5 Signs He’s In Love With You

“Dear Jessica, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. One one thousand. Two one thousand. Three one thousand. Four one thousand.”

Maybe it’s human nature to try to find all the 1000 ways we love our partner.

And yes, sometimes our imagination can run away with us. Before you know it, you might start listing #998 and #999 as “He glanced my direction” or “he used my name with a funny syllable”!

At what point do you step back and say, “Wait a minute…maybe I’m just reading too much into this. Maybe he’s not quite into me yet…maybe I still need to work on him a bit.”

Hey, that happens sometimes, even to the best of us. You misinterpret signs and you totally misread signals. Sometimes you may even make a daring move…and we’re totally embarrassed to learn, “Whoops! He just wasn’t feeling that vibe at all!”

Right about now you may be thinking, I wish I knew for sure if he liked me or not! If only there was a way to know if he was falling in love with me.

Well there is. But as you’ll see from these 5 SURE THING signs, they’re not very subtle behavior. They’re actually very deliberate and very conspicuous. In other words, he wants you to notice these behaviors. He wants you to encourage him to pop the question, or make a more serious gesture of intimacy.

So watch for these five signs when in doubt. It’s not always in the eyes…sometimes it really is in what he SAYS with his words and his body language.

1. He stops challenging you as much and now focuses on pleasing you.

When a guy first meets a woman, he has some fun with her…he’s competitive, fun and a little snarky sometimes. But over time, after he invests a great deal of conversation and emotion in this relationship, he realizes he has a lot to lose. Now he’s more interested in maintaining the relationship. He spoils you a little bit. He goes above and beyond to hold your attention and make sure you’re comfortable. He’s PROVIDING for you, even if he doesn’t realize it yet. A man who is in love wants to see you happy. It’s no longer about fun…it has slowly evolved into protection.

2. He sees you in his future.

Men who are only about the pleasure don’t really think about the future. Or perhaps they think about a future without you in it.

But when a man is in love he obsesses over you and how connected you are in his life. He not only plans to involve you in weekly dates, upcoming events and special occasions (perhaps with his family), but he also sees years into the future—and definitely plans to stay in this location, NEAR YOU, so he can eventually make it official.

He may even “joke” about the future, if he hasn’t quite worked the nerve up to ask for a commitment. He may talk about knowing you years from now, or talk about children, or what life will be like when you’re both 80 years old and still “together”.

If he worries about your drifting away from him, it will show. Conversations about you leaving, or taking another job in another state, or heaven forbid getting married to someone else, will provoke him. He may shoot holes in all these scenarios, implying you should stay “as is”…just long enough for him to pop the question.

3. It’s all about the memories – not the drama.

Relationships with an expiration date tend to have lots of drama. Volatile emotions, heartbreak, crazy sex, tragic breakup and making up. But that’s not what real love feels like. Real love is about the memories.

He enjoys talking to you—not just above his memories and opinions, but also hearing about you. He’s interested in your favorite memories, your outlook on life, and your personal stories that are funny, sad, interesting or all of the above. He really appreciates the bonding – not just the sex and not just the friendship. The emotional connection you have seems to deepen every time you talk and he looks forward to talking the most!

4. He doesn’t date anyone else…and he sort of lets you know that.

If a man is falling in love with you, he will usually stop dating other people, even if he’s commitment-phobic. It’s not just because he respects you, and because he wants to keep things honest. At this point, he’s emotionally invested in you…

That means he doesn’t want to risk getting emotionally involved with another woman. You’re the one he’s thinking about and planning his life around. And since forsaking these other women is no small feat, he will usually slip that into conversation—that he’s not dating anyone else. Or he may ask you if you’re dating anyone else. The more jealous he seems at the idea, the more obvious it is he is falling for you and “protecting” the relationship he’s built.

In contrast, of course, men that are not invested in you don’t care what you do with your free time.

5. He’s proud of you and knows your value.

It’s easy to predict what a narcissistic ex-boyfriend will do when you get that big job promotion. He’ll feel threatened by it. He’ll minimize your accomplishments.

It’s easy to predict what an F-buddy will say when you tell him about your life milestone. He’ll say “Cool!” and leave it that.

But when a man loves you, he will be glowing with pride at what you’ve accomplished. He won’t merely express congratulations but will be excited right along with you. He’ll remind you of how far you’ve come. How you deserve this. How they made the right choice appointing you! He is on your side…he is your biggest fan.

You really can tell a lot about a guy, by how much he cares about your day to day life. A man in love with you ALREADY treats you like family. Proposing to you is going to happen, when he’s ready. But he’s already giving you the day to day wife treatment. And you both find that intimacy comforting and reassuring.

As you can see, men who are in love give very specific, very intentional signs of their feelings for you. They may write you an entire love letter or buy you an expensive gift if they’re dramatic like that.

But even if they’re a tough guy or the macho type, you better believe they will send you some of these five signs that demonstrate love, protection, empathy and kindness.

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