Say This to Turn Him On

Have you ever had a sexy texting conversation going with a guy – perhaps for days – only to discover that the next time you meet in person…

Yikes! Now the pressure is on. You feel shy again and are not sure what to say to him that can compare to all those super hot texts. You’re drawing a blank. Maybe you’re even starting to giggle uncontrollably. You lost your confidence. How can you get it back?

Relax. There’s only one logical thing to do. The same way you memorized some hotlines for texts, you can also memorize some hotlines to use in person. The key is to speak clearly, maintain eye contact, and to softly smile. (Not a full grin but a sexy, smoldering look with a closed lip smile) Part of becoming a naturally seductive woman is to learn the poise and the confidence. But the other half is simply learning a few sexy lines and feeding them to your man who’s drooling in anticipation.

Remember these 11 lines and adapt them liberally to fit your own style.

1. I want to take you home and do stuff to you that you never thought possible.

What a threat! The idea of teaching him new things paints you as an educated and kinky lover, someone who will challenge him and maybe introduce him to techniques and experiences he hasn’t had yet.

2. I’ve been a bad girl. Maybe you should spank me.

Now there’s a line he won’t be able to process without blushing. The idea of a woman who knows what she wants, and also wants to be dominated by a man, is hard to resist. This is some light BDSM foreplay that immediately moves you up to “super kinky”.

3. You were f__king amazing last night.

There’s something about that word that’s very sexy, and no, not the F-word but the word amazing. Amazing always seems to come with a sexual connotation, as if your last night together was so satisfying. Or the dream you had about him was so intense. Words fail to describe it, except that it caused wonder and astonishment. Now that’s a compliment!

4. I can’t wait to show you what I’m wearing under this. I picked it out for you.

Not only does this make him guess and visualize your sexy outfit, but he also has the gift of knowing you put it on entirely for him. He’ll feel an ego boost and get an extra kinky surprise when he sees what you’re wearing, just as you described it, which doubles the anticipation.

5. I need to get you back to your place…before I just rape you right here.

I know the R-word is not very PC nowadays, but I’d say most men really don’t have a problem using it once you’re sleeping together. On one hand, you’re telling him that you’re so attracted to him that you’re losing control. On the other hand, you need to get him somewhere private and safe so that you can unleash your pent up sexual frustration on him – regardless of whether he’s ready or not. Consider this a little silly role-playing game, but it’s usually flattering to a man.

6. I want to try you in every position.

It’s hard to imagine not smiling at a line like this, which promises him variety and adventure—and not just the usual routine. You want to explore his body and yours. You want to experiment with each other and find new peaks of pleasure. In other words, this sexual adventure has just begun!

7. I love your face when you come. Or, I love how sexy you look when you’re angry.

A man loves it when you take a time out to describe just how sexy he looks right now…and especially if it’s in a non-sexual setting. Like when he’s angry, or working out or working on the house, and so on. It’s not a sexual moment but you turn it into one by reminding him of how good he looks.

8. It makes me so hot when you overpower me and dominate me.

Add to this line some kinky descriptions of rough and dominant sex—like him pinning your arms down to the bed, or pulling your hair, or ripping her shirt or panties off. You paint to him an image of him playing the Dominant lover and you submitting. He doesn’t even have to suggest the fantasy because you’ve just given it to him! Sneaky…and it works.

9. Your dirty mind turns me on…more than any other guy.

Of course he’s going to like the “more than any other guy” part because men like to defeat other men. But the first part is seductive too. You’re encouraging him to think dirty, and to share his honest (dirty) thoughts because it turns you on. He now feels that freedom and inhibition and it helps him become a more confident and dedicated lover.

10. “Tie me up and f__k me hard.”

What a great line to use right as you start foreplay. The second verb in the sentence is hot enough but what a great start too. “Tie me up” is like saying, “I want this to be even kinkier. I want to bring the freak out of both of us.” Very tempting and will have your guy breaking out his sex toys in no time.

11. I love when you ___ it gets me so wet.

This is a brilliant line too, since it immediately puts him in a sexual state of mind, regardless of whether he’s in the mood or not. You let him know something he’s doing, whether it’s walking shirtless or staring into your eyes, is turning you on and creating a physical response. He might even become instantly hard since you’ve put the idea firmly in his er…head.

As you can see, converting sext messages to in-person statements is fairly easy. Just make sure they’re short, to the point, and emotive. Look him in the eye and let him feel how turned on you are as you speak. He will become turned on just from listening to you and will make this a night to remember.

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