how to get a man to do anything for you. How to Hint to a Guy That You Like Him

How to Hint to a Guy That You Like Him

Ah, you have found yourself in a little bit of a situation. Albeit, a good one–but a situation, nonetheless.

Maybe you woke up and realized that you want to pursue something more with your best friend, or maybe you met a cutie at an outing recently, and you can’t help but feel super attracted to him. or maybe there’s a hottie in your Tuesday yoga class that keeps glancing your way.

Simply put: there is an attractive guy out there that you cannot stop thinking about, and you are finding yourself feeling warm and fuzzy about the idea of pursuing something more with this gentleman. 

I’ll take a wild guess and assume that you are a little confused about how to approach this. You’re hesitant about telling him that you like him, but you also don’t want to play it too cool that you lose him. I get it–we’ve all been there. There are tons of questions that go through our heads during these scenarios, like how to get a guy to like you back. If he’s the introverted type, you might be also wondering how to get a shy guy to like you or even how to know if a military guy likes you–these questions are all dependent on what type of guy we are dealing with, and I know that it can all be a little overwhelming at times.

There is a wonderful person out there that has captured your attention. This is exciting; meeting new people and letting our hearts flutter like they do as we get to know them is a gift. It’s a reminder that we are imperfectly perfect humans with an ability to feel and love deeply and truly. So, how do we get this guy to hear what you’re feeling without being too bold? You give him hints that you like him. 

Before you jump into throwing him bait, there are two questions I would like you to ask yourself. 


1. Do You Really Like Him? 

Sometimes, we get excited by new prospects and infatuated with the idea of that person. Take a moment to really listen to your mind and your body–are you feeling giddy and warm when you think about him? Are you upset when you see him talking to other women? Are you constantly checking his social media? Are you out and about with your friends but only looking for him? 

If you’re still reading, I’m going to assume that you really do like this guy. 


2. Is He Single? 

If he is spoken for, or not actively looking for something, you need to be respectful and walk away. But if you’ve done your homework and know that he is single and ready to mingle, let’s throw him some hints. 


Strike Up a Conversation

Take the opportunity to get to know him and his interests. Show that you care about the things that excite him (but don’t lie and pretend you do). 

Throw him a compliment. Maybe you really like his jacket or found a joke of his funny. This shows him that you pay attention to the things he says, and that you enjoy hearing him speak. The key here is to engage in authentic and honest conversations with one another. 


Your Body Doesn’t Lie 

Your nonverbal actions speak more for you than your verbal words do. What does this mean? Use flirtatious body language! Give him a glance here or there, and when you lock eyes, look away. 

If you genuinely find something he says to be funny, laugh. Let him see you naturally reacting to his jokes. If there is an opportunity to, sit close to him. Lean in as he talks, and show him that you are attentive to the things he says. 


Be Yourself

At the end of the day, just remember to be yourself. Share your interests with him and find ways to participate in activities together. Of course, though, do not change who you are for a man’s attention.

Acknowledge your worth and your beauty and be yourself around him. You do not need to chase his attention or do anything out of the ordinary to signal to him that you like him. Be your confident, happy, and charming self–the rest will unfold as it should.


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