25 Hot Names To Call Your Boyfriend

We’ve all heard sweet nicknames, cute nicknames, pet nicknames and funny nicknames. But if you want some sexy action for a change, maybe you should find a “hot name” for your boyfriend. It’s kind of hard to get all excited for your guy if you’ve nicknamed him Little Mister Poopy Pants. Maybe the best thing to do is to stud him up a little bit and give him a sexier and more masculine nickname.

What Makes a Sexy Name Anyway?

It’s not always the name that matters, although clearly there are good and bad ideas. You don’t want to give your man a funny nickname if you want him to feel sexy. You don’t want to give him a baby name or an effeminate name if it makes him feel self-conscious. Give him a name that lets him feel naturally masculine, in control and very attractive to all women in general.

Remember that these nicknames might even be used during lovemaking, as well as in dating or in teasing conversation. Knowing that, you might approach things differently and think about what images and what ideas you want to have floating around when you’re thinking of sex.

Focus on the positives of your boyfriend – his body, his mind, his lifestyle, everything that you find attractive. Go one step further. Try to determine what OTHER women would find attractive about him and then work those qualities into a hot nickname. The key is to make him feel good about himself.

Let’s consider 25 hot names that will flatter his ego and remind him what a stud muffin he really is. (Oh stud muffin…there’s number 26!) Notice how these examples are all very positive and actually reference some of his masculine qualities. He’s going to love these because they remind him that he’s an attractive and in-demand lover.

1. Baby: You can’t go wrong with this old classic. It’s the safest word you can use, that implies submission, caring, and attraction all in two syllables.
2. Big Guy: All men love to be called “big” since that implies being tough and able to protect their girlfriend.
3. Loaded Gun: When it comes to penis size, few men will take offense at the term “gun”. Even a guy with an average or small penis loves the idea of his manhood being a dangerous women.
4. Sex God: Definitely something to call him in the throes of passion. A man loves to have his ego stroked, telling him he’s a god of Zeus-caliber when it comes to working his magic.
5. Dirty Boy: Every man knows the connotation of being a “dirty” or naughty boy. And if it’s spoken in heat, he loves it. He wants to be dirty, filthy and naughty, if it leads to good things like sex.
6. Mister Money: If (and only if) he’s a rich guy, then yes remind him that he’s rich, or a billionaire, or a sugar daddy or Mr. Money Bags.
7. Strong Man: Men like to be called strong, especially if they lift or exercise, or are just big and tough and proud of it.
8. Lady Killer: Whereas ‘womanizer’ might sound too silly during fooling around, lady killer has a sharp and sexy connotation.
9. Daddy: Always the old standby. Women with daddy issues like to throw this name out and few men take offense to it, because it’s pretty hot while you’re getting dirty.
10. Dom: If you’re into the kink scene, a Dom or Master is a word of respect AND a sexy aphrodisiac to throw out there if you want to be the submissive one.
11. Rock Star: Rock star can be a sexy name if you want to give him a title of merit. Stuff like “king” is a little exaggerated because there are no kings around these parts, right? But if he’s a “rock star” and attracts groupies all over the world, that’s a good ego stroking.
12. Lover: Lover or lover boy sounds hot because it implies she’s the mistress and you’re her affair, her secret, her red hot lover that no one knows about.
13. F*cker: When in doubt, right at the peak of orgasm swear at him, or even call him the dreaded M.F. euphemism and get him all excited. Most men don’t mind a woman who swears at just the right time. (In bed, not in front of the folks!)
14. F*ckboy: In the same vein, this means a boy kept for purely sexual reasons. He might as well be a sex toy, because he only exists for her pleasure. Hey, a guy won’t mind being flattered and objectified just a little bit.
15. Beast: If you’re the belle and he’s the big, sexual and monstrous beast, it’s a fun roleplay and he’s sure to get a kick out of such a raw title.
16. Muscle Man or Muscles: If he’s got muscles, give him a nickname that celebrates his hard bod.
17. The Rock: Or it could be the name of any wrestler, boxer, athlete or movie star, but only IF the guy happens to like said famous personality. He will consider it an honor to be compared to his role model. (But if he’s the jealous type avoid this)
18. Beautiful: If he considers it a compliment to be called a perfect physical specimen, it’s okay to call him a beautiful man!
19. Sergeant: If he likes it rough, authoritative and military, sergeant is a term of respect.
20. Sexy Boy or Sexy Man: Let’s jump right into sex appeal and give him a simple but memorable title.
21. Sweet Dick: Well if you’re going to use his dick as a nickname for his entire person, he might as well be sweet!
22. Gangster: Sure, gangster always carries the ominous association of a bad boy, a crook and a man of great power. It’s kind of hot…
23. Devil or Bad Man: If you dig roleplaying and your guy likes to be known as a diabolical type that schemes a sexy woman into bed, then reward him with a title signifying evil (while you play the angel in distress).
24. Mastermind: If he’s more of the poet laureate or mathematician type, give him a title celebrating how smart he is.
25. Pirate or Captain: Maybe overused, but let’s not forget how hot pirates are in general. They’re renegades, party animals, dangerous criminal and lecherous. It’s a sign of respect to be known as a pirate!

As you can see, hot names are all about avoiding anything too silly or funny and instead giving him credit for having a special quality that you find attractive. Use these names when you’re excited, romantic, and making strong eye contact and he’ll love it!

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