10 Sexy Board Games to Play with Him.

10 Sexy Board Games to Play with Him

If you’re just now getting intimate with your new boyfriend, then don’t take this unique period of time for granted! It’s easy to get bored of sex if two people approach it so matter-of-factly. It’s hot the first few times but then gets a little perfunctory, right? Wrong! If you’re approaching sex with a positive attitude and an open imagination, then the sky is the limit. It’s time to show him how wild you can be!

One of the best ways to do this is to introduce him to some sexy board games. Now in another article, we discussed sexy card games. But this time, I suggest you actually buy the board game and take in the full experience. Card games tend to be simple and can even be made up on the spot using a pen and paper. But with these sexy adult board games, you really have to play the game all the way through – with pieces! – to get the best entertainment value.

Sexy Board Games for Adults

What fun games can couples play together? I narrowed down my selection based on unique elements, intimacy potential, and the level of fun involved. When asking “What are board games for lovers?” it’s important to understand the basic function of these sexy board games: you’re talking about sex honestly and bluntly. You’re overcoming shyness and worry. You’re taking a sex-positive attitude. You’re also bringing a healthy sense of humor to sex, which is very important.

OK here we go…the top 10 sexy board games for couples!

1. Fade to Black – Best Overall Sexy Board Game

Fade to Black is a board game with six categories of interactive foreplay: Intimacy, Seduction, Temptation, Arousal, Fantasy, and Pleasure. There are 15 cards for each category and a die that decides where you land on the board. In order to have the full game experience, be sure to bring along erotic accessories like blindfolds, edible toppings, massage oils, and various sex toys. It’s one of the best games for introducing you to new foreplay ideas and scenarios.

2. Bedroom Battle – Best Sex Board Game for Couples

This board game uses the truth or dare format but complicates it, with more cards and strategizing. It’s a great game for “dares” especially, as you are on a mission to collect reward cards and then pick dares for your partner. There are 210 sexual or foreplay challenges in total

3. Monogamy – Most Romantic Adult Board Game

Monogamy is another game made for a man and woman to play together after they’ve already been intimate. Now you can go on an adventure with each other with a traditional board game format, that gives specific romance action cards, like drinking, kissing, revealing, and other foreplay activities. This is one of the best games for trying new things together, without getting too dirty or too wild.

4. Loopy- The Best and Most Outrageous “Sexy” Board Game

Loopy is all about thrills and really gives you a sense of playing a game like Monopoly or Life. The only difference is, that it’s all about titillating the senses. You and your partner can choose levels you’re comfortable with and then answer provocative questions, while also performing various creative tasks – that also involve steamy foreplay. With over 150 cards and a spinning wheel, Loopy is almost too much in between all that rolling and spinning.

5. Dirty Minds – The Most Fun Adult Board Game for Friends

In case you’re wondering, what is the most fun board game for adults look no further than Dirty Minds, a game that lets you learn all about your partner’s kinks. You draw a card and read a fact, waiting for your partner to guess the right answer – which can be naughty or clean. There are over 912 clues, 50 game cards, and even pencils and booklets included for all those art projects. The game manages to be both sexy and fun, meaning it’s not X-rated. You can invite friends over for laughs and keep things under control. It’s a great game for double dates.

6. Truth or Dare Full Disclosure – The Best Q&A of All Adult Sexy Board Games

This is a fun game to play if you’re both drowning in sexual tension and yet both of you find it difficult to make a move. This “officially licensed game” makes both players reveal their fantasies, dirty secrets, AND get freaky with an activity spinner. If you’ve ever enjoyed Truth or Dare as a teen, then get the adult version of it with 120 activities that let you both decide if you want to fully disclose the truth or just accept a sexy dare and fully surrender to your partner.

7. Sexopoly – The Best X-Rated Riff on a Classic

Sexopoly is the most sophisticated board game, that just so happens to be about sex, but is enjoyable in its own right. In this alternate version of Monopoly, you compete to see who will start an adult business empire and keep your sex businesses afloat. There are also cards that make things kinky between the two of you, which is a nice variation of the usual Monopoly cards that say stuff like, “$20 Bank Error.” Ask questions, perform favors, and trade fake money for sex! It’s the kind of kink that will make you sing “Under the Boardwalk!” and mean it.

