What Are the Signs of a Man Pulling Away?

What Are the Signs of a Man Pulling Away?

If you notice your boyfriend is starting to act differently, it can be exhausting to figure out whether he is pulling away or you’re just overthinking things. If you’ve been hurt in past relationships or are expecting the worst, it’s easy to feel the need to dissect conversations and see every little thing as a red flag. This, for obvious reasons, can lead to a stressful life and relationship. 

Does your imagination run wild when your boyfriend or husband works late or when he hangs out with a new group of friends? Knowing when there’s a problem and when there’s not can make a significant difference in our lives. So, what are the signs of a man pulling away? We’ll discuss what behaviors men have that make women wonder why men pull away, as well as telltale signs that they’re withdrawing or losing interest.


1. He Takes Forever to Text Back

Sometimes, we become busy, have to work more, or need to deal with matters that take up a lot of our time. This means we may be less responsive to phone calls or texts, depending on where we are, how much we have on our plate, and what we’re doing. 

However, if your partner usually texts you non-stop before and is now taking a while to respond, it could be a sign that he is losing interest in you–especially if he keeps making the same excuse, like saying he got busy at work or forgot to text back. Yes, he can forget to text back once or twice, but if that becomes the norm, there’s likely reason to worry.


2. He Doesn’t Pay Attention When You Talk

In every relationship, partners need to communicate and listen to each other. Of course, we’re human, and in a relationship, we may not focus fully on what our significant other is saying or give them our undivided attention. However, if you notice he constantly tunes you out when you’re talking, interrupts you, or repeatedly checks his phone, it could mean he has lost interest.


3. He Repeatedly Cancels Your Plans

Once in a while, it’s natural for your significant other to cancel plans because an emergency has come up or he is exhausted after a long day, but if you have been in a relationship for a while and your boyfriend suddenly starts canceling plans repeatedly, it’s a telltale sign he is pulling away.


4. He’s Easily Annoyed

At the beginning of a relationship, we often tend to see our partner with rose-colored lenses. After spending some time together, though, the quirks and flaws that we disregarded before may come to light and irritate us more. However, when everything you do annoys your partner–from how you chew food to how frequently you call your best friend–it’s a sign he’s emotionally pulling away from you.


5. He No Longer Asks About Your Day

When we’re invested in a relationship, we want to know about our partner’s day. When a person checks out of a relationship, they don’t care about their significant other’s day-to-day as much. You may notice he no longer asks how your family is doing, how work is going, or how your last outing with a friend went.

Final Thoughts

One thing I do when I feel like my partner is pulling away is to try not to panic or make assumptions. Next, I talk with my partner honestly and share my thoughts, feelings, and worries with them. Remember, it takes two to tango–you and your partner must work together to make the relationship flourish. 

Furthermore, I always remind myself that one sign isn’t enough to be suspicious; it’s vital to watch your significant other’s overall behavior. The five signs I’ve discussed in this article don’t necessarily mean the end, but if you detect these issues early on and discuss them with your partner, you can clear up any miscommunications and save your relationship. Even though these signs may indicate the end of your relationship, the world won’t end–not all relationships are meant to last forever, and you deserve to be with a man who appreciates, values, and understands you. If your current boyfriend doesn’t do that, then it may be time to end the relationship. Wondering about what he is thinking when he pulls away? I’ve got you covered–check out my latest article.

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