Sexy Memes for Him.

Sexy Memes for Him

Memes!  I’m going to go out on a limb and say seen “memes” before?  Sure you have, they’re plastered all over Facebook, Twitter and the like.  You might be surprised to know that there are professional meme creators!  That just shows you how popular memes are.  They make people laugh, make people think, and unite people with a singular thought.

But believe it or not, a lot of people use memes just to share jokes with friends, flirt with strangers, or even send love messages to their significant others.  No need to share it all over Facebook’s public wall.  You can always send sexy and loving memes via private message or even using a texting service on your phone or on WhatsApp.

As for making the memes, it’s much easier than you think just go to a website like ImgFlip.com and sign up for free.  Then you can upload a picture or choose from a long list of pictures to create your meme.  Type in the text (or choose different kinds of fonts) and it will auto-center on the picture.  If you sign up you don’t even have to see the watermark.

Now, you can make hundreds of romantic memes for your husband or boyfriend.  Here are 50 examples that I found funny, sexy and definitely guy-approved.

  1. I get horny every time I see your name come online.
  2. I can’t wait to see you…in the nude.
  3. I want to be the girl in your life that makes you tilt your phone away from other people because of the high risk of naughty messages
  4. Know the difference between a good girl and a bad girl? I’m a good girl…I’m very selective about the boy I want to be bad with.
  5. I’m currently away from the computer…sexually destroying you in my imagination.
  6. I am a good girl until I start talking to you, bad boy.
  7. Your clothes would look better on my bedroom floor.
  8. If you dream of me tonight, remember I like it rough and naughty.
  9. Spank me. No harder than that
  10. I want you to wake up inside my mouth
  11. My heart and my ass belong to you.
  12. I want to go all night with you.
  13. Happy birthday baby – I’m going to do __ (age of guy) bad things to you tonight
  14. My face as I watch you drive off after you called me kinky names, put my legs on your shoulder and rearranged my guts
  15. You’re my weakness
  16. Could I interest you in some mindless sex?
  17. I’ll make you hard in public just so you can punish me good later
  18. I want to blow it before you stick it in – like a Nintendo cartridge baby
  19. I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately…oh wait maybe it was you
  20. Hehehehe I scored with you last night
  21. Hey sexy pants, come home – I miss you
  22. What are you wearing? Send me something make me smile, giggle, or swoon
  23. I love your personality and character the most…but your dick sure is a bonus
  24. I’m an angel in front of your family but a demon in the bedroom
  25. You have such a lovely face it – I want to frame it – with my legs
  26. I want you to bring me a cocktail – but hold the tail
  27. I need a shoulder massage, shot of whiskey and a sexual marathon with you
  28. I’m addicted to your dirty mind
  29. I wish copy and paste worked in real life. I’d control-V you into my bed
  30. When he walks by you and looks as sexy AF
  31. I’ve had a rough day…give me a rough night
  32. YOU make me higher than anything else
  33. Hold my hand like a gentleman and pull my hair when we get home
  34. I want to give you everything, lover
  35. You’re my sex toy
  36. You’re my most taboo fantasy come true
  37. My friends all want you
  38. Your sexy moan is my favorite sound in the world
  39. I want you to scream my name
  40. I’m going to leave you a hickey where only you and I can see it
  41. I don’t like those pants…on you…so take them off
  42. Message me your dick when you get home so I know you’re okay
  43. I want to play with you under the table in a restaurant
  44. Tell me your kinkiest fantasy – yeah the one you’re afraid to say
  45. Make me squeal
  46. You must be tired after working so hard in my dream last night
  47. Hundreds of hours porn growing up will still not prepare you for our honeymoon
  48. You are guilty of the crime of stealing my heart
  49. Come back home and finish that long kiss you started
  50. Congratulations! This is your free pass to earn _1_ sexual favor (can also be used as a get out of jail free card if you hurt my feelings)

When it comes to making memes, try to keep the thought SIMPLE.  Too much text is not only distracting but it’s hard to read on a meme, which should be simple and to the point.  Remember, the picture can convey a feeling.  The text conveys the thought between the two of you.

You can also have one part of the thought on top of the meme and the rest of the thought on the bottom part.  When possible try to avoid covering up important parts of the image.

Creating your own meme for your boyfriend is like sending a greeting card.  It’s more exciting than just a text message.  So if you come up with a great quote, don’t just text it…MEME IT!  He will be so impressed that you took the time to create a work of art for him.

And if you really want to be bold, share it publicly on Facebook and remind your sweetheart that you only have eyes for him!

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