11 Daily Habits of The Strongest Couples In Loving Relationships

How do they do it? Couples in loving relationships that can go for years without a major incident. Maybe you’ve even known of couples that last 40 or 50 years, or until death just like their vows said. What made them special? Were they products of the greatest generation? Is it unrealistic to think someone from our age could ever have a relationship so devoted and caring?

Of course not. If you want a marriage like that, you can have it. It takes some patience and learning, but that’s exactly what those long-lasting couples did back in the day. They were committed to each other and wouldn’t give up just because they faced challenges. One great help was keeping up the daily routine. Not all routines are bad. Keeping up these 11 daily habits (that the strongest couples in loving relationships kept) will help you to stay focused on what’s really important.

1. Be physically intimate every day.

You don’t have to have sex every day, but physical displays of affection are important. Whether it’s a hug, kiss, embrace or several minutes of cuddling time before bed, this is what keeps a relationship warm and intimate. You strengthen the bond between you.

2. You talk about your day with open-ended questions.

Asking in one sentence how your partner’s day was, and getting a one-word answer, is where familiarity breeds contempt. However, the reason this gets tiresome is because it feels so formal. Change that by asking open-ended questions, getting your partner to talk more about what thoughts he had, what happened, and what he feels like doing.

3. Strengthen your connection by trying new experiences.

Chemistry between you and your partner works best when you build upon what you already know with new experiences. Try new things, not just sexually or romantically, but simply living every moment to its fullest. Try new activities on your day off and read about new things every day so you can share a new conversation. It makes life so much more fun!

4. Compliment, compliment, compliment!

There’s no reason to play it coy anymore. When you live together every little bit of kindness helps your partner get through another day. Reminding him that he’s handsome, so funny, so smart or any number of compliments that will make him smile are always worth it!

5. Find reasons to laugh every day.

A day without laughter might as well be a wasted day. Take every opportunity to make your partner laugh or to laugh with him at something funny he said. Watch funny things on TV or online. Find the humor in everyday foibles. This will reduce stress and build a stronger bond.

6. Forgive each other each day.

It’s best to not even try keeping track of every time your partner annoys you. In fact, just make it a daily occurrence to forgive freely. Let that argument go. Forgive him for being crass. Laugh at him if he does something silly rather than picking apart his every action and taking offense. Accept him for who he is, the same man you fell in love with. He will do the same for you and you’ll find far less conflict on a daily basis.

7. Talk about each other’s wishes, desires, and dreams.

The future may be uncertain and a dreaded topic but by sticking to the positives you can always have a meaningful conversation. Ask him what he wants to do in the distant future, the near future, and even this month and this week. Challenge him to do something fun! This not only makes life more exciting but also reminds the both of you that your commitment together is firm, even as you make future plans.

8. Look for the positives with a 3-1 ratio.

Research has shown that when there is a 3-1 ratio of positive experiences to negative experiences, couples tend to be much happier. Knowing that, make a conscious effort to find three positives for every negative. It will help you think positively and also take the time to appreciate the little things in life we sometimes take for granted.

9. Give him some independent time.

You both need some time to be apart and do your own thing. You may have hobbies you enjoy separately and that’s fine. It just makes you appreciate the times you come together and have a good time all the more so. Men enjoy feeling independent, just as much as they enjoy providing for you. It’s part of a man’s nature to be alone and get in touch with his thoughts. It helps him sort out how he feels and that in turn improves communication with you. So let him take a walk, surf online or do what he enjoys doing. Try your own passions and hobbies. It gives you both something to talk about!

10. Take action.

While you might not get an opportunity every single day to take strong action, overall, taking action in a relationship is so much more important than promising. There’s sure to come a time when your partner hurts your feelings or vice versa. Don’t ignore his feelings or dismiss them. Talk things out. But instead of arguing for superiority in the argument, spend more time expressing your feelings and getting him to express why he’s upset. Then, rather than merely promise or simply say you’re sorry (which is good too) do something actionable to prove how seriously you’re taking this discussion. Are you sorry you hurt his feelings? Then don’t just apologize and stare…hug him or kiss him. Let him feel positive emotions. That helps diffuse arguments.

11. Embrace ritual—it really does help keep us together.

There are good routines and tedious routines. Good routines: eating, drinking, sleeping and laughing! Bad routines: having the same argument, having the same boring conversation, trying the same sexual routine. The difference is that you enjoy doing the fun rituals and avoid the negative rituals. Many psychologists actually state that creating fun rituals together actually strengthens marriage. Whether it’s going to bed at the same time or making one day a week date night, morning coffee, or even coming together for your favorite show, these rituals help to bring security and comfort to your daily routine. They’re also subtle ways to show your partner you love him!

At some point, all couples learn that active and unending love is about the little things, the daily interactions. Embrace this philosophy and make every day count!

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