt to a cute nickname. You could call him “Silent Cal” (or whatever his first name is, if he’s a shy guy). You could call him “Firecracker” if he’s very passionate and animated when he starts talking.

3. You could also call him a shorter variation of his first name.

Nicholas can become Nick or Nic. Michael becomes Mike. Robert becomes Bobby. If you both like to be affectionate then you can’t go wrong with adding a Boo or Pooh at the end of a name. It’s also fun to use his initials to create a two-syllable nickname, like JJ, JT, BB or RC. Guys usually like this because it lets them feel like the star MVP of a sports game!

4. Think of what he does for work or his favorite hobby.

Men pride themselves on what they do, whether it’s their career or a hobby they are passionate about. Nicknaming him after his beloved hobby is a very sweet gesture and reminds him that you believe in him. You could call a painter or artist Picasso, a mechanic, Mr. Fix It, or a bodybuilder the Hulk!

5. If he has no obvious hobbies, consider what likes, dislikes and quirks.

Is he always making smart but funny comments? He’s the Wiseguy! Is he a gamer? Call him Buttons! Is he a classy guy or a man who exudes confidence? He’s the Don! In general, try to keep the names short and very to the point. Don’t over complicate. Even nicknaming a guy Coffee or Tea is acceptable – if he loves his coffee or tea!

6. Get dramatic with pop culture names.

If your guy loves his movies and TV shows, he’ll get a kick out of a famous name, such as Bugs (for the stinker of the bunch), or Heisenberg for a mastermind, or even Garfield for a hedonist who loves lasagne or sleeping in. What’s wrong with honey-bunny, Gandalf or Harry for the aspiring wizard?

7. Continue an inside joke for years on end.

Next, consider the beauty of a nickname based on a running joke. This “inside” joke can be anything from how you first met each other, or a funny incident that happened, or even something absurd – like calling a guy “Quarters” if he always carries quarters in his pocket.

As long as the nicknames are cute, complimentary and ego-stroking, it’s fun to get creative.

Lastly, try to avoid anything that sounds too much like baby-talk. It’s fine to be sweet or affectionate. But guys will respond better to names that make sense, paint them in a positive light, and are easy to pronounce.

While not every man is so defensive about nicknames, most men will reject a “girly name” (i.e. only gender fluid men would like being called Princess). Then again, names like Cuddles, Gentle Giant, or Fingers (for that talented massage therapist) are soft and affectionate but still masculine. Naturally, when men are around other men their defenses are up and so using a cutesy nickname in front of the guys might embarrass him. It never hurts to have a couple of nicknames ready – one for private time and one for public address.

He wants to be affectionate with you, but also wants to look good in front of the guys. Show respect to him in public and then love, kiss and squeeze him in private, using your most intimate nickname. This is an attitude that builds trust and strengthens your deep bond. It’s the foundation of a good marriage: respect and romance at the proper time!

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