how to know if a military guy likes you.

How to Know if a Military Guy Likes You

It goes without saying that we honor each and every single man who has served and continues to serve in our military. They are strong, resilient fighters that give their all for our freedom and for peace in our country. 

The love and the dedication with which they serve is the same love and dedication they bring to their relationships. It is what makes them such great companions, and when you fall for one of these men, you know you are bound to fall hard.

If you are here, I take it that you have fallen for a military man. You’re starting to talk about him with your friends, asking them for advice on how to get a guy to like you. Maybe you can’t fall asleep without a brief thought about what it would be like if you two wound up together. Chances are you’re starting to feel butterflies in your stomach; maybe you find yourself smiling at the mention of his name. I’ll bet that you might even be researching tips on ways to hint to him that you like him

All of that aside, there’s one question looming over your head: how do you know if a military guy likes you? It can be a little harder to decode a military guy’s interests simply because of how well-trained these guys often are in remaining expressionless. The guy can be experiencing the happiest moment of his life, but he might be too skilled in masking his emotions, so you might not ever know. 

So, what are some subtle signs we can use to decipher his feelings toward you? Let’s jump in. 


He Keeps the Communication Line Open

It’s a given that a man in the military has a hectic schedule, but if he finds spare time during his chaotic day-to-day to reach out, it is safe to assume you hold a special place in his heart. A phone call, a text, an email, or even an old-fashioned letter are all great methods of communication, especially when he is stationed. 


He Makes the Effort to See You

When a military man has the opportunity to come home, however brief, it is safe to assume that he will always prioritize his family and friends. But if he makes the time to see you, you can be sure that you hold value to him.

He could be home for twenty-four hours or for two weeks, but if you are one of the people he makes an effort to see, you’ll know that there’s something there.  


He Opens Up to You

Being in the military comes with a multitude of stressors that we might never know or fully understand. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on every now and then–if your man is opening up to you and relying on you for comfort, there’s a high chance he trusts you deeply. Remember to pick up on this subtle hint, and be there for him! 


He Tells You He’s Interested

Dating a man in the military comes with many challenges. Couples might have to endure long distances for lengthy periods of time, sporadic and interrupted communication, and stress around their partner’s safety. 

Because of this, these men might often not want to wait around and play a cat-and-mouse game. They might just come right out and express their feelings in order to gauge where your head’s at; of course, this brings its own challenges for you. After all, you’ll probably want to know how to respond when a guy says he likes you.

Whether or not he comes out and admits his feelings, continue to be yourself. Keep being the rock that he yearns to lean on, remain his anchor during high tides, and don’t lose sight of who you are and what you bring to the table.

You don’t need to chase a man! Let things unfold as they may, and let him find comfort in who you are and the support you can offer.

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