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This is How the Man Who Knows Your Importance Will Treat You

You know from a man’s perspective… I must say this, dating is confusing!

Are you relieved to know that men feel the same frustration that you do when it comes to dating?

One of the reasons why men are so confused is because they get conflicting messages about how to approach and converse with women.

Some of them get the old, “Be a gentleman” tidbit.

Others read books that say, more or less, “Be an asshole and make fun of her.”

And some men just have no strategy at all and dive into their first date experience like they’re jumping down a tube at one of those waterparks!

And throughout all of these introductions, the guy’s wondering in the back of his mind, “Is this how I’m supposed to talk to women?”

Perhaps the real issue is that men and women alike don’t quite understand what they want – from each other or even from one’s own self.

What are you looking for? Have you ever really stopped to consider what qualities, what personality traits, are important in a man?

Or do you simply let the man lead in the relationship…only to find out his charm wears off and he eventually takes you for granted?

The answer lies in you learning to love yourself and realizing your value as a unique and important person.

Once you learn how to do that, you can better project yourself outward and send the right signals. You can better communicate with men and instantly, almost subconsciously, let them know how you want to be treated. Show them by engaging in conversation, namely, how you want to be shown respect and affection.

This is How the Man Who Knows Your Importance Will Treat You…

So let’s consider 4 ways that a man treats you when he has respect for you as an important, unique and lovable person. Notice how these behaviors differ greatly from:

● The Nice Guy Gentleman
● The Player
● The Horn Dog
● The Crackpot
● All the Other “Wrong Types”

1. He actually listens.

Once a man sees that you do have high-value and self-worth, he pays attention. He’s no longer just “performing” for an audience, but learning you. This involves listening, retaining information, and asking questions to keep the dialog going.

When a man puts forth the effort to listen, he shows his investment, his desire to not only chase you, but keep you forever. Its a true interaction, not just a series of clever moves and tests.

2. You make him happy. You bring out the best in each other.

A sure sign of a bad date is awkward energy and nervous interactions. But when you meet someone who respects you and has the patience to get to know you, (compared to guys who are so desperate they’re ready to marry on the first date!) then you’ve found someone very special.

You not only match each other, but you bring the best qualities out in each other. You show mutual respect. You are always on a similar wave-length because your energies and interests complement each other. You also support each other and feel no rivalry in careers or lifestyles. It’s all about the calming, positive and strengthening effect you have on each other.

3. He loses interest in dating other women – they’re just not as interesting.

I know this seems hard to believe, but it’s true. When a man is engaged intellectually and emotionally, other women just don’t seem as attractive by comparison. Men come alive when they meet a challenge. An emotional connection deepens their interest and makes them work harder to please. The end result is that she’s more excited, he’s more excited, and that’s when he realizes chasing other women seems like a waste of time.

The emotional connection isn’t there…he left it with you. So why is he working so hard to impress someone else, a stranger? Someone that HE is no longer impressed with – at least, not after meeting you.

Men do have a one-track mind. So if he respects you and senses your high value, he will focus on impressing YOU and give up trying to woo less compatible partners.

4. The relationship doesn’t validate or define him. He’s happy on his own and he wants to share love and romance with you.

A successful man knows his own high value and self-worth. That allows him to treat all of his potential partners, and anyone else for that matter, with the utmost of respect. He is nice to everyone and doesn’t treat his date differently than family, friends or strangers he talks to in passing. He is confident in his own abilities, in charge of his own life, and so doesn’t need a trophy wife or a submissive wife to feel successful.

He believes in you. Most of all, he wants you to be yourself because that’s the woman he’s falling in love with. He doesn’t need to control you, change you, or mold you into his ideal girlfriend. He respects your character, your fine qualities, and that’s why he respects you. Not for sex, not because he needs to get married, and not because he’s lonely…

And not even because “men ought to respect all women.”

No, he respects you because he senses your importance, as an individual. Your high-value. Your unique personality. The respect comes from his heart. It’s a genuine feeling because he admires what you are (your success), who you are (your true heart), and what you do with your life (your lifestyle).

Remember, when a man truly has respect for you as his “forever woman”, the one he’s committed to, he’s not practicing rehearsed material, nor is he playing mind games. He has deep respect for you because of your conversation, your confidence, and your strength of character.

That’s not easy to fake. You set the tone for how the date conversation will go. And he quickly realizes you’re not just one of many, but are truly one in a million. Now he tries harder, now he works harder, to gain your approval. His heart is in it and he brings his A-game so to speak. That means showing respect, having a good sense of humor and flirting skills, and perhaps the most important quality of all, the willingness to get to know you and learn your personality.

By showing him your high value, you change the game. You make him elevate his approach, challenging him to do better. That’s what keeps a man’s interest and earns his respect.

Players usually take off when they sense your high confidence. Real men who are a good match will fall in love FIRST and work hard to win you over! That’s the relationship you want and the one that lasts a lifetime.

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7 thoughts on “This is How the Man Who Knows Your Importance Will Treat You”

  1. Sheillah Omutanyi

    I need help I met this guy on fecabook we started chat and he told me he loves me we talk for almost 2weeks and then he just went mute I don’t understand help please

  2. temitope patience

    I’m dating a guy
    but he doesn’t give me that attention I need from him
    he is too busy to think I’m evening existing
    but he loves me I know it
    but he doesn’t give me attention.
    Wat should I do

  3. We have been dating for 10 months. He doesn’t want me to meet his family. He lives with his sister. We see each other on the weekends. He lives an hour away. We have certain times we call. I feel I should move on. When he is at my house he dies not want to go out anywhere. He just wants to watch his shows that he has recorded. It seems it is all about what he wants. I keep making excuses for him. I am so done. There are so many red flags along the way. Plese give me some suggestions. All my friends and family tell me don’t see him anymore break ties. I can do so much better.

    1. Caroline

      Move on from this guy. He is not for you. To be honest it sounds from what you have said that he is already in a relationship. Your friends and family are right, you do deserve better.

      Good luck Dx

    2. He’s got someone else and he’s using you incase that one doesnt work out. He is a narcissist and only sees you as a fuel source to stroke his ego and tell him how wonderful he is. Get out of there now

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