Is He A Clingy Boyfriend? 10 Signs

Is He A Clingy Boyfriend? 10 Signs

Have you ever wondered whether your boyfriend is clingy but feel unsure whether his behavior is normal? Discover the 10 signs that you have a clingy boyfriend right here

Finding a boyfriend that seems to worship you is a great feeling. In the early stages of your relationship, you will likely want to spend as much time together as possible. But you may find that your relationship progresses into something very serious really quickly. While there is nothing wrong with getting serious, your boyfriend’s attentiveness may start to feel uncomfortable. Everyone wants to feel loved and admired, but in a healthy relationship, it is crucial to have boundaries and respect each other’s personal space. 

If you are starting to feel uncomfortable about your relationship, you may be wondering whether your boyfriend is displaying clingy behavior. Identifying the signs of clingy behavior from your boyfriend is the best way to get this issue under control quickly.

Read on to learn more about the signs that you have a clingy boyfriend so that you can identify and address his behavior effectively.

10 Signs of a Clingy Boyfriend

Does your partner display any of these 10 signs of being a clingy boyfriend? 

1. He is constantly calling and messaging you

Communicating regularly with your partner is perfectly normal in a healthy relationship, but you may feel like your partner is overstepping the mark. If you are constantly bombarded with endless calls and messages, you may feel more like a victim of stalking than someone that is in a relationship.

2. He wants to be with you 24/7

Do you ever feel like your partner always seems to be right there in front of you wherever you turn? Having someone around you up close and personal 24/7 can feel suffocating, and you may find yourself becoming increasingly annoyed by their constant presence.

3. He has no boundaries

A serious lack of boundaries is a common sign of a clingy boyfriend. As well as wanting to be with you 24/7, you may find your personal space invaded as he joins you while you are doing everything from taking a shower to talking on the phone to friends.

4. He dislikes you going out without him

Do you remember the days when you could go out alone and enjoy your own company? If that feels like a distant memory right now, chances are your boyfriend is super clingy. Having your boyfriend follow you around like a lost puppy is frustrating, and they may get jealous if you are meeting up with other people without them.

5. He is always touching you

Whether it is holding your hand, placing an arm around your shoulder, or wanting endless hugs, clingy partners can be very touchy-feely. If you are someone that does not enjoy public displays of affection or feels suffocated by constant touching, a clingy partner can become your worst nightmare.

6. He wants constant reassurance 

Does your partner constantly tell you that they love you and expect you to say it in return? If your partner needs constant reassurance from you that you love them, this can be a classic sign of clinginess.

7. You are his only interest

If you seem to be your partner’s only interest, the chances are they have some serious attachment issues. If they have no hobbies or interests of their own and don’t seem to want to spend time with anyone other than you, they are, without a doubt, a clingy partner.

8. He always wants to know where you are

Does your boyfriend always need to know where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing? This may involve him questioning you about your plans before you go out and quizzing you when you get back to see who you saw and spoke to while you were out. This possessive behavior can become exhausting, and you may start to resent having to update him on your plans constantly.

9. He tries to manipulate your feelings

If you are in a relationship with a clingy boyfriend, you may feel like however much attention you give them; it is never quite enough. They may question you over how much you love them on a regular basis or even accuse you of not caring about them at all. They may say that you obviously don’t love them if you don’t want to spend all your time with them. This type of behavior is clingy, but it is also emotional blackmail and a red flag. No one likes to feel like they are being manipulated, and being with a clingy boyfriend may make you feel like your emotions and feelings are being played to satisfy their need for your attention.

10. He agrees with everything you say

Does your boyfriend seem to go along with everything you say? If you find your partner constantly agreeing with everything that comes out of your mouth, your conversations are going to get pretty boring very fast. This need to agree with everything you say is your partner’s way of ingratiating themselves to you and demonstrating that you share all the same beliefs and opinions. This attitude may tempt you to express more and more outlandish views just to see if your boyfriend still agrees with everything you say. If he is a really clingy partner, chances are that your boyfriend will continue to agree with every word that you utter, no matter how ridiculous. 

How to deal with a clingy boyfriend

Everyone wants a relationship where they feel adored and cared for, but a clingy partner can make this feel suffocating. There is a fine line between being clingy and controlling, and when your partner oversteps this mark, it can be a big red flag.

Clingy behavior is often rooted in insecurity, but this does not mean that you simply need to accept it. Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries is vital in every relationship, and your boyfriend should accept this. If you are looking for ways to move on from a relationship with a clingy boyfriend or hope to improve your current relationship, I can help. Take a look at my programs to find the solution to your relationship issues once and for all.

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