12 Surprising Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

Have you and your boyfriend reached the point of cutesy nicknames yet? Is this even a big deal or is it

According to a blog post from Scientific American, “nicknames” in relationships are more than just mindless noise or affirmations. Carol Bruess, a director at the University of St. Thomas, said that nicknames are rituals, a mini-culture and even a “private language” that couples use to communicate. These terms of endearment help couples to diffuse conflict and remember the strong bond they have together. In fact, research even suggested that the satisfaction rates of married people were considerably higher when they both used pet names for each other.

So if you’re taking the time to think about nicknames to call your boyfriend, then good for you. It IS a big deal because it’s one of many “little things” that contribute to the overall happiness in your relationship. You don’t want to call your boyfriend something demeaning. Neither do you want to call him something cliched or too common like “Cutie Patootie”. Why not make your term of endearment more unique, funny or even a little silly?

Here are some examples to consider, some of which you’ve probably heard before, and a creative variation to consider.

1. Instead of Snuggluffagus, Big Bird!

“Big” is overused quite a bit. And while some guys might be OK with Big Daddy, how about something more kind and sensitive like Big Bird? And instead of Papi how about something a little funnier, like Poppa Smurf?

2. Instead of Booger, Boogie Man!

Booger? Really? I say replace that one with something like “Boogie Man”, only spelled B-O-O-G-I-E instead of the scarier “Bogeyman.” Boogie Man just refers to your boyfriend who loves to disco dance, be cool and chill out. Or if he likes being scary and a bad boy, well there’s always Oogie Boogie, a classic villain.

3. Instead of shnookums, try Hugga Wugga

If you want something adorable, funny and baba wawa cute in that baby talk sort of way, you can’t do better than Hugga Wugga, of course, based on the famous Muppets sketch of the 1970s.

4. Instead of Prince, specify “which prince.”

Prince is a common pet name so instead go with a more specific prince surname, like Charming, Valiant, Eric, Romeo or Adam or Naveen. You can even call him a famous “Captain” surname like Nemo, Sparrow or Hook.

5. Instead of Lover Boy, how about Buttercup?

Buttercup is usually a name associated with femininity, probably due to the popular (and great) film called The Princess Bride. But Buttercup is a unisex name. Literally, it refers to a type of flowering plant in the Ranunculus genus, also known as the Narcissus or more commonly called Daffodil. Buttercup also has a funny urban dictionary meaning – “a boy who thinks he’s a gangster, but is actually sweet and likes teddy bears, rainbows and sh*t.” Now doesn’t that sound like a cool guy – a tough dude on the outside but with a soft heart inside?

6. Instead of Champ, how about the Great One?

The Great One is a great nickname because it bestows upon him the same nickname used for alpha males like ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky, comedian Jackie Gleason, and in more modern times, Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Being specific always helps!

7. Instead of Pooh or Pookie, try Honey Badger!

If your man is tough, persistent and fearless when it comes to protecting your honor, show respect by nicknaming him one of the most amazing animals in the world, the Honey Badger.

8. Instead of Eye Candy, how about Honey Bunny?

Eye candy’s nice and probably flattering to his ego but Honey Bunny has more of an art house sensibility to it. Intellectuals, hippies and artisans will love this one. Even the similar term “Funny Honey” is chic because of its use in musicals like Chicago.

9. Instead of Hot Stuff, how about Hot Fuzz?

Hot Fuzz was a movie, true and if he saw the movie he’ll like the reference. But the nickname can also refer to a man who’s fuzzy (got a nice beard going) or a law enforcement, take-charge kind of guy.

10. Instead of Sugar, how about Marshmallow Man?

Marshmallow is cool enough, since guys like to be named after sweet things. But of course, Marshmallow Man (Stay Puft) is a reference to a classic guy favorite, Ghostbusters.

11. Instead of Sexy, how about Sex-(Something?)

An easy variation on Sexy would be something goofy and over the top like Sex-Face, Sexy Pats or even Sex-Boo (combining Sex with another common nickname, Boo!).

12. Instead of Babe or Amigo, how about Quirky?

The meaning of the word quirky has evolved over the years. Now, the word means adorable, unusual and odd in a fun sort of way. This is an ideal description for a guy who marches to the beat of a different drum or shall we say, has a reputation of being different. If you want a more lovable cartoon quality to the same word and syllables, Goofy or even Wonky may work just as well.

13. Instead of Superstar, how about Yankee or Cowboy?

Yankee is actually a cool name IF your boyfriend happens to be a sports fan, baseball in particular. Many men love their sports and so would appreciate a loving nickname created in honor of loyalty to their team. Yankee is good for MLB. Or you could try Cowboy if he’s an NFL fan. Sox is also a great name for a Red Sox fan…and a guy who leaves his socks hanging around the bedroom! Names like Giant, Saint, or Viking also work. Just be careful about calling him Patriot…he’ll either love or hate that one!

As you can see, a perfect name is not the point. It’s all about experimenting with names that have special meaning to both of you and then seeing what sticks. If you keep things positive, kind and flattering to him, I think he’s going to love your chosen nickname.

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