8. The Discovery Game – Best First Date Experience

This game recreates all the feelings of a first date with a host of guided conversations, romance, and sexy foreplay. The game is actually designed to help couples reignite their love lives, even after years of living together. In fact, it’s so wholesome it’s even been endorsed by the The American Association of Christian Counselors, if you can believe that.

9. Fifty Shades Of Grey Fifty Days of Play Game – Best Introduction to Kink

If you want to walk on the wild side (meaning you’ve been together for a while now) why not spice things up 50 Shades of Grey style? This game walks you through the player’s board and exposes you to a variety of light BDSM activities, like blindfolds, candles (which are included in the game box) and 50 other ideas for how to explore your most taboo fantasy. Best of all, you can both take turns as Dominant and Submissive partners, according to which color coordinated envelopes you choose.

10. Poker for Couples – Best Poker + Board Game Variation

Finally, if you’ve always wanted to play Strip Poker but never knew the rules, check out Poker for Couples. Instead of just stripping however, Poker for Couples makes things extra kinky by giving you scenarios and activities to engage in, besides just stripping. The better hands you get, the more your opponent has to perform various rewards. It’s a little more advanced than regular poker, although it does have the same basic play as Poker. It’s a must-try for card game lovers and well, regular lovers, who can’t get enough of each other!

Are Board Games Good for Relationships?

Board games bring back an element of fun and suspense to sexual issues, so they can be very good for relationships, whether new or long-standing. It’s important to maintain a spirit of fun and humor too, because hyperfocusing on the “perfection” of sex (or how everything has to be just so) is the wrong way to go.

Sex is never as perfect as it seems in the movies, and definitely not the way it’s depicted in porn. Sex is not choreographed, and mistakes happen all the time. So what’s the best way to handle that? By getting upset and reacting emotionally to awkward moments? No, that’s only going to cause more problems with stress, embarrassment, and shyness.

The best way to handle “real sex” is with a good sense of humor, a compassionate spirit (because you need to communicate love and caring to your partner to make them feel good about it) and persistence to get it right.

That’s why board games help tremendously, because they bring the “play” in foreplay, reminding us to enjoy sex imaginatively, and not just think of it as a purely physical routine.


What are Examples of Sexy Games for Couples?

Besides some of the commercial board games we reviewed, you can also look into non-commercial sexy games to play, such as word games like Truth or Dare or Would You Rather. You could look up the Kama Sutra (either as a book or just for free on the internet) and duplicate 52 positions to try every week for the rest of the year. You could invent your own Cards Against Humanity cards and fill out some hilarious sexual innuendos that can make you and your partner laugh.

You may wonder if these games are appropriate to play in groups, as some are clearly intended for up to six or eight players at a time. There’s no right or wrong answer here, although clearly some games are designed for platonic fun, such as Cards Against Humanity, or even a game like Dirty Minds could be played in mixed company, as long as no one is easily offended.

But some games are designed FOR COUPLES, as in one-on-one, and involve plenty of foreplay and possibly full-on sex. You definitely don’t want to do that around friends, nor do you want to flirt too heavily with friends or acquaintances if your relationship is still fairly new.

It’s easy to get jealous when playing card or board games that ask for intimate activities. Stick with the Q&A games, or the funny one-liner games, to avoid anything too awkward.

And just in case you’re thinking this is all my opinion or my recommendations, think again! In fact, there’s plenty of scientific evidence suggesting that couples who play together stay together. A recent couple’s study concluded that “game nights” elevated natural levels of oxytocin in each surveyed couple, especially in men.

You spend quality bonding time together when you play socially, whether as a couple or in groups. It’s bound to increase your overall happiness as well as improve the relationship you already have with your partner.

Want to learn more about dating and social situations? Keep reading…and Check out these dirty “most likely to” questions!

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