How to Tell If an Introverted Guy Likes You

How to Tell If an Introverted Guy Likes You

Most women find it hard to figure out whether or not an introverted guy likes them. One of the main reasons for this is that introverted men are often quiet and keep to themselves. Nonetheless, introverts do offer some subtle signs when they are interested in someone. 

He Will Open Up to You

In most cases, introverts look for more in a relationship than the typical give-and-take. In my experience, they seek out someone who they can truly connect with. This is something that is also important when it comes to how to get an older guy to like you

When that introverted guy realizes he likes you, he will share his innermost feelings, goals, and ambitions with you. He will even tell you things that happened during his early childhood to cement the bond between you two; he might even share aspects of his life that he would not share with anyone else.

He Wants to Know More About You

Another good way of telling what an introverted guy is into you is when he seems to know and remember a lot about you, such as your whereabouts, interests, and relationship status. He will also hang onto every word you say. His interest is not the obsessive type—he simply wants to know as much as he can about you to get closer. This is also a good way to know how to tell if a guy likes you over Snapchat–how often is he watching your stories and replaying your Snaps?

He Keeps Up With Your Social Media 

An introverted guy may not be so willing to express his feelings outright, but his behavior on social media may share his secrets. If he is interested, he will probably like your social media photos, comment on them, and keep up with your stories regularly. 

He Acts Nervous Around You

Introverts are not prone to expressing themselves verbally, so you shouldn’t be surprised when one acts nervously around you. This could be anything from looking down to avoid eye contact or rubbing his arms. 

Being calm around an introvert can help ease the tension. If his interest overwhelms him, all kinds of thoughts could begin to run through his mind. For instance, he could be battling the idea of how to deal with someone he likes but who doesn’t have the same feelings. This, and a host of other thoughts, can prevent him from maintaining the energy in the conversation. As a result, he will begin to act shy or awkward, which could be a sign that you are making him nervous–all of this also shows that he likes you.  

He Brings You Into His Personal Space

Some introverted men prefer to keep to themselves. You will find that they rarely go out of their way to socialize with others, especially in unfamiliar crowds. They appreciate their quiet and personal space. That said, when such a guy is interested in you, he will break from his normal behavior and invite you into his personal space. 

He Gets Jealous 

If an introverted guy likes you, you can expect him to get a bit jealous whenever he sees you with another guy. This behavior is usually a good indicator that he likes you and wants to be the only guy in your life. 

The truth is that dating an introvert may not be as easy as dating an extrovert, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give this type of guy a chance. You could be surprised at how well things turn out in the end!

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