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The “good morning text” can so easily go wrong. Just think of how obnoxious it would be to receive a daily message from some guy you didn’t like! Every morning another “Hey, how are you?” or another unfunny meme shared, that just reminds you that you have nothing in common with this guy!

And of course, you have the same fear when it comes to messaging your crush. You don’t want to constantly beg for his attention but you’re correct in thinking you have to keep communicating with him, if you want to create a bond of friendship.

The answer is in sending periodic good morning messages, rather than bombarding him with one a day or more. One of the rules of dating for women is that you should give him time to miss you. Over-texting is only going to remind him that he is a priority in your life and that you can always work around his schedule, thus giving him most of the power in the relationship.

That’s not a good state of mind because he can easily become bored of you, or take you for granted, or just start perceiving that you’re too easy to please. Guys like to work harder for the women they actually like, right?

So given that you only get a handful texts a week (if even that) you have to make these texts fun to read and above all else, very positive. Those positive associations will be what he remembers.

Good Morning texts are always fun because your crush probably dislikes getting up in the morning, going to work and putting their best face forward. Sending something funny is something he can look forward to! Let’s consider 10 funny texts you can use.

1. Hey you accidentally posted a selfie of you in pajamas all over Facebook. You are so cute in the morning! (…Just kidding!)

Share your sense of humor whenever you can. Guys always appreciate a woman who has some sass to her, as long as it’s not insulting. A woman who likes to laugh allows him to relax and speak freely.

2. Good morning, sunshine. It’s going to rain all day…but if you keep smiling you can bring back the blue skies.

Nice to use on a rainy day. His idea of his smile bringing back fair skies is witty. It also reminds him that seeing him happy and positive is what you like! Now he knows how to impress you.

3. I get a little high from your texts. Morning coffee and you are just what I need to perk me up Monday mornings.

Unless your crush has an aversion to energy drinks or coffee, this is a cute way to remind him that you enjoy your conversations and value the time you do spend together.

4. I have something weird and bizarre to tell you…next time we meet. So let your curiosity grow all day long!

This is a lot of fun and a bit sneaky but hey, it works! What better way to get him to look forward to your next date than by building hype for a scandalous subject. An alternate strategy, with the same idea, would be to tell him about a dream you had, that was highly unusual or surprising. He’ll be dying to know what happened.

5. My pillow doesn’t like you. Because it knows I want to replace it with your chest.

This is a risque line but if you’ve already kissed or been intimate, or you both flirt openly, it’s a great line. It lets him feel that intimacy just through words, making him want you all the more so.

6. Good morning. I figured out who you are last night. You are a very bad angel, a beautiful creature who’s here to raise some Hell on earth.

Most guys like the idea of being both an angel (nice guy) and a hell raiser (bad boy). After all most guys try very hard to be the best of both worlds. A man who’s honorable and yet far from boring. Reward him with a little bit of funny imagery, showing that his efforts to be interesting are why you like him so much.

7. Tell me the truth…are you wearing tightie-whities under those clothes? Lol I bet money you are.

If you love to tease each other, this is a good line. However, if he’s the ultra-sensitive type it might be a bit much for him. But I think most guys will like it, simply because you’re confessing to him you are thinking about what he wears to bed. And yeah, most guys are happy to admit what they’re wearing or not wearing.

8. I must say, the dream world version of you is sometimes very naughty. You know what your alter ego did last night?

Great way to get him red-faced. But you can suggest a kinky idea and then release the tension by saying he did something innocent – like stole your seat in a movie theater or cut in line.

9. Good morning. Here is your morning horoscope reading. You are very unique. Capricorn, Leo, Pisces, something yada yada. You might get lucky tonight. Or not, I dunno, it depends on what you wear tonight.

Funny, especially if you’re already sleeping together or are coming close to it. Even if one or both of you uses horoscopes, there’s no harm in a little gentle ribbing.

10. Morning. We both ought to ditch work and go see movies all day. Too bad, about the whole career thing. Oh well, in our minds lets zone out and meet in my imagination.

This is a good line because it puts the idea into his head of spending time together, as in you’d rather be dating than doing something routine and ordinary. A nice way to break the ice if you’ve never discussed going out before.

As you can see, good morning messages are simple, fun and encourage him to engage in conversation. For the best results, vary your texts between funny and more open-ended topics, to encourage conversation. After a while, he’ll be hooked on the discussion and will think of you as one of his most reliable friends.

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