12 Cute Pet Names for Boyfriend

Nicknaming your boyfriend seems like such a little and silly thing…until you realize that this cutesy nickname might stick around for the rest of your lives! Every pet name, every cute nickname, is actually an honest expression about the way you feel about him.

So while it’s okay to be cute and funny, it’s important to keep things positive and complimentary. I’ve seen a lot of nicknames out there that seem to insult people. It might be funny but eventually that kind of negativity will chip away at his self-confidence. That’s not what you want. You want him to feel attractive, desired, loved and cherished. The nickname reflects HIM, the way he is through your eyes.

Now the question is, should you choose something simple and common (which has its charms) or something totally unique and maybe even a little weird?

It’s up to the both of you to decide on these names and see which ones actually stick. Usually you start the naming game and he plays along. If you both like the name a lot, you keep it going for days, weeks, months or even years! If you don’t like the name, you both get tired of using it and find something else. No big loss.

But let’s start with just a simple list of pet names that other people frequently use and explains why they work, as well as some creative variations.

1. Boo

Boo is a fun name and there are multiple variations on the easy-to-pronounce syllable. Boo-Bear, Boo-Boo, Boo Z, Baby Boo, Boooooo, Justin BooBoo and so on. It’s a fun way to riff on a pet name and add your own quirks and inside jokes over time.

2. Beast

Beast is a fun name because of the resurgence of popularity thanks to Disney, though a “beast” of a man is an expression as old as time. If he’s a tough guy then he might appreciate an alpha name like beast.

3. Big Fella

Big anything is a compliment, whether it’s Big Boy, Big Daddy, Mr. Big, Big Fella, Biggie or Big Poppa Smurf. (Er maybe not that last one) But big works as a pet name or as an extension of his own name, such as Big Dan, Big John or Big Tom.

4. Monster

Monster is a great name because it works with anything, from Cookie Monster (muppets!) or Snuggle Monster, Monster Mash or Monster Bae. Monster means he’s big and scary but the additional word can soften him up, as in Cuddle Monster or Pookie Monster. Besides, Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf, Freddy, Jason…what guy doesn’t love monsters?

5. Honey, Honey

Honey is sweet and nourishing so most guys don’t mind variations of the pet name, such as Honey Bear, Honey Badger, Honey Bunny, or even Honey Butt. Maybe it’s because deep down we all remember Winnie the Pooh and how yummy that jar of honey looked as a kid!

6. Hot Lips

Anything to do with “HOT” is a complimentary name. Men don’t get complimented enough for their looks. So if he’s a handsome guy he certainly won’t mind being called Hot Stuff, Hot Lips, Hot Boy, Hot Man, Hottie, Hot Hubby, or Hot Shot. Even Mister Hot or Hot Wheels (if he loves race cars) would make for a memorable pet name.

7. Angel

Whether it’s Angel (with parallels to Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Angel Baby, Angel Food Cake or even The Arms of the Angel, as a tribute to Sarah McLachlan. There’s something nice about calling your protector and guardian an angelic being!

8. Fairy Tale Names

Prince Charming and Robin Hood are old standbys…but why not try something a little more modern? King Simba, Peter Pan, Aladdin or Shrek will work just as well. You can also use a villain’s name if he likes to be the bad guy. Captain Hook has a ring to it. Supporting characters like Sebastian and Merlin also make your guy seem even more likable than he already is!

9. Sugar Baby or Sweet Heart

Anything sweet is a great pet name! Guys like being called sweet because it’s well known women love sweet things! So whether it’s Sweet Heart, Sugar Baby, Sweet Chocolate, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Sugar, Sugar Plum, Sugar Butt or Sweet Stud Muffin, it’s all music to his ears. You can actually name anything “sweet”, from Sweet Cakes to Sweet Thang to Sweetie Pete or His Holy Sweetness!

10. He-Man

If he’s a 1980s guy, then he’ll take as a compliment that you think of him as your hero – He-Man, Thundercat, Gummy Bear, Optimus, Speed Racer, or GI Joe, Ninja Turtle, or even Uncle Scrooge! (Er maybe not that last one, unless he’s Scottish and greedy).

11. Hawk

Actually bird names seem to go well with guys, whether it’s eyes like a hawk, strength of an eagle, talky like a parrot or lovable like Big Bird. I would just stay clear of Emu or Ostrich, unless he likes gonzo pet names. (Gonzo! He was a bird too, wasn’t he?)

12. The Babe

Sports names also work well, such as The Babe, The Natural, The Nature Boy, The Hulk, The Macho Man, The Rock, The Mailman, Black Mamba, Kung Fu Panda, The Clipper, Sir Charles, The Real Deal, Iron Mike, Joe Cool, Golden Boy, and Tiger. Sports names seem to carry a connotation of respect, hard work, fame and fortune. What guy doesn’t like to feel like that? Guys want to feel like they’re respected and are special – even if it’s just an intimate conversation between the both of you.

As you can see, it’s not so much writing or creating pet names – it’s DISCOVERING them! Find out what works and what doesn’t. Experiment with pet names and see what feels authentic. Some pet names might only last a few days. Others will start to feel old in a few weeks or months. But then again, you might find that special pet name that seems true and beautiful, the one sweet and funny name that lasts a lifetime!

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