10 Sexting Examples That Make Him Beg For You (He’ll LOVE These)

If you’re new to the wild world of sexting, try not to be too nervous. View this opportunity as a way to experiment, to try something new and something to play with.

It’s not choreography, it’s not making a sex tape, and it’s not even anything like real sex. It’s anticipation for real sex. Sexting works best when you play upon your partner’s imagination and make him beg for release.

You might associate the term “sexting” with cybersex. But cybersex is more about mutual masturbation and hours of typing and typing! Frankly it’s not as satisfying as teasing your partner for hours or even days on end with short, easy sentences and then actually making love in the real world. Sexting is a form of foreplay and if you learn to enjoy it, you will “master” it, because it’s all about individual expression.

Still, you might get a better sense of what guys want by reviewing 10 steamy examples of what works for other women. Guys can’t resist a woman who knows how to tease them. These one-liners will have your guy begging for you.

1. When we see each other next, I want you to take me and do whatever you want to be. Don’t ask…just do it!

Here’s a great way to start the anticipation. Give him permission to be rough, sexual, dirty and unapologetic. Give him freedom to do anything and let him know the thought of “no limits” turns you on.

2. I’m so wet just thinking about you.

Nothing entices a man’s imagination like describing how turned on YOU are. Describe your wetness, or how wet your fingers are, thinking of how good it would feel to be with him in person. Don’t be subtle…texting works because you’re filling his head with naughty images.

3. I’m naked. Feeling restless in bed. Nothing to do but think of you. Hurry over!

The visual of you waiting for him in bed, naked or in lingerie, will fire up his senses. He will think vividly of the scene and work faster and harder to get through the day and see you when he comes home. For the best effect, be waiting for him exactly as you indicated you would in the text!

4. Did you have any wet dreams about me? Ohh well…I definitely had one about you! It started when…

From here, you can either describe in detail what happened in the dream or you can ask him to describe his dream. Remember that sexting works best when you provide details. They don’t have to be poetic or grammatically perfect. Just use strong short sentences with lots of details about how good the sex feels, or about the clothes you’re wearing.

5. What are you doing to me? I can’t stop thinking about you and the way you f__ me!

Great line because first of all, it gives him the impression you lose all control around him. Excellent for flattering his ego! Second, it tells him that you’re thinking of him constantly and always ready for another escapade. (Sure, guys like feeling like they can have sex anytime and anywhere!) Third, it uses the F-word as a mind-poking verb, rather than just another swear word.

6. You make me come in ways no man ever has before.

Another beauty, since this makes him feel special and vastly superior to any past loves or lovers. Letting a man feel like he’s introduced you to new sexual peaks and a world of adventures (even if it is stretching the truth) is a harmless trick that always gets him going.

7. Tell me what you want me to do to you. Beg me for it.

Two great lines in one! This time, you’re going to make HIM describe an X-rated fantasy about how he wants you to pleasure him. Encourage him to be graphic and explicit and start the action going yourself, with a few F and C words. The “beg me” line just tantalizes him further, making him beg you for release and for the privilege to pleasure you. It makes him even hornier than before since he’s having to humble himself and repeat everything he wants, treating you as his Goddess.

8. Please spank me! I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished.

The reverse roleplay is to become his “love slave” and beg him to punish you with some sexy and light spankings. This will make him feel manly and dominant, while you can give him some great sound effects of your “agonizing” moans.

9. When we meet next, I’m going to handcuff you and tease you for hours. Strip you down and get you so hard. Then I’ll just play with your hard-on all night until you scream.

You got to love the sex threat! Men like a little bit of antagonism in flirting so when you’re threatening them with explosive sex that they barely have any control over, it’s a huge turn on! Most men like the idea of a dominant woman in bed and a woman who enjoys being in “total control” is just as sexy as it is intimidating.

This is a great sexual technique for couples too, since he knows he can trust you—it’s not the kind of sex anyone wants for a one night stand! But with greater trusts comes greater risks you can take. Just be sure to agree on a safe word since tying each other up can be intense!

10. I want to feel you come (right here).

The moment of orgasm and or ejaculation is a huge turn on for a man, even if you don’t have time to pleasure each other via text or phone. That’s why as the conversation peaks (or if you’re ready to sign off) you should give him a very vivid description of orgasm as a finisher. To make it really good, describe how you want him to ejaculate and where in or on your body. Or, you can describe yourself coming in his arms or all over his manhood. Great way to end a sexy dialog!

As you can see, sexting is not about being cute, or vague or even clever. It’s about being honest. Playful. And most of all, feeling sexy, enough that you tell him what you’re really thinking about and what you want from him. Have fun and keep things dirty!

